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Bitcoin, Open Blockchains and it's people. Hosted by bitcoin book author and speaker Anita Posch. We are talking about ideas and projects that are the building blocks of this new digital economy and the future of money.
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Richard Myers is the product engineer for txTenna, a project that extends the range for sending and receiving bitcoin transactions over the Blockstream bitcoin satellites and a mesh network. This basically enables using Bitcoin without internet connection. He presented the project together with Adam Back at the Magical Crypto Conference in May 2019. In the podcast interview we go deeper into the ideas and philosophy behind his interest in Bitcoin and how the mesh network allows for more privacy in financial transactions with Bitcoin. Quotes by Richard Myers: “Having privacy in your financial transactions is a human right and Bitcoin gives you the ability to enforce that right in a peaceful way.” | “They deputized the banking system as a law enforcement organisation.” | “Everything the cypherpunks worried about has come to pass.” | “Not you keys, not your coins, but its also not your privacy either.” |--- a voice message to Anita: | Subscribe to the Podcast mailing list: | Follow me on: | You can tip me to support my production costs in Bitcoin: |
Thomas Voegtlin was a researcher in computer science, specialized on machine learning and neural networks before he discovered Bitcoin at the end of 2010. He created the first versions of the Electrum wallet while experimenting with Bitcoin, because there were no secure and easy to use wallets in 2011. Electrum is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets today. Thomas Voegtlin announced and presented the implementation of Lightning payments into the wallet at the Lightning Hackdays in Munich in June 2019.--- discuss...Bitcoin in 2011 | why he is interested in Bitcoin | why he created the Electrum wallet | crash | the positive feedback loop of the traditional financial system | Open source, anonymity and trust | Creating the Electrum company and it's business modell | Multisig wallet 2FA with Trusted Coin | Phishing and DDos Attack on Electrum | How to choose and secure a wallet | Differences between desktop and smartphone Electrum wallet | Android without Google | Designing principles | Using Electrum as a payment service | Implementing Lightning in Electrum | Why people contribute | bad reviews on Google Play---Sponsor: a voice message to Anita: | Subscribe to the Podcast mailing list: | Follow me on: | You can tip me to support my production costs in Bitcoin: |
Joshua Scigala ist ein Pionier der Sharing Economy, bereits 2001 gründete er die erste online Kleidertauschbörse. Seither beschäftigt er sich mit dem Thema Geld. 2010 erkannte er das Potential der Bitcoin-Blockchain und ist seither in der Community aktiv. 2014 gründete er mit seinem Bruder Vaultoro, die erste online Echtzeit-Börse zum Tausch von Bitcoin und Gold, die den Zugang zu Gold in Kleinstbeträgen und das Absichern von Bitcoin mit Gold möglich macht.Unsere Themen: Tauschen statt Kaufen, seine Suche nach einer Geldinfrastruktur | Was ist Geld? | Evolution Bitcoin | seine Geschäftsidee für Vaultoro | Rehypothekierung verhindern | Ähnlichkeiten von Bitcoin und Gold | Absichern von Bitcoin gegen Gold | Glass Books Protocol | Anwendungsfälle für Bitcoin | Lightning NetzwerkBleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden, abonnieren Sie meinen Newsletter: Sie mir aufTwitter: BUCH: SEMINARE:
Been in Bitcoin since 2012 and a blockchain evangelist since 2014, Caitlin is the Co-founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition and gubernatorial appointee. She served on Morgan Stanley’s internal blockchain working group and has 22 years of corporate finance experience on Wall Street. Caitlin is a writer on Forbes and a graduate of Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government and the University of Wyoming. We talk about how she got into Bitcoin, Austrian National Economics, Wall Streets ledgers and the Dole Food case, Proof of Keys, Systemic Thinking and Diversity, Women in STEM, Origins of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, her vision for Bitcoin, Facebook Coin, Square, Fidelity, JP Morgan Coin. | Subscribe to the Podcast mailing list: | Follow me on: | You can tip me to support my production costs in Bitcoin: |
Jeff Gallas ist seit 2011 im Bitcoin Bereich tätig. Seine Firma “fulmo” ist ein Research StartUp mit dem er den Lightning Hackday organisiert und die Entwicklung des RaspiBlitz unterstützt. Wir haben uns in Berlin im neu eröffneten B.part Berlin Coworking Space getroffen und über folgende Themen gesprochen:* Jeffs Werdegang und sein Interesse an Bitcoin* Lightning Netzwerk und den Stand der Entwicklung* die Frage des Erfolgs von Bitcoin* RaspiBlitz* Lightning Hackdays* offene und experimentierfreudige Kultur im Bitcoin Bereich
Leah Wald is a development economist, financial analyst and Partner & Executive Vice President at Lucid Investment Strategies. Together with Tyler Jenks she is the host of their Hyperwave Channel on YouTube. Leah began her career at 19 working at the World Bank in the Africa Region and has applied social entrepreneurship to help goat herders in Mongolia, local entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. as well as to first-time businesswomen in India. In this Bitcoin & Co. episode we discuss these topics:* Women in sports, knee injuries and Soccer (yes, really) | * Female investors in Bitcoin and the presence of women in other male dominated spaces | * Bitcoin usecases for women in developing countries like India | * M-Pesa and microfinance banking | * Collaboration in the bitcoin space | * Altcoins as issues for confusion and the necessity for regulation | * Asset management, ETFs and Bitcoin | * Reasons for the Bitcoin bear market | * Investing techniques | * Scams and bitcoin(dot)com****Please share, like and recommend! ****Follow me and the podcast on YouTube:****If you like this podcast, please consider tipping me: or
"The properties I like about bitcoin are, that it's censorship resistant and permissionless and you don't need to establish a bank account to use it and that's great for people in emerging markets that can't participate in expensive things.", says Adam Back.****Please share, like and recommend! ****Follow me and the podcast on YouTube: ****If you like this podcast, please consider tipping me: or
How cryptocurrencies could support women in India | Obstacles for the lightning network as a micropayment method | Relationship of hashrate and Bitcoins price | Decentralized stablecoins backed by Bitcoin | Maybe the next bull market has started | Large investors are not ready yet | Electricity providers getting into mining and investing | Security of Bitcoin | Facebook-Coin | Personal advice for small investors | The problem with utility tokens****Please share, like and recommend! ****Follow me and the podcast on YouTube: ****If you like this podcast, please consider tipping me: or
Shermin Voshmgir is the director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics and the founder of BlockchainHub in Berlin. Shermin states, that Bitcoin and Blockchains are more than an rapidly evolving technology, they will shift the economy completely and need research and application of new governance models. She sees Bitcoin as the beginning of an amazing governance revolution and envisions Tokens and Smart Contracts as the killer application of Blockchains.We discuss the importance of public infrastructure nodes, why Bitcoin is the beginning of a governance revolution, her thoughts on the energy consumption of Bitcoin, about Blockchain and Sustainability. Further she defines the terms "Token" and "Cryptocurrency" and why Facebook has to adopt Blockchain technology.****Please share, like and recommend! ****Follow me and the podcast on YouTube: ****If you like this podcast, please consider tipping me: or
Robby Schwertner, aka CryptoRobby is an advisor, speaker and analyst in the blockchain space. His mission can be summarized with the hashtag #ReturnOnSociety. He is supporting blockchain use cases with an added value to society for instance in green energy, real estate and mobility solutions. As Robby has lived and worked in Asia, we also discuss the differences between the european and asian cryptospace.Please share, like and recommend! Follow the podcast on https://bitcoincopodcast.comTwitter: If you like this podcast, please consider tipping me: or
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