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What's the safest & most secure way to buy bitcoin btc privately? What payment methods do we recommend? How about KYC & OpSec best practices?
How does a bitcoin hardware wallet work behind the scenes? What is bitcoin private key management? What are the InfoSec (cybersecurity) & OpSec (privacy) best practices?
What is a VPN? Why should or shouldn't you use one? What is TOR? If you have bitcoin, should you use a VPN or TOR or both? Can you self-host?
To HODL #bitcoin is great but how to get #yield? How safe is exchange/third-party staking? #Tax? Can btc be used for collateral to buy other assets? What about plausible deniability for custody of my bitcoins? We answer more great questions from our amazing audience.
Andrew Howard joins us again to go beyond the financial freedom of bitcoin btc to achieving individual freedom in today's world.
With frozen bank accounts, confiscated funding campaigns, impending hyperinflation via CBDCs & requests to Bitcoin wallet providers, governments are highlighting problems with their own fiat currencies & the need for bitcoin btc as the only solution.
What is hashrate? How about proof work? Why is it so important to the Bitcoin network? We discuss the basics of bitcoin btc mining
Bitcoin & Markets update for 18 Feb, 2022. Canadian bank accounts frozen & a digital run on the banks? Creation of a cryptocurrency unit in the FBI? Everything is bullish!
Will Canada's Emergencies Act be the perfect 'crisis' to launch a central bank digital currency? How could a CDBC be launched? How do you wipe out debt? How does all this relate to Bitcoin BTC?
Bitcoin & Macro Markets for 24 Jan 2022. Welcome to Crypto Winter. Will indices follow & what to do next? $BTC targets? Also a look at the traditional markets
Why is Bitcoin so secure? What is proof of work? Do decentralization & open-source development help or hinder Bitcoin's security?
"What are Bitcoin fees and why are they needed? What's the cheapest way to withdraw BTC from an exchange? How to minimise transaction fees?"
Shone Anstey from LQwD: Bitcoin Lightning Network; LQwD as a Lightning (Liquidity) Service Provider; Bitcoin & Lightning adoption; FinTech ecosystem; fiat wars; and Breez #Bitcoin #Lightning #FinTech
Hermann Vivier from Bitcoin Ekasi shares his experiences working with marginalised youths in South Africa: surfing, empowering life skills, Bitcoin education, Bitcoin Lightning Network payments & becoming the next Bitcoin Beach
What is Tether (USDT) and why use it instead of USD? Is this cryptocurrency safe to use? Is the parent company Bitfinex actually solvent? What to use when not in Bitcoin BTC?
What's the significance of El Salvador using Bitcoin as legal tender? Can Bitcoin work as a method of payment or will it only be a store of value?
Why did Coinkite (Coldcard) change their open-source license? Does it even matter? What is open source-hardware? We compare Ledger, Trezor & Coldcard.
Jimmy Song (Bitcoin core contributor) drops in again to talk Bitcoin Taproot, Bitcoin programming, making money with altcoins but eventually losing your soul & money printing
Learn how to buy & store bitcoins confidentially & securely webinar on 11 & 12 Dec 2021. Register at
The IMF does not love Bitcoin but why? A look into geopolitics, national sovereign currencies, debt, loans & how uncensorable unconfiscatable uncontrollable Bitcoin BTC is a threat to old money
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Feb 12th
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