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Invest in your own education before investing in Bitcoin. hosts Faris & Gordon bring you the, we explain fundamental concepts & answer questions, & the, we analyse macro market trends & Bitcoin investing.
69 Episodes
Gold & Bitcoin accumulation: risk assets are ignoring the global economic backdrop & are being fuelled by expanding sovereign debt as the Vix & Wilshire 4500 chase open gaps. Youtube: & show page:
Will quantum computers destroy Bitcoin? What about a 51% attack? Could Bitcoin addresses be brute forced to reveal private keys? Youtube: & show page:
Why all charities should accept bitcoin donations, how Bitcoin can coexist alongside local currencies even in low-income communities & our free implementation & advertising offer to charities. Youtube: & Show page:
Are trading platforms & bitcoin exchanges now more secure? Youtube: & show page:
Analysis of Bitcoin, gold, ethereum & indices for 25 May, 2020. BTC to $3,100? Pay attention to the forest not the trees. Youtube: & Show page:
Day 19 of our 30 days of Bitcoin answers another audience question, "Is there a difference between one bitcoin & another?" Youtube: & show page:
"How do you stay up to date with all the Bitcoin news (and noise) out there?" Youtube: & show page:
Day 17 of our 30 days of Bitcoin continues with answering why is Bitcoin is called Bitcoin? What was Satoshi thinking? We also look at some predecessors to Bitcoin. Youtube: & show page:
Greg Walker ( joins us to answer questions about the Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin wallets & Bitcoin threats as well as sharing his Bitcoin journey so far. Youtube: & show page:
Brian Harrington of Surplus Bitcoin joins us to discuss Bitcoin mining, using energy waste, KYC, privacy, Cash App, BlockFi, Casa, stacking sats & everything in between. Youtube: & show page:
A look at the macro markets for May 20, 2020: Bitcoin, unemployment rates, Nasdaq, VIX, gaps getting filled, US indices, EURUSD, gold & stock markets disconnecting from the real economy. Youtube: & show page:
Part 2 continues answering our audience question regarding the security of the Bitcoin network: how is SHA256 used in Bitcoin mining & generating Bitcoin addresses? Is it quantum resistant? Youtube: & show page:
Part 1 of this answer delves into Bitcoin, P2P & security: concentrated vs distributed networks, centralised vs decentralised networks, node security, data leakage & privacy concerns. Youtube: & show page:
We are joined by Jared Dillian (The Daily Dirtnap) to discuss his transition from Nocoiner to Bitcoiner, Gold vs Bitcoin, macro markets & portfolio management for individuals. Youtube: & show page:
Another Bitcoin & macro markets update with Faris as he analyses the charts: Bitcoin; VIX; & indices. Youtube: & show page:
Part 2 answers the questions: who regulates Bitcoin? how is it regulated? how are bitcoins recorded? where can I check my balance? Youtube: & show page:
Mark Yusko (Founder, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management) kindly joined us to discuss Bitcoin, blockchain, inflation, USD, digital money, privacy & current economic trends. Youtube: & show page:
A look at bitcoin & macro markets. Do gaps get filled? Risk on & risk off assets, price action & targets in the new few weeks. Youtube: & show page:
Continuing our 30 days of bitcoin questions we answer where bitcoins are stored & how anyone can verify, not just check, their bitcoin balance. Youtube: & show page:
Anthony Park (executor & attorney) joins us to discuss bitcoin & estate planning, evaluation of custody solutions & practical advice on getting started. No private keys in wills people! Youtube: & show page:
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