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Invest in your own education before investing in Bitcoin. Hosts Faris (economist) & Gordon (technologist), from, make the complex world of Bitcoin simple by interviewing experts & translating key concepts for the Bitcoin beginner. No buzzwords, just the basics.
90 Episodes
Peter McCormack (What Bitcoin Did & Defiance podcasts) joins us to pragmatically discuss the coming Bitcoin supply shock, The Great Reset, what Bitcoin fixes, CBDCs, decentralisation & other macro issues | Youtube: | Show: | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #blockchain
'A beginner's guide to money, currency & Bitcoin' is the 1st part of our Bitcoin Begins series about money, before Bitcoin, Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Blockchain, altcoins & debunking Bitcoin FUD. Please share with your no-coiner friends | Youtube: | Show page: | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #blockchain
If your bitcoins are on an exchange or mobile wallet you could lose them in this current bull run. We are running a FREE 1hr webinar on Sun 6 Dec 2020, where you can learn about cold storage, multisig & best practices for securing your bitcoins. Become a self-sovereign custodian of your investment by owning not renting your bitcoins. To register & for more details visit
Should I buy bitcoin on Coinbase or Binance? A comprehensive, pragmatic & beginner-friendly review of major advantages & disadvantages | Youtube: | Show page: | #Bitcoin #Binance #Coinbase
Will Paypal's new service enabling users to buy bitcoin push the bitcoin price towards $200k by the end of 2021? Are Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) the ultimate on-ramp for Bitcoin or vice-versa? | Youtube: | Notes: | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #CBDC
A new bull market for Bitcoin or continuing US dollar correlation? A look at the Bitcoin, gold, USD, EUR/USD, US 30-year bonds, equities & macro trends for 26 Oct, 2020 | Youtube: | Notes: | #bitcoin #bitcoinbasics #crypto
Bitcoin has died 382 times but why is it still alive? We discuss the 2020 Bitcoin obituaries: Bitcoin will go to zero, has no intrinsic value & is in a bubble. Youtube: | Notes: #bitcoin #bitcoinbasics #crypto
What is a Bitcoin scam? How do Bitcoin scams usually work & how to avoid them? Protect your current & future Bitcoin investment | Youtube: | Notes: #bitcoin #crypto #scam
Where is the best place to store my bitcoin(s)? Why setup multisig? Hardware wallets & backup/recovery seed phrase considerations | Youtube: | Notes: #bitcoin #wallet #multisig
Why are Bitcoin & risk assets still rallying & so tightly correlated? How long can it last? A look at the macro markets for 13 Oct 2020. Youtube: | Notes: | #bitcoin #macro #trading #btc #gold #silver #spx #ndx #vix
Is bitcoin correlated to the stock market? Why? Why isn't bitcoin correlated to gold and/or other safe haven assets? Youtube: | Notes: | #bitcoin #gold #stocks
Should I buy gold and/or bitcoin right now or is it too late? Youtube: | Notes: #bitcoin #blockchain #gold
Why should I invest in only Bitcoin? What about other coins (cryptocurrencies)? Youtube: | Notes:
How do I pay for something using Bitcoin? What about bitcoin transaction fees, local exchange rates & blockchain confirmation times? Youtube: | Notes:
What is a Bitcoin exchange? How do they operate? Which ones are the most reliable for buying & storing BTC? Youtube: | Notes:
What will happen if 2 bitcoin miners finish at the same time? Will they share the mining reward? Youtube: | Show page:
With commercial banks' interest rates falling to an all-time low, how will this impact the price of bitcoin, gold & stocks? Youtube: | Show page:
Who is Obi? Why Coinfloor? What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)? Why is Bitcoin, not Ethereum nor other shitcoins (including fiat), the soundest money? WTF is WeeWorld? Youtube: & Show:
Why is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) the best way to buy bitcoin? Why is bitcoin the best form of money? Bitcoin vs Ethereum? All about Amber & Aleks. Youtube: & Show page:
A look at the macro markets with a focus on Bitcoin & gold outlook for August 2020: chart pattern formations & key price levels. Youtube: & Show
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