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Invest in your own education before investing in Bitcoin. Hosts Faris (economist) & Gordon (technologist), from, make the complex world of Bitcoin simple by interviewing experts & translating key concepts for the Bitcoin beginner. No buzzwords, just the basics.
106 Episodes
How to buy bitcoin conveniently (KYC) & privately (non-KYC)? However, we discuss the best solution for most people!
Anthony Park (US Attorney) joins us again to discuss losing your bitcoin vs having it stolen
Raoul Pal explains why he's sold all his gold & is irresponsibly long bitcoin
Jared Dillian joins us to discuss why he's sold all his bitcoin, GameStop, macro markets & the overall market sentiment right now
Steven McClurg joins us again to talk about the Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF, GameStop, inflation, gold, USD, macro markets & everything bitcoin (not XRP/Ripple)
What happens when all the bitcoin have been mined? Then who secures the network without any block reward? Is bitcoin doomed?
We destroy common Bitcoin myths & FUD such as: bitcoin is in a huge bubble, bitcoin is a worthless intangible asset, future Bitcoin killers & other nonsense.
We destroy common Bitcoin myths & FUD such as: bitcoin is in a huge bubble, bitcoin is a worthless intangible asset, future Bitcoin killers & other nonsense.
Jimmy Song joins us to discuss his new book 'Thank God for Bitcoin' & explore the creation of money, its corruption & its potential redemption for Christians, atheists & everyone in between. What's wrong with the current monetary system & how can you opt out?
What are altcoins (shitcoins)? Are some better than Bitcoin? The blockchain trilemma explained. Will Bitcoin always be king? Buy & hold bitcoin or speculate?
What is the Bitcoin blockchain? How does it work? How does it solve issues with the current financial system? Who controls & manages it?
"We discover what is Bitcoin (money) & its attributes: scarcity, fungibility, divisibility, durability & transferability when compared with gold & other tangible assets. Ultimately it's a new store of value for the everyone" Youtube: Show page: Proof of Recording: N/A | N/A | BTC/USD N/A | Ep 93 #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #wallet EPISODE SHOW NOTES: Bitcoin Begins series: EPISODE ATTRIBUTION: AFFILIATES: are chosen because we use them as the best bitcoin products & services. HELP US: to keep all our educational content ad-free & if you received any value whatsoever we would appreciate a 5-star review. SHARE US: for all our social media accounts & other free content including newsletters, eBooks, video guides, etc. ASK US: a question for our next Q&A / AMA episode. ABOUT US: enabling you to safely buy & securely store your bitcoins. We educate investors & create Bitcoin wealth management solutions. It is estimated over 7 million bitcoins have been lost or stolen. Learn how to keep yours safe by integrating InfoSec (Information Security), OpSec (Operational Security) & industry best practices enabling you to: safely buy, store & control your own private keys (bitcoins). DISCLAIMER: Any content provided by CoinCompass, including but not limited to any host or guest, is for educational & informational purposes only & is not intended as investment, legal, tax or any other professional advice. At times products, services & technologies may be recommended but these are opinions based upon experiences & not endorsements. We take no liability for out-of-date or inaccurate information, software bugs, manufacturing errors, technology misuse or issues involving third parties. Visit to stay up-to-date with our newsletters, video guides, podcasts & social media.
Is it time to ditch your Ledger? Phishing scams, 2FA & using a 25th word for your hardware wallet's recovery seed. It is time to improve your Bitcoin OpSec & ImfoSec | Youtube: | Show | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #wallet
Tone Vays joins us to discuss the lack of confidence in the US dollar, inflation, hyperinflation & the US elections against Bitcoin's store of value, censorship resistance, unconfiscatability & portability. Understand what is driving the price of Bitcoin | Youtube: | Show: | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #BitcoinBegins
Don’t lose your bitcoins in this bull run! Free Webinar: 20-DEC-2020 Bitcoin Begins part 2 explores a brief history of money including the barter system, money vs currency, store of value, medium of exchange, the gold standard & the US dollar | Youtube: | Show : | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #BitcoinBegins
Tyler Coates, creator of EMASAR & co-author of Hyperwave Theory, joins us to discuss upcoming trends in Bitcoin, Gold & the S&P 500 including key turning points for longs & shorts as well as important levels of support for Bitcoin | Youtube: | Show: | #Bitcoin #gold #hyperwave
Peter McCormack (What Bitcoin Did & Defiance podcasts) joins us to pragmatically discuss the coming Bitcoin supply shock, The Great Reset, what Bitcoin fixes, CBDCs, decentralisation & other macro issues | Youtube: | Show: | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #blockchain
'A beginner's guide to money, currency & Bitcoin' is the 1st part of our Bitcoin Begins series about money, before Bitcoin, Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Blockchain, altcoins & debunking Bitcoin FUD. Please share with your no-coiner friends | Youtube: | Show page: | #Bitcoin #BitcoinBasics #blockchain
If your bitcoins are on an exchange or mobile wallet you could lose them in this current bull run. We are running a FREE 1hr webinar on Sun 6 Dec 2020, where you can learn about cold storage, multisig & best practices for securing your bitcoins. Become a self-sovereign custodian of your investment by owning not renting your bitcoins. To register & for more details visit
Should I buy bitcoin on Coinbase or Binance? A comprehensive, pragmatic & beginner-friendly review of major advantages & disadvantages | Youtube: | Show page: | #Bitcoin #Binance #Coinbase
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