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Seth and Q&A from Foundation join us to discuss if the Passport is the most private Bitcoin wallet?
Rob Clarkson (Bitcoin Lightning Bolt Cards) joins us to talk about BTC merchant adoption, how to pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin in New Zealand & Laser Eyes.
Jimmy Song explains Bitcoin Nostr, Bitcoin ordinals (NFTs) & upcoming Bitcoin development projects built upon Bitcoin Lightning & Layer 2 protocols.
Steph (Peach Bitcoin): centralised vs decentralised vs peer-to-peer (p2p) exchanges; how to buy bitcoin privately & security with Peach Bitcoin; privacy; escrow; solving lack of liquidity; solving high premium prices; reputation score; & exciting upcoming features.
Daniel Leslie from Australian Fintech Infrastructure (AFI) joins us to discuss bitcoin mining, why mine bitcoin, where to mine bitcoin, energy, sustainability, transparency of mining platforms, proof of miner & disrupting the bitcoin mining space.
Jesse Shrader (co-founder of Amboss) joins us to discuss the Magma marketplace, Amboss, instant settlement, how to get started, Bitcoin Lightning & the importance of financial sovereignty.
We chat with Christopher Pavlesic (Bitcoin Alive & Alpha Hashrate) about the first Bitcoin only conference in Australia, Bitcoin mining, financial & digital sovereignty.
Gilbert Corbella (Co-Founder & Chairman of The Mining Future) joins us to talk about how Bitcoin mining can be for everyone using the cleanest & cheapest energy. Start with a single miner today!
Steven Lubka (Swan Bitcoin): Pacific Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin self-custody, plan B, maximalism & bitcoin-onlyism, financialisation of everything, what can't Bitcoin fix, Bitcoin outcomes & the Bitcoin Policy Institute.
Launching BLIP, Bitcoin lightning privacy messaging app & wallet, with Alejandro & Rick in El Salvador.
A look at the Bitcoin & macro markets for Nov 2022. Where's BTC going from here?
Sam from Swan Bitcoin joins us to discuss: the global crypto adoption index; USD vs BTC vs stablecoins; CBDC's; why DCA; regulation; self-custody; and Bitcoin's future economics
Faris reviews Shift Crypto's BitBox02, a Bitcoin-only hardware wallet, including the pros & cons in terms of price, usability, security & features
Bam & Sooly join us to discuss: does culture & religion have an impact on Bitcoin? What about inflation & currency devaluation in countries such as Turkey, Egypt & the UAE
Will from Sazmining joins us to discuss Sazmining, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin as carbon negative, fallacy of Proof of Stake & why Bitcoin using Proof of Work using green energy enhances our civilization.
In part 2 we discuss Bitcoin as web 3, the need for decentralisation, no need for tokenization, IPFS, blockchain bullshit & Bitcoin's web 5 destroying the use case for every single shitcoin.
Bitcoin & macro market update for September 2022: a look at bitcoin, equities, USD, Euro, gold, silver & oil charts
Francesco joins us to discuss why he moved to El Salvador, current projects & education, WW3, Bitcoin's importance to the developing world, saving vs surviving, adopting bitcoin conference & not resting on your laurels.
In part 1 of our Bitcoin & Web3 series we discuss the history of The Internet & the world wide web right up until the current day
Stadicus from Shift Crypto: BitBox02, open source, Bitcoin-only firmware, security theater, Bitcoin nodes, RaspiBolt & a pragmatic approach to hardware wallets
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Feb 12th
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