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Invest in your own education before investing in Bitcoin. Hosts Faris (economist) & Gordon (technologist), from, make the complex world of Bitcoin simple by interviewing experts & translating key concepts for the Bitcoin beginner. No buzzwords, just the basics.
120 Episodes
Andrew Howard from Bitcoin Reserve on Bitcoin fundamentals, btc, gold, central banking, inflation, war, money as life or death, 2017 market comparison & everything in between. Bitcoin is The Great Reset.
A look at the bitcoin btc & macro markets for Mon 19 April, 2020: despite volatility, bitcoin bull trend still intact
If your bitcoin are on an exchange you do not own them. Stop renting & start owning your bitcoin. We discuss how to buy, secure & own bitcoin using InfoSec & OpSec best practices for self-custody.
Bitcoin closes at a weekly all-time high. Where to from here for BTC? Are altcoins about to tumble?
What's the difference between the Bitcoin Lightning Network & Blockstream's Liquid Network? If you have bitcoin why should you care?
Do you have a Bitcoin-related question? Ask us and we will answer it on our next Q&A episode.
Why Bitcoin is better than Ethereum: technical & economic differences; Ethereum 2.0 misconceptions & marketing hype; max supply & circulating supply; & digital gold vs digital oil
What happens to bitcoin, currencies, gold, silver & bonds after Q1 2021? Bitcoin & US dollar are bullish but are bonds in a bear market?
Is your bitcoin safe on an exchange, desktop/mobile, hardware, steel/paper wallet? Maybe not! Do a threat & risk assessment then create a personalised bitcoin self-custody solution
Is Bitcoin private? Once you've bought KYC bitcoin (satoshis) what can you do to anonymize yourself? Coin mixers vs coinjoins & other OpSec (privacy) / InfoSec (security) considerations.
Is Bitcoin private? How can you best remain anonymous? Physical security risks, reducing digital footprints, future-proofing all bitcoin purchases & privacy using the bitcoin lightning network.
Bitcoin & Markets for March 15, 2021. Bitcoin has & should experience several large corrections to maintain this secular bull market
Once you've bought bitcoin how do you own it, keep it & secure it? Upgrade your security hygiene (InfoSec) & privacy (OpSec) right now!
Stop renting bitcoin, start owning bitcoin, use non-custodial bitcoin wallets & create a personalised bitcoin custody solution for your investment
How to buy bitcoin conveniently (KYC) & privately (non-KYC)? However, we discuss the best solution for most people!
Anthony Park (US Attorney) joins us again to discuss losing your bitcoin vs having it stolen
Raoul Pal explains why he's sold all his gold & is irresponsibly long bitcoin
Jared Dillian joins us to discuss why he's sold all his bitcoin, GameStop, macro markets & the overall market sentiment right now
Steven McClurg joins us again to talk about the Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF, GameStop, inflation, gold, USD, macro markets & everything bitcoin (not XRP/Ripple)
What happens when all the bitcoin have been mined? Then who secures the network without any block reward? Is bitcoin doomed?
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Feb 12th
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