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Tai Lopez explores the world of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, and many, many more. When it comes to investing in crypto, education is what separates the winners from the losers, and Tai Lopez is bringing on the best of the best, including Brock Pierce, to educate you around how to understand this fast-paced and ever-changing space.

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Why Blockchain Technology Has Your Best Interest In Mind
“Solve the real problems. What are the biggest problems people have? People are depressed, people are anxious, people are broke, people are unhealthy. We need to see more crypto projects in the biomedical industry.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Today, industries can hide behind closed doors. But when blockchain technology is integrated, the mechanics of commerce are revealed. On a blockchain network, the entirety of user behavior is exposed. You can see the balance and activity of each member and detect where there is foul behavior. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind show, we are taking a moment to recognize some of the benefits blockchain technology can bring to our society. From understanding the application to the biomedical industry to predicting how it will disrupt electricity, today’s conversation, today’s conversation has us thinking about the many different applications. Tune in to absorb these insights and apply them to your investment portfolio so you can accurately predict the future! And don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “Out of the pool of 330 million Americans—is Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or Obama—are these really the best? Blockchain can change that.” - Tai Lopez    (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind Most new tokens will be developed on top of the Ethereum platform When diversifying your investment portfolio, find assets that move in opposite directions Focus on the team when making crypto investments Bitcoin Cash moves in the opposite direction of Bitcoin The real trick to diversifying is finding things that are uncorrelated Always go after the unsexy businesses/coins There’s opportunity for influencer coins (ex: A Kim Kardashian coin that fractionalizes access to her brand/TV show) Many crypto projects are trying to solve problems people don’t know they have The biggest opportunity in crypto is in the biomedical industry Look at Power Ledger for an example of a crypto project doing social good There will always be a huge adoption curve to any platform-based technology
2000% Growth: Why Your Crypto Portfolio Needs Ethereum
“If you know what you don’t know, it’s better than not knowing what you don’t know.” - Dave Levine (click to tweet) Don’t be attached to your ideas. In a field like cryptocurrency, this will close you off to new information, preventing you from absorbing the knowledge of others. While an initial spike in your portfolio may have you feeling invincible with your investment thesis, it’s always important to stay open to outside education. That’s why on today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind show we are joined by Dave Levine to talk about many things crypto-related, particularly the value in Ethereum. Dave has committed his entire life to researching and understanding which coins deserve our attention. In this discussion, we hear his insights, the same ones that have helped him profit $700,000 in the past year investing in cryptocurrency. Don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “The price can go up and down, but if you watch the fundamentals, and the energy is growing and the smartest people in the world are joining, then it will go up.” - Dave Levine (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind Be careful of ‘analysis paralysis’ Nobody understands the entire landscape of cryptocurrency There are different models of decentralization Proof of stake requires less computational energy than proof of work Ethereum is like Shopify Blockchains are more valuable than coins because people build on top of platforms If a technology platform crashes, that’s actually a good thing Blockchain will revolutionize all industries: travel, political systems, supply chain, etc. Ethereum has transaction-growth of over 2000% in the past year Most companies building on top of the Ethereum technology Be skeptical of the companies that are just merely tweaking the consensus algorithm
$100 Million Investment: What An Informed Opinion Can Offer You
Receding hairline? Go to to turn it around with your $5 trial! “You have to ask yourself, ‘Fundamentally, do I think the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency will survive?’ And if you do, then the rest is all noise and nonsense.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) An informed opinion is rare. Most of us spend our lives firing from the hip, making decisions based off word-of-mouth or emotional chatter. Rarely do we sit down and take the time to research a subject, connecting the dots of fact inside our own heads. However, when we begin to do this, we start to make more nuanced investment decisions that not only provide higher returns but also a calmer peace of mind. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show, we are discussing the value of an informed opinion in the cryptocurrency space. Compared to other investment sectors, cryptocurrency has a particularly high level of noise. This makes it especially important to separate yourself from the chatter to conduct your own research and form your own opinion. Tune in to today’s discussion to learn how doing this will catapult you into a $100 million investment return! And don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “If you don’t have mentors, you will fail. Or you will succeed 10 years later than you needed to.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Baldness is optional! Go to to remove it from your options. Points to Keep In Mind Taking into account dollar-cost average allows you to be less impacted by the price fluctuations Jeff Bezos is now worth $105 billion Learn how to properly evaluate the overall validity of the investment decision Remember journalists are always trailing the truth Don’t get your financial education from people who are selling clicks Wal-Mart just purchased for $3 billion to compete with Amazon There is not widespread adoption of cryptocurrency yet; this means it is not too late to invest Figure out what avenues you can make money in, and then go down that path The average person does not save enough money to retire Do or do not, there is no try First, understand the potential investment and then make a decision and stick to it It’s okay to agree to disagree Learn by accumulating wisdom like a gold miner collecting gold Education can make you a living; self-education can make you a fortune What you know about investing is a predictor for happiness Read the 8-page whitepaper on Bitcoin Ignore 99% of the people, but listen to the 1% who know something Don’t judge something by the direction the price moves; examine the underlying thing instead No doctor visits and a full-head of hair. Go to to start your trial for $5.
The 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Investing In A Cryptocurrency
“In a way, ICOs are an evolution of crowdfunding. But they’re allowing for immediate liquidity.”   (click to tweet) Is the company actually utilizing the blockchain? Or, are they just placing it in front of a pre-existing business model? Questions like this cut through the marketing noise found in most cryptocurrencies and tap into the core of the technology. When a cryptocurrency integrates blockchain technology in a way that has everyone benefiting in the network, it is worth your investment. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show, we are joined by a panel of experts to discuss the many different factors to consider when evaluating a cryptocurrency. From Greg Gilman of Science Blockchain to Reeve Collins of BLOCKv, this panel brings all perspectives to the table. Listen to today’s episode to learn what to look for when seeking out your next crypto investment! And don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “Crypto does not have a working use case right now. It’s all speculation.”   (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind Platforms over tokens because tokens can be built on top of the platforms Be concerned about the team, more than the technology The coins with the most hype are the ones with the least focus on technology You won’t be invested in learning about crypto until you put money in it Studies show people value and retain paid information much more than free information Research who the team is, and why they’re building their ICO Always inquire about the terms of the deal, and whether previous investors were offered the same Evaluate whether the technology actually utilizes the blockchain technology, or just places it in front of something Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum for your first step into the market Look for tokens with high-quality commits on their GitHub repository Examine whether that’s part of the conversation on Telegram Seek out infrastructure-tokens like EOS, Dragonchain, Lumens, etc. Find tokens that are within your industries of interest You can be an expert on anything you spend your time on Be skeptical of the cryptocurrencies that are just gift cards to use the business Look for tokens where everybody in the network benefits from using it Download the highest-rated podcast app Castbox for FREE here! The Tai Lopez Show is produced and managed by Kast Media. Learn more at
Why Only 1% Of The 1400 Cryptocurrencies Deserve Your Attention
“Cryptocurrency shouldn’t feel shady. It shouldn’t overwhelm people. It shouldn’t feel like, “God, I can’t figure this out.”   (click to tweet) The projects with the greatest hype are the ones you must stay away from. This might sound counterintuitive; you’ve been given advice to invest in the coins with attention and news headlines because crypto is an emotional market. But the teams behind those tokens are spending their resources on marketing, not technology.  And if the coin doesn’t have the technology to back up the hype, then it will ultimately drain your investment portfolio of any profit. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show, we are joined by a panel of experts to discuss all things related to cryptocurrency. From discussing the value of Telegram communities to the nature of financial markets, this discussion touches on every aspect of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Tune in to learn why only a small number of cryptocurrencies deserve your attention, so you know which tokens to focus on! And don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “I wouldn’t buy anything that isn’t well-researched and picked by multiple experts.”   (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind Intelligent people are not passing information in crypto because they are ridiculed by the media Join Telegram groups to read the most relevant information about your cryptocurrency Read Flash Boys to understand the hierarchy of financial markets Cryptocurrency trading will only get harder and harder Everyone claims to be a genius when the market is bullish Check your ego when you’re explaining cryptocurrency to someone else Cryptocurrency is no different than financial markets in that the richest, most intelligent people skim a layer off the top The only way to not be a sucker is to hold Check your ego at the door when describing cryptocurrency to another person Don’t buy anything that isn’t well researched and picked by multiple experts The token should provide some sort of utility; and be more than just a funding source Read books about game theory Diversification is unsexy in a world built on 1000x returns You must be able to stomach a 60-80% loss Download the highest-rated podcast app Castbox for FREE here! The Tai Lopez Show is produced and managed by Kast Media. Learn more at
Why 3 Words For Your Coin Is 2 Points of Failure: The Rules of ICO Branding
“The real good, intelligent marketers have singled in on that key word that differentiates the coin.” (click to tweet) Cryptocurrency is a technically driven industry. But the marketing is equally, if not more, important. Without a compelling story, your coin will blend into the hundreds of other coins being developed. This is why if you’re starting a company on the blockchain, you must give equal consideration to the branding of your ICO as you do the technology. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show, we are joined by multiple marketing experts to discuss the marketing strategies in the cryptocurrency space. From Neil Patel to Chris Sacca, these speakers cover everything from how to market your ICO to what your coin’s name should be. Tune in to understand crypto from this marketing angle, and apply the insights to your investment strategy! And don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “A lot of entrepreneurs come to you with ideas and you’re like, ‘Nobody’s going to click on that’ I don’t care how much you spent on marketing; it’s not going to go.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind When investing, ask yourself the question: will you buy the product? Everytime you make a PayPal transaction, 600 different parties can see your data Always try to have a unique story when marketing your ICO Try not to only accept investment from people who can also provide value Read Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence 3 types of artificial intelligence: cyborgs, supercomputers, and collaborative intelligence All problems can be solved by collaborative intelligence If you give people value, they will come back for more Try to create a product to show investors Keep it simple and stupid when marketing your ICO When evaluating a problem, ask yourself if it’s something you wake up frustrated about Look at pre-existing businesses to adapt to the blockchain Know your audience Everything in life comes down to problem and solution Don’t fake it until it you make it; actually make it Make content and the people will come to you because there’s so much online buzz Be careful of the cryptos that aren’t ICO because they aren’t relying The SEC says that 100% of tokens are utility tokens Don’t fake it until you make it; actually make it Experiment often; your ego will tell you that you don’t need to
Crypto Investing 101: Why Your Privacy Matters More Than Anything Else
“Crypto has ignited a movement where everyone is an expert. I’m worried it’s descending into a massive cult.” - Tai Lopez     (click to tweet)  600 different different parties are alerted with each PayPal transaction. This is the flaw in the modern banking system. Your most personal information is exposed to that many people instantly and without your knowledge. In a blockchain network, however, your assets are cryptically held safe amongst other users. This is why privacy is the most important piece of criteria to evaluate when judging a coin. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show, we are joined by crypto-expert Jacob to walk through the top coins right now. With Bitcoin’s price hovering around $7,000, it’s easy to focus on that and lose sight of all the other major technologies being developed. But when you start to evaluate privacy, you’ll learn about the newest coins in the market. Tune in to take your investment portfolio to the next level by introducing privacy coins! And don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “The idea of a social network that would pay its users. That’s what would kill Facebook. Watch out for Steem.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind Ripple is now worth $100 billion Learn to write the smart contract code for Ethereum Read Crossing the Chasm to learn about adoption curves Binance is now valued at over $1 billion Don’t forget to ask whether the coin makes sense or not Walmart has now reduced shipment tracking time from 7 days to 2.5 seconds using blockchain Be sure to dollar-cost average when investing Understand that nobody really knows anything in the crypto market Be sure to take your coins offline; Coinbase only protects their hot wallet Cardono is trying to be a better Ethereum, but doesn’t have a product yet Monero is the most privacy-focused cryptocurrency 600 different parties have access to your PayPal transactions
The Power of 7.4 Billion People: Why Blockchain Technology is the Best Artificial Intelligence
“The fact that crypto has come in as an alternative puts pressure on the mainstream Federal Reserve and banks to do a better job.” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) There are 7.4 billion people on planet earth. And that number is only continuing to grow. Population predictions have the world at 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. What this means for blockchain technology is more people in the networks and more brain processing power for whatever problem the technology is trying to solve. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind show, we are discussing the current state of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. At its core, blockchain technology is a type of artificial intelligence (collaborative), so we take most of today’s discussion to discuss just what is at the core of the human experience. By dissecting it to this level, we can extrapolate the features A.I. and blockchain must integrate to create a collaborative intelligence that harnesses the power of all 7.4 billion people on planet earth. Tune in to learn how blockchain technology will change the world and thus, why investing in crypto technologies can help your portfolio. Don’t forget! You can also listen to The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind Show on Spotify! Click “Follow” and let me know what you think! “The problem with crypto is how it’s presented, ‘We’re gonna decentralize!’ ‘Bring applications to the blockchain!’ It’s like, what are you even talking about?” - Tai Lopez (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind Think about your regrets enough so you won’t repeat them Try to split your time thinking about the past, present, and future You should allocate 33.3% of your thought to each Beware of perverse incentives, as Charlie Munger says If built properly with the right ecosystem around it, a machine has no incentive You can buy Tesla with Bitcoin The definition of emotional intelligence (EQ) is ability to read others’ emotional states Read Descartes' Error to understand human emotion Beauty is rooted in how many genetic mutations you underwent in the womb Narcissists don’t like to be criticized The 6 attributes of narcissism: authority, self-sufficiency, superiority, exhibitionism, exploitativeness, vanity, entitlement Genetics is related to behavior more than people think Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change over time The mark of an intelligent person is how simply can he/she explain something Be skeptical of the theory that the customer is always right Narcissists are reluctant to take the blame for problems In game theory, extremes in society tend to lose Machiavellianism is sneaky, two-faced, manipulative; linked to being bullied as a child Characterized as people who pursue in an interpersonally exploitative strategy Read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins to understand the theory of natural selection Narcissism is a sense of entitlement and skewed value of others vs. value of themselves (welfare-tradeoff ratio) Try to make your brand story stand out Ask questions to strangers where you learn their story
The Crypto That Made 1,000 Millionaires
“The number one key success factor in crypto is not connections, not intelligence, not money. It’s taking action.” - Trevor Koverko (click to tweet) It’s no secret that money breeds ego. And it’s also no secret that ego clouds your vision. So the question becomes: how do you stay humble while getting rich? In the cryptocurrency space, this is particularly important, as many have come upon instant wealth. Using humility as a filter can help you isolate the true crypto players from the fakes, as their vision will tend to be clearer. On today’s episode of The Bitcoin Crypto Mentor Mastermind show, we are joined by Trevor Koverko, the founder and CEO of Polymath. While Trevor has made a fortune in the crypto space, his vision for crypto is beyond the get-rich-quick scheme. The technology behind Polymath removes the barrier of entry for people to create their own security token. He sees the future of crypto as one where things like the education system can be solved. “The trick is to find a vertical, find out who is the leader in that vertical, and then bet on them.” - Trevor Koverko (click to tweet) Points to Keep In Mind To be successful in business/crypto requires being good at 2 things: fundraising and hiring Toronto is the crypto Silicon Valley; Ethereum was founded in Toronto and made 1,000 millionaires Polymath wants to be the Ethereum for security tokens Removes the barriers for you to create a token Look at app stores to see how many blockchains the market can handle (2) Evaluate the team when researching a token Litecoin is the petri dish to see what technology is successfully experimenting Beware of the cult-followers inside the cryptocurrency Research Neil Patel’s Capitvate to see decentralized peer-to-peer audience exchange Check out Aion for a technology that allows blockchains to talk to each other Those who took action have risen with the tide of crypto Most of the things that are fixable in our lives are people problems Education is the biggest opportunity for crypto Try to surround yourself with the humble crypto players Crypto is a great way to gain capital for you to run your business
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