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Author: Jimmy Song

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We explore the impact that Bitcoin will have in all aspects of society.
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Awayslice is a Bitcoiner, Chef and the proprietor of the beefsteak dinners. We talk about food, its cultural impact and its relational significance. We also talked a good deal about various diets like keto, vegetarianism and carnivory. Finally, we talked a good deal about how low time preference behavior from Bitcoiners affects their food choices.
Tone Vays is a former risk manager on wall st, Bitcoin trader, and YouTube star. We talk about risk modeling, why the economy keeps having giant shock events like 2008 and how groupthink naturally leads to higher risk.  Tone also tells us why Bitcoin belongs in your portfolio but alts don’t, why he’s so passionate about Bitcoin education and his price predictions for the next year.
CJ Wilson is a former all-star baseball player, car nut and Bitcoiner. We talk about his journey to being a major league baseball player, the mechanics of throwing a ball and how he overcame various injuries and setbacks. CJ also tells us about the mental side of baseball, what it takes to get to a high level and his journey as a Bitcoiner.
Jon Najarian is an options trader, former football player and host of CNBC’s Halftime Report. We talk about traditional trading, options as hedging vehicles and how everything has changed with retail speculative gambling. Jon also tells us about how he transitioned from being a linebacker to an options trader, the commonality between sports and trading and the addictive endorphin rush of trading.
WIlly Woo is an engineer, trader and Bitcoiner. We talk about trading, Bitcoin as the biggest financial innovation ever, and the outlook for Bitcoin going forward. Willy also tells us about how he started his career as an engineer, how he got into trading and some lessons he learned along the way.
Shawn Baker is an author, carnivore and medical doctor. We talk about the carnivore diet, the conventional wisdom about vegetables, and the moneyed interests that affect our nutrition. Shawn also tells us about research into other animals, how humans differ and the parallels between the banking and nutrition industrial complexes.
Jeff Booth is an author, Bitcoiner and entrepreneur. We talk about his book, The Price of Tomorrow, the natural deflation of technology and the inflationary pressures of fiat money. Jeff also tells us about his experience being CEO, the future of work and of course, Bitcoin.
PlanB is a financial modeler, Bitcoiner and traditional investor. We talk about the current market, negative interest rates and trades like the Bitcoin futures cash and carry. PlanB also tells us about why he created the s2f and s2fx models, how he looks at investments and why eliminating risk also eliminates reward.
Doug Polk is a poker player, YouTuber and Bitcoin enthusiast. We talk about his challenge against Daniel Negreanu, grinding and working and how he thinks about situations using game theory. Doug also tells us about his interest in Bitcoin, his analytical approach and what he’s planning to do going forward.
Jeffrey Tucker is an Austrian Economist, Libertarian and Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research. We talk about the lockdown, the rule of the technocrats and how centralization exacerbates the crisis. Jeffrey also tells us about what he’s learned in his research, the politicization of everything and what a decentralized future might look like.
Jameson Lopp is a Cypherpunk, Bitcoiner and CTO of Casa. We talk about software engineering, how it’s different than computer science and what makes software engineers good at their craft. Jameson also tells us about how Ethereum has a different development philosophy, why adversarial thinking is important and what he looks for in developers. You can sign up for Casa here.
Aleks Svetski is an Entrepreneur, Businessman and Thinker in the Bitcoin space. We talk about sales, how he got into debt during university and how he made his first million. Aleks also tells us about his evaluation of altcoins and their sales pitches, how he sees Bitcoin’s sales pitch and what this holds for the future.
Cryptograffiti is Bitcoin artist extraordinaire. We talk about art, how he got into Bitcoin art in particular and the effect of fiat on our current generation. Cryptograffiti also tells us about his life before Bitcoin, how he sees his role as an activism artist and the purpose of art .
Preston Pysh is an investor, podcaster and Bitcoiner. We talk about investing, how he got into podcasting and the various instruments available. Preston also tells us about the role of Bitcoin, the possible ways in which we might see hyperbitcoinization and the current horrific macro environment which will help.
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We answered listener questions about our book! @lehmann_adam Is bitcoin the one world currency used in the end times? @mklad How much of an influence do you think subjectivism had on creating the fiat conditions of today? Do you think bitcoin rejects postmodernism’s subjective understanding of truth and is in some ways a return to an objective standard? (“my truth” vs “the Truth”) @VikingKing447 How might Bitcoin adoption assist with getting funds to missionaries around the world? High wire fees is a waste to kingdom fund to further the gospel. @CtlAltBtc In the context of the bible how does followership gel with the strong bitcoin notions of self-sovereignty, liberty, freedom of access and self agency? @IANUSMANU Although the text starts from a Judeo-Christian premise on debt, how can the increase in the use of bitcoin in non-Western societies whose philosophical foundations are alien to that tradition be explained? @HODLing_PNG Some (Cason for example) say Bitcoin / Satoshi are like a 2nd coming or are messianic, Max Keiser suggests Bitcoin may be a direct gift from god here to save us all. curious what you think...could BTC be the new JC? Sorry have not read the book so maybe a dumb question @ParkerMuse As this book seems to tie in elements of faith: What is the proper attitude to have towards BTC or crypto in general? I ask this because it is evident that many are overleveraged emotionally and mentally, and I've seen too many tweets mimicking religious rhetoric.
Vijay Boyapati is a coder, economist and libertarian. We talk about his history with the Libertarian movement, how politics at a grassroots level works and the incentives of politicians. Vijay also tells us about why some libertarians are not into Bitcoin and why some Bitcoiners are not into libertarianism.
Pete Rizzo and Aaron van Wirdum are reporters in the Bitcoin space. We talk about the types of articles that news organizations want, how money influences the content and the incentives of news organizations. Pete and Aaron tell us about what it took to write this piece and what it would take to get quality articles like this in the future.
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