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In this episode, Bitcoin Rehab participated on the Wasabi Research Club to find out more about the changes that will be present in Wasabi 2.0 release. Also mentioned were the fee changes, remixing and private revenue sharing model aka how other wallets can implement WASABI coinjoins. This episode was recorded on the 10th of January, 2022.
This is the full recording of the PlebSec 2020 Bitcoin Rehab Episode, was recorded in September, 2020. Guests were: Hodlonaut, Katoshi, BTChap, Coinicarus and NICO
Well, this turned into a massive loaded episode, with the two one hour segments getting melted together because all the guests remained and kept on with going with the topics, hah. Anyway big party discussion it was! Guests were: BTChap as co-host, Gekyyy, OB.Hodl, Max Hillebrand, the whole Bitcoin Kindergarten with Nikcantmine and optimistprime, NICO aka bitvolt7, Tobias "DeFi" Kaiser and Coinicarus. LOADED. Totally loaded. The best ever recorded, toxicity off the charts on this episode people! Check it out! Can also be listened to on YouTube. This was recorded on the 4th of October, 2020 during Hacker's Congress Paralelna Polis. Two episodes accidentally combined due to circumstances!
I stuck around on the final hours of Day 2 and talked with Ben Prentice and Rafe about lightning, how noobs enter the space and what we can do about 6102 type executive orders. This episode aired live on HCPP.TV on the 3rd of October, 2020. Can be also viewed on Youtube.
The most amazing episode of HCPP TV! The Bitcoin Artists who make the space amazing with the culture! Guests were Cyherpunknow aka Martin Fischer and cryptograffiti, two amazing artists who share their views on art and everything related to it in the bitcoin space. The episode can also be viewed on Youtube.
Another cool episode we had on HCPP TV on the second day, the guests were BTChap, Fabio Krauss, Stackmore, empty_banks and k3m aka prettyflaco. We talked about BTC Sticker's, how to buy potatoes with bitcoin (thanks Max, lol) and many more interesting stuff! The episode can be viewed on Youtube also!
The morning crew of Day 2 for Hacker's Congress Paralelná Polis TV, we discussed everything from lightning nodes to bitcoin stickers and bitcoin pleb culture! Cool stuff, check it out! Full version also available on Youtube.
The weird unexpected episode I had to /endure/ hahaha, was quite a pleasant conversation I had with Riccardo Spagni one of the creator and maintainer of Monero XMR. We talked about atomic swaps and their implications for privacy and how bitcoin could be improved the long run. We also joked about number go guantanamo, but sadly right now Riccardo is really in gitmo (almost). Hopefully you get out of KYC "custody" /chuckles/ soon! This was a live show on HCPP.TV on the 2nd of October, 2020. You can check out the audio only version on Youtube.
Members of the Slovakian Paralelná Polis are doing presentations that were sadly completely rekt because of a mistake related to the intro image that was left on screen and nobody else saw anything, so what is good thing to do, release it as a podcast yeah! Guests were some of the founders of the Bratislava Paralelna Polis: @jurbed @kixunil @_taxmeifyoucan_  aaaand a few more people! HCPP.TV session can be listened to on youtube.
Modus Operandi is a bitcoiner and active participant in the crypto community in England, this episode is from the live stream TV of Hacker's Congress Paralelní Polis in Pargue. This was the first discussion of the day at Hacker's Congress on the live stream. Max Hillebrand also appeared for a few seconds in the episode, haha. For more check out on youtube! This live episode aired on the 2nd of October, 2020.
In this special episode, Wasabi Wallet founder Adam Ficsor aka Nopara73, with Giaccomo Zucco, Shinobi and BTCparadigm came on a LIVE Twitter Spaces episode of Bitcoin Rehab to confront (finally) the ugly disinformation war that Samourai Wallet and their co-conspirators are actively waging against Bitcoin Privacy and Wasabi Wallet.
NICO is cool guy check out his Twitter at @bitvolt7! Nico is also co-host of the Simply Bitcoin Show on YouTube! On this pod we gonna take a peek into the views of NICO what he think what makes a good bitcoiner and why it matters to be a good bitcoiner. Also a little bit on the rabbit hole story of his and how he got into Bitcoin mining! The show is proudly sponsored by the bitcoin cultural zine! New vol.8 physical copies can now be ordered on the website! Check out for those sweet limited edition zines!
I have sat down with Nikcantmine to discuss his past panel at Bitcoin 2021, but we touched upon many more interesting topics, especially the pressing matter of morality of bitcoin maximalism. Nik works at Bitcoin Magazine and can be found at on Twitter. We are proudly sponsored by the Bitcoin Cultural Zine, get your limited edition zines today before they run out!
I sat down with LaserHodl to talk about his past and present, his experiences with bitcoin and the Freedom Maximalists group he started that sprung out of Citadel One. You can check out Freedom Maximalists on at or Sponsor for this episode is Limited Edition Bitcoin Cultural Zines are now available again, older volumes shipping from the good ol' US of A. Only 1000 copies will be printed ever.
I sat down with David from Wasabit to get to know him better, see what he thinks about Bitcoin and his views on the community. I hope you guys will enjoy the show! Sponsors:
This is the last episode and season for the year, hope you guys like it! Happy new year! Due to CItadel 21 moving their distribution via a big boat, the zine sales are not going on right now, sorry about that. But you can still read their zines for FREE on the website! This show's epic sponsors are:
I had a really great time talking with Saint about all stuff like religion, his rabbit home store, how he got involved in the plebs and how he sees the world around us! Check out the episode! bitcoin cultural zines are now 10% off until January 1st with the code "BITCOINREHAB" use during checkout! Get yourself limited edition bitcoin cultural ZINES, or get yourself some cute bitpiggys at!
Come and listen MVDEX talk about his rabbit hole story and how he ended up as an Artist. He also shares his experiences with us about bitcoin art and culture.  He also tells his story of how he got started with Bull Bitcoin and and more about the new Canadian Gun Laws. The show's main sponsores are and  The current episode's sponsors are, and
I sat down with Viking and Chap to talk about Books and learning in the Bitcoin space! Come and listen!
A few weeks ago we sat down with with BTChap to talk to Geri who is an insider working at a bitcoin related company in Hungary. We had a pretty interesting conversation about his views and observations relating to bitcoin. We can say this was a good way to see how normies outside see our space who do not fully interact with bitcoin yet, but until the floodgates open. Hope you guys enjoy the show!  Link to the participants profiles: No sponors were included in this episode.
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