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Author: Lauren Ritchie and Makeen Zachery

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Black Girl Blueprint was founded on the belief that Black girls have long been the ones to set the trends and transform the culture in a way that only we can. To put it simply: our podcast is devoted to showcasing raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic Gen Z Black girl perspectives. Our weekly episodes will center the voices and celebrate the accomplishments of young Black women who have made their own impact on and within the culture. | Follow us on Instagram: @blackgirlblueprint | Lauren: @laurenaritchie @ecojusticeproject | Makeen: @makeenz @blkgirlculture | Email us at
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Get ready for this week’s episode about growing up in the age of the internet this week we’re getting into our introductions to social media (yes, FarmVille and Tumblr, we’re talking about you) and how we feel about the way that influencer culture has changed our relationships with social media. 
Your daily reminder that without Black trans women there would be no PRIDE!Far too often Black queer women are left out of conversations about LGBTQ+ identities. In honor of this month and the rich legacy and lives of Black queer women to whom we are alllllll indebted, we're putting @brownbabyjade (jadeexbadu on TikTok) and @wowiwrite (Founder of Brainwash Media) center stage for one of our richest episodes yet!
Are y'all ready for vaccinated girl summer?? In this episode, we're thinking about what a post-COVID world would look like and reflecting on all the ways that this past year has changed our social lives drastically. 
This week's episode is a judgment-free zone! From our weirdest food cravings to our hottest takes on music, movies, and celebrities, we're getting into all of our most unpopular opinions.
Relationships... internships... friendships... Let that all that toxic stuff go bby! This week's episode gets into the hard parts about accepting change and walking away from things that aren't really serving us anymore and the benefits of putting ourselves first and recognizing our self-worth! 
Dinner with JAY Z or $100,000? Jk, don’t answer that.Join us for this week's episode where we remind y'all that it's OKAY to not ~always~ be in your bag. No, you don’t have to flip your stimulus check into an LLC, AND the truth is Jay Z probably don’t want to eat let alone talk business with you anyway 😂
You know that feeling when you get older and learn all of the family tea?? The Kids’ Table talk is getting juicy this week. Make yourself at home as we get into mother-daughter relationships, divorce, and learning how to navigate the influence of our childhood in our adult relationships. 
Join us for a candid conversation about dating in your 20s and in a pandemic, society's value of romantic relationships vs. platonic relationships, and ways to enjoy being single on Valentine's day!
We’re joined by Dr. Michelle Meggs, ordained Baptist Minister and advocate for spiritual practices, for a conversation our souls have been craving. In this episode, we talk about stepping into our spiritual journeys, developing a personal relationship with The Creator, and reminding ourselves that we were made with divine intention. 
For this week's episode, we’ll be joined by Olivia Luther and Rania Ali for the first episode of our two-part religion series! This week, we're getting into how we were raised to understand and believe in God and where we are in our own journeys of understanding our individual relationship to God.Get ready to chat about it ALL from the beauties and flaws of organized religion, the misrepresentation of hijabis in TV/Film, to early memories of being in church pews!
Did you miss us last week? We missed y’all! This week we’re talking about HAIR; our relationships with it, our journeys in learning to care and love for it, and our hair goals for the future. 
Welcome to our first episode of 2021! We hope y'all had a great NYE and now we're here to talk about alllllll the things we went through and learned over the past 12 months.In this episode, we discuss everything from music to fashion and the pandemic and social justice while also taking a trip down Black Twitter memory lane! Join us for some self-reflection on lessons we faced in 2020 and the spirit we're bringing into 2021! 
*Sings* we’re all in this together!! To everyone else going through finals season in Zoom University, our hearts are with you.This week’s episode is doubling as a support group session for all of us pushing through exams remotely. We’ll be unpacking all of the stress of this semester from our wildest professor behavior this semester to our most recent breakdowns.
Welcome to the first episode of season two of your fave podcast for all the Gen Z Black girl tea! Get in losers, we're roasting ourselves!We’re opening this season with some much-needed self-reflection. As a generation, we love using personality tests and zodiac signs to diagnose our behaviors but it’s time we dig into getting to know ourselves, specifically those not so nice traits of ours that we don't really like to talk about. 
Does anyone else feel like it shouldn’t be THIS hard to decipher the facts during this election season?For many of us, this election is the first time that we’ll be able to vote. From Twitter’s Kamala “The Cop” memes, to the playground behavior we’ve witnessed on the presidential debate stage, it can be hard to understand what is TRULY at stake on November 3rd, 2020.Our final episode of the season is devoted to uncovering the truth about the candidates on the ballot this year and having a Black girl therapy session while we're at it. 
Friendships are like any other important relationship in our lives... they come with ups and downs and require a lot of honesty and care. From making new friends to knowing when it’s time to end a friendship, to navigating those moments when you might be the toxic friend. It’s not very often that we get real about all that goes into our relationships with our girlfriends.In this episode, we’re talking all things girlfriends: the benefits of keeping your circle small or large, how different friendships serve different purposes in our lives, and even knowing when it’s time for a friendship to end.
It’s positive self talk ONLY over here! Imagine a world free of all of the things media teaches us to believe about our bodies? A world in which the only things we obsessed over were the things we loved about ourselves? This world of body positivity and love isn’t impossible and it is ours to create! Start by complimenting yourself in the mirror today, you deserve it! The world tells us so much about what our bodies should and shouldn’t be. Most of us have internalized these messages which can make self-love pretty difficult. We sat down with the Tik Tok style sensation herself, Ariam Kidale, @iambratty, to talk about practicing true body positivity for ourselves and others. 
This week on Black Girl Blueprint, we’re having a much needed conversation about Black girl joy! When you’re consistently bombarded with tragedies and tales of injustice every day on social media, it can become increasingly difficult to find time to care for yourself and do things that you bring you joy and happiness!In episode 9, we’re going to be joined by the amazing Manna Zel (@mannazel), creator of @blackandjoyful, as we get into the process of healing from trauma, taking breaks from social media, and all of the reasons why our joy should always be nonnegotiable!
Naomi Wadler is proof that there is no age limit to changing the world. While 13-year-old social justice activist Naomi is most recognized for her speech at the March For Our Lives anti-gun violence protest in 2018, she has continued to do incredible work and has inspired so many with her dedication to fighting injustice.In this episode, we chat with Naomi about life as an 8th grader, reminisce about our own PWI middle school experiences, and get into Naomi's journey in the activist world. Join us for a conversation on the activist sphere and it's tendencies to leave Black girls out of its advocacy. 
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