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Author: Marcus Lopes

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Episodes exploring a writer’s creative journey.
32 Episodes
In the final episode of Season 2, Marcus talks briefly about how COVID-19 impacted his life.
Countries around the world are going, or already in, lockdowns to stop the surge in new COVID-19 cases. How do you stay positive during a pandemic? Marcus talks about what's worked for him...covi
State of Play

State of Play


In a rare moment, Marcus Lopés breaks from tradition and talks about politics in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. elections.
Time Stealers

Time Stealers


From social media to binge-watching our favourite streaming service, distractions steal our time. Do you know what's holding back you and your dreams? Marcus shares his biggest time stealer and how he's getting back on track.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, Marcus talks about gratitude and the blessings of friendship.
Marcus Lopés shares what's coming next. Tune in to find out before the rest of the world.
Make it Count

Make it Count


Sometimes, the most unexpected news makes you stop and think: Are you making today count? In today's episode, Marcus talks about why it's so important to make every day count.
Thank You, GPS

Thank You, GPS


As you pursue your creative goals, are you headed in the right direction?
Another year older, another year wiser? Marcus talks about the challenges and triumphs during his forty-sixth year as he celebrates another birthday. Life is always speaking to you...
Failure as a Teacher

Failure as a Teacher


In today's episode, I share what my first literary failure taught me.
Take Two

Take Two


Marcus Lopés talks about his return to podcasting as he writes and navigates the world of self-publishing.
Marcus Lopés returns with the Season 2 premiere episode.
When you have clarity, you know who you are, what you want to achieve and what you must do to realize your goals. Do you have clarity in your life?
Do you have clarity in life — of your goals, purpose, the person you want to become? Finding clarity can change your life. Marcus shares his experiences.
Each of us is on a journey, and we must – no matter the challenges – see it through. Listen to one writer’s story.
Sometimes projects take longer than expected, but we must not be discouraged. Marcus knows this all too well. Listen to his story.
Dare to dream. Dare to believe in the power of your dreams and do what is necessary to make them come true. Express your truest self!
In a world competing for our attention, how do we find balance and stay focused on what matters?
In the debut episode, Marcus Lopés talks about RYU's "One More Rep" Campaign and the importance of mental health awareness.
You have it in you to be the person you dare to be. Will you rise to the power of who you are?
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