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Welcome to The Blackcraft Network, a platform envisioned by the founders of the esteemed Blackcraft Cult Clothing Brand, With over a decade of success in the alternative clothing industry,We conceived the idea of fostering a sense of belonging among our supporters. 

Dedicated to serving the alternative community, The Blackcraft Network provides a space for individuals to connect, share mutual interests, and support one another. Our platform aims to introduce a diverse range of shows that not only offer insights into the alternative scene but also facilitate the formation of meaningful friendships and connections.

We are proud to present an array of captivating programs, including:

1) The Fright Night! Podcast
2) Glitz, Glam & Ghosts w/ Harper Hollywood
3) Scandalous w/ Ashley Steinmetz
4) Sinister Nights w/ Mia Tyler
5) Artist Spotlight w/ Aileen Senpai
6) The Rawl of The Dead Podcast
7) Yall’ternative w/ Rebecca Ferrell

With more to come!

Each show showcases the diversity within our community, and we are thrilled to bring you fresh content five days a week, every week of the year.

Once again, welcome to THE BLACKCRAFT NETWORK!

130 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.Nik Nocturnal returns to chat about everything from Phonk to breakdowns as Blackcraft brings you the hottest 5 songs of the weekIn Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message.The first of our weekly look at the Hottest 5 Songs In The World with TikTok, YouTube and Twitch royalty, Nik Nocturnal. Expect talk about breakdowns. Lots of talk about breakdowns. In Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered where to get the juiciest news from the world of comics, animation, and horror? Feast your ears on an episode that’ll leave you craving for more! From the latest trailers for your favorite animated shows, Scott Pilgrim’s Netflix debut to Seth Rogen's Invincible on Amazon Prime, we’ve got you covered. We bring you the inside scoop on the vampire invasion set to take over the comic world in 2024, fresh from the New York Comic Con. And that's not all. We also...
Send us a Text Message.Get ready to get your pulse racing, your heart thumping, and your inner rockstar screaming for more! Your Fridays are about to get a whole lot more electrifying with our freshly brewed, hot-off-the-press episode of Black Craft News. We're not just talking about new music releases from Beartooth, Creeper, and Twin Temple, but also the latest tunes from Ice Nine Kills, Spirit Box, and Bring Me the Horizon. And if that’s not enough to quench your thirst for music, brace yo...
Send us a Text Message.Sick New World 2024 - 5 New Bands To Check OutBlackcraft News brings you our top 5 picks of the new artists you should be checking out at Sick New World 2024.In Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message.Get ready for a heart-to-heart with our guest, Keyawna, a rising artist whose song, Secrets with Kellen Quinn is making waves with almost a million views on YouTube in under two weeks! We uncover her extraordinary journey, the creation process behind Secrets, and her dreams of inspiring millions with her music. We delve into her early influences, the significance of a Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens concert in shaping her career, and her steadfast focus on her ...
Send us a Text Message.Imagine the thrills of jamming to Code Orange, Pittsburgh's Finest and Long Island's Coyo, while donning our newly unveiled Smoke Black Craft zip-up hoodie. Now, add a pinch of horror with Doug Bradley, the legendary Pinhead and a dash of WWE excitement with Shotzi's new show Chamber of Horrors - welcome to our world of Black Craft. We explore the intense happenings in our brand, including our limited tea release, the return of our world-class feline joggers, and ...
Send us a Text Message.Get ready for a spine-tingling encounter as WWE superstar Shotzi opens the door to her eerie world, full of paranormal experiences and specters. If you’re a fan of all things otherworldly or simply enjoy a good yarn, brace yourself for the chilling tales of ghost hunting across the nation and the creation of her all-new haunted house excursion show, Chamber of Horrors.On this riveting episode, Shotzi and her co-host Scarlet Bordeaux reveal how they’ve ensured authentici...
Send us a Text Message.What could be more spine-tingling than a conversation with the horror icon himself, Doug Bradley? We share our excitement and fear about the latest hauntingly fabulous Raising Hell t-shirt and hoodie from Join us as Doug offers us a glimpse into his latest horror movie watches, and we delve into our shared love for the chilling impacts of A24's Hereditary and Moonage Daydream. We even go deeper into the shadowy realms of the horror universe as ...
Send us a Text Message.Prepare for an adrenaline rush as we dive into the mystical world of Mortal Kombat 1! I'm Beez, your guide through the underworld and into your world with Black Craft News, and this week, we're exploring the stunning new look and killer assist mode of the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 1. We'll be discussing the exceptional graphics and captivating new backstory that's bound to ensnare even the most seasoned gamers.But don't worry, it's not all about gaming. We've als...
Send us a Text Message. New VNGNZ drink available 9/21 with Zacky VAre we all living in a massive simulation? That's the tantalizing teaser we'll leave you with as we embark on a journey into some of the most intriguing topics of our times - from the mysterious nature of time to the possibility of us living in a matrix-style reality. Join us, as we share hilarious on-the-road stories and candid thoughts about everything from Johnny Christ's tech habits to our ...



Send us a Text Message.Ready to venture into the eerie and the eccentric? Join us as we journey through the dark corners of pop culture, spotlighting the latest in cinema, music, gaming, and anime. We've got the lowdown on Ryan Gosling's surprisingly amusing Barbie movie, the spine-chilling Australian horror flick from A24, and Netflix's peculiar new horror offering. Not to mention a lively chat about new music releases from the likes of Baroness and Corey Taylor, and the buzz around the much...
Send us a Text Message.Are you ready for a chilling exploration of gothic entertainment? Buckle up as we venture into the world of bone-chilling horror and dark fantasies. We dissect the much-anticipated Pet Sematary Bloodlines, and the fourth installment of the iconic horror series, Pet Sematary. We share our thoughts about A24's Talk To Me and what the creative team behind this summer hit has to offer. We also uncover the anticipation surrounding the release of Final Destination 6 and a spi...
Send us a Text Message.Description:Bringing you the latest news and original interviews from movies, gaming, music, social media, sports and more - Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.In Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message.Ready for some exclusive news from the alternative culture universe? This episode of Black Craft News is a music lover's dream, packed with the latest from the realms of movies, TV, anime, gaming, and music. We're thrilled to have Scott Lee, founder of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, drop some insider info about the festival and its significance to the extreme music community. Stick around, as we've also got an amazing opportunity for you to score VIP ticke...
Send us a Text Message. In a world exclusive chat, Avenged Sevenfold legend M Shadows joins us to talk about how his movie and music tastes have evolved, being a horror snob, how Ari Aster and 100 Gecs are influencing his world and much more. Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message. Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message.Come kick off the new podcast with Bobby, Beez, and special guest Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil as they touch on everything from the beautiful chaos of fatherhood, new music, Living the Dream Foundation, swaddling techniques, and of course, passing the nirvana!http://www.blackcraftcult.com Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft



Send us a Text Message.LOVEGONESORROW2/16PRE SAVE LINK HERE Light,Follow us on instagram!@blackcraftcult@smokeblackcraft
Send us a Text Message.Ever found yourself cackling in the face of fear or cracking up at the sight of ghostly bunny ears? Well, strap in because that's just the tip of the ectoplasmic iceberg of our latest Salem haunted house adventure. My co-hosts and I pull back the curtain on the hilarity and horror of running our own spooky attraction, including my unexpected turn as a costumed character that'll have you howling with laughter. We'll also tease out some hair-raising content we've been con...
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