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Blackout – Season 2

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Academy Award® winner Rami Malek stars in this apocalyptic thriller as a small-town radio DJ, Simon Itani, fighting to protect his family and community after the power grid goes down nationwide, upending modern civilization.

Season 2 picks up after Simon’s family escapes. Upon crossing paths with an old family friend, Wren (played by Aja Naomi King), recounts her experience getting out of Boston... but can she be trusted? What truths remain to be uncovered about the origins of this blackout?

Blackout was created by Scott Conroy. Blackout Season 2 was written by Jeremy Novick, and directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz and Jeremy Novick.

This season of Blackout is presented by Sonos, go to to learn more.
5 Episodes
The blackout rages on in Season 2 of the hit show, BLACKOUT with Rami Malek (Simon Itani) and starring Aja Naomi King (Wren Foster). After escaping Berlin, Simon and his family cross paths with Wren, an old family friend, who lands on their doorstep after making it out of Boston in the midst of the widespread blackout. Traumatized from her experiences, Wren recounts to the Itanis the excruciating challenges she and her family went through during the Blackout. But can Wren be as trustworthy as she seems? And what truths remain to be uncovered about the true nature of this blackout?
Powder Keg

Powder Keg


Hiding out after their escape from Berlin, the Itani family cross paths with an old friend from the past, whose intentions are anything but clear.



Wren continues her story, highlighting her search for answers amid the blackout in Boston. Meanwhile, Simon’s suspicions cause tensions to rise in the Itani family.



The Foster Family seeks refuge at a police-controlled emergency relief area, while Lana and Carter fight to get back home. Meanwhile, in our present-day story, Simon’s emotional unraveling has tragic consequences.



After taking shelter in Wren’s hometown neighborhood, when Lana falls deathly ill, forcing Wren to search for life-saving medicine alongside her estranged father. Meanwhile, the Itani family struggles to understand what kind of a man Simon really was.
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angela vasquez

This Wren character has completely ruined this show for me. It's almost like she deliberately puts people in danger. First her own and now her best friends? Makes no sense...

Jun 17th

Jason Lamore

Yes! Finally season 2 is here!

May 29th

Jaime X Perales

So excited Blackout is back

May 27th



May 22nd
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