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Not just another bad movie podcast, Blank Check reviews directors' complete filmographies episode to episode. Specifically, the auteurs whose early successes afforded them the rare ‘blank check’ from Hollywood to produce passion projects. Each new miniseries, hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims delve into the works of film’s most outsized personalities in painstakingly hilarious detail.
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Alas, our Nora Ephron series has come to an end! For our last ep, we’re happy we get to end on a high note and a touch of the Tucc… with 2009’s Julie & Julia. Returning to not only offer her chef expertise but share but how this movie molded her life is noted sister, Romilly Newman! We talk Meryl Streep’s Oscar nomination, why Amy Adams’ half works just as well, and why this film encapsulates Nora’s career so perfectly. Stay tuned ‘til the end for our rankings and announcement about our next series! This episode is sponsored by: MUBI ( Better Help ( Ritual (
Bewitched with Dana Schwartz

Bewitched with Dana Schwartz


Years were spent trying to figure out the perfect way to bring back the 60s sitcom, Bewitched. The result was a confusing, critical bomb. How do you go wrong with a hot Oscar winner, SNL star, a handful of Daily Show correspondents, and the Ephron sisters? Blank Check attempts to find out. Dana Schwartz joins #thetwofriends to discuss 2005's Bewitched! Plus, a special bonus interview with Alex Ross Perry and Jason Schwartzman on his experience working with Nora Ephron. This episode is sponsored by: Brooklinen ( (CODE: Check) Better Help ( MUBI (
It’s an extra-sized episode featuring director Alex Ross Perry for this strange film about lotteries or something. Which Seinfeld characters are the Two Friends, Ben, and Ang? What awesome tidbits did Alex pick up from the Lucky Numbers commentary? What are the merits of the films of all the other Friends (from Friends)? This episode is sponsored by: Hawthorne ( (Code: CHECK) Raycon ( Master Class ( The Seinfeld theme is composed by Jonathan Wolff ( .
AOL may have aged out but has this classic rom-com? We invited Who? Weekly's very own Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger to discuss another Nora Ephron box office hit–You've Got Mail (1998). We get into the all-star cast with Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Dave Chapelle, Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey, meet cutes, and Nora's New York City. This episode is sponsored by: Hims ( Lumin Skin ( Stamps ( (CODE: CHECK)
Michael with Kevin Porter

Michael with Kevin Porter


This week, Blank Check tackles one of film’s greatest mysteries, John Travolta’s career in the 90s. In Michael (1996), he plays an angel who visits earth to bring people together, but get this…he’ a bad boy! With the cast rounded out with Andie MacDowell, William Hurt, Bob Hoskins and of course, Sparky the dog, it did well at the box office but where does it land in the scope of Nora’s career? Kevin Porter (Good Christian Fun ( , Gilmore Guys ( ) joins! This episode is sponsored by: NOOM ( (CODE: Check) The Truth vs Hollywood Podcast  (
The friends are joined by Search Party director Charles Rogers to discuss this mixed bag of mixed messages of a Christmas movie that shows maybe Norah Ephron can't do black comedies. Don't worry if you haven't seen it, because this is mostly an extensive discussion about Steve Martin's career, Liev Schreiber being great in drag, and the Sondheim musical Assassins. Check out  Search Party Season 3 ( on HBO Max, RIGHT NOW! For the month of June we will be spotlighting groups dedicated to and run by Black trans and non-binary people who need our help. This week's organization is: The Marsha P. Johnson Institute This episode is sponsored by: Theragun ( Brooklinen ( (CODE: Check)
Only Nora Ephron could make a rom-com where the leads interact for 2 minutes an instant classic. The BC crew makes a Tom and Meg inspired long distance call to Katey Rich (Vanity Fair) for Ephron's sophomore hit, Sleepless in Seattle (1993). We get into how rom-coms have risen and fallen, the lure of cool boat houses, and the enigma that is Chet Hanks.  For the month of June we will be spotlighting groups dedicated to and run by Black trans and non-binary people who need our help. This week's organization is: The OKRA Project ( This episode is sponsored by: The Truth vs Hollywood Podcast  ( Keeps ( Brooklinen ( (CODE: Check)
"Everything is copy." is the code Ephron lived by and no film fit that better than her directorial debut, This is My Life (1992). After the success of When Harry Met Sally, Nora and Delia Ephron teamed up for a comedy about two sisters and their mother's rise on the comedy scene in NYC. Comedian and host of Sirius' The Michelle Collins Show, Michelle Collins, joins to talk Julie Kavner's career, realistic movie standup, and weird child actors. For the month of June we will be spotlighting groups dedicated to and run by Black trans and non-binary people who need our help. This week's organization is: The Emergency Release Fund @release_fund This episode is sponsored by: Lumin Skin ( Hims (
It laid the groundwork for her entire film career. It set the mold for every rom-com that followed. Though it wasn’t her directorial debut, you just don’t do Nora Ephron without covering When Harry Met Sally. We invited Slate critic and podcast host Dana Stevens (Culture Gabfest, Flashback) to discuss the 1989 classic and ask the big questions. How is Billy Crystal so damn charming? Which Meg Ryan hairstyle is best? And most importantly...can men and women be friends??? This episode is sponsored by: NOOM ( (CODE: Check)



It's a Ben's Choice bay-bee! Dry, dusty tombs ✓ Crazy convoluted tech ✓ Vast intergalactic conspiracies? ✓✓✓ 1994's Stargate really does have it all. This week Ben gets to makes his case for this Egyptian/Sci-Fi Roland Emmerich cult favorite, and why it's best viewed from a porch. This episode is sponsored by: Brooklinen ( (CODE: Check)
You're entering a world of a b-b-b-bonus ep! We couldn't wrap up George Miller series without covering the totally bizarre Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983). We specifically dive into Miller's remake of the Serling/Shatner classic, his talent for chaotic action, and Lithgow's oddball career. Stay tuned as we announce the director for our next series!
Emily Yoshida (Night Call podcast ( ) joins #thetwofriends to discuss George Miller's magnum opus Mad Max: Fury Road. Together they examine the masterful world building, the flawed leadership of Immortan Joe, lumps, the performances of Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult and so much more! This episode is sponsored by: Purple ( (CODE: Check) SFX: "VVZ-A#3-2.wav ( " by sorohanro; "Vuvuzela-04.wav ( " by theTone; "horror ambience 07.wav ( " by klankbeeld. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ( .
Visual artist Sara Rubin ( joins BC this week to discuss Miller’s second dancing penguin movie! Together with #thetwofriends they breakdown the billing order, question if krill are sea monkeys and try to guess the tagline to movie Surf’s Up. This episode is sponsored by: Lumin Skin ( Hims ( The Shivering Truth on Adult Swim (
Griffin Newman joined by guest co-host Ben Hosley invite you to join them for a screening of Wayne's World this Friday, May 15th at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on!
Caitlin Durante (The Bechdel Cast) joins #thetwofriends to discuss Miller's first foray into animation with 2006's Happy Feet. This episode is sponsored by: The Shivering Truth on Adult Swim ( ( (Code: CHECK)
Who is 1998's Babe: Pig in the City for? Is it for kids? Stoners? Four grown adults attempting to navigate a national pandemic? This is the question Travis McElroy (My Brother, My Brother and Me, Adventure Zone, Run: A Doctor Who Fancast) poses to the BC crew this week. We defend and analyze another George Miller death city, robot chimp babies, and why Siskel went out on a high note. That'll do. This episode is sponsored by: Purple ( (Code: CHECK) Noom (⟨=en&isvanity=y#/) (Code: CHECK) Hims ( (Code: BLANK)
Hard to believe we're already halfway through our George Miller series! This week Bilge Ebiri (Vulture) returns to talk about one of his favorite films, 1992's Lorenzo's Oil. Starring Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte...with an Italian accent that somehow works...Oil may have disappointed at the box office but still got a screenplay and best actress Oscar nomination. Turns out medical dramas really work when they're made by actual doctors...who happen to be as talented as George Miller. This episode is sponsored by: Bonanas for Bonanza ( Brooklinen ( (Code: CHECK) Stamps ( (Code: CHECK)
Film critic K. Austin Collins (Vanity Fair) returns to Blank Check for an episode covering 1987’s fantasy comedy, The Witches of Eastwick. Together with #thetwofriends they discuss author John Updike’s original novel, how producer Jon Peters tried shoehorning an alien into the film, assign themselves which witch they would be and Griffin defines what a ‘movie movie’ is. This episode is sponsored by: Hims (
Together, #thetwofriends and returning guest David Ehrlich (IndieWire) talk about not just the Thunderdome, but go beyond to examine Tina Turner’s filmography, why the children of the wasteland are 10x better than the Lost Boys of Hook, the Toy Story 3 song “We Belong Together” and more! This episode is sponsored by: Stamps ( (Code: CHECK) Feals CBD ( Talkspace ( (Code: CHECK)
Comedian, Jon Gabrus (High and Mighty ( ) returns to discuss 1981’s  sequel effort Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Together with #thetwofriends they examine the similarities between the Evil Dead and Mad Max franchises, dystopian future fashion justification, the career of actor Bruce Spence and American Gladiators. Plus, Ben has a shocking revelation. This episode is sponsored by: Noom ( Brooklinen ( (Code: CHECK)
Comments (34)

Luke Witherell


May 24th


This episode is everything I've ever wanted in a podcast and I need more like this!

Apr 11th

Evan Weinman

Why did a lot of the episodes get deleted on castbox?

Feb 25th

Maida Paxton

IDK if I could have finished the prequels or Elizabethtown or how do you know without Griffin and Ben and David. thanks for the memories.

Feb 20th

Adam Duckro

Did you seriously just say that you don't like The Emperor because he's a one dimensional character? 😂 Seriously? 😐 Isn't that kind of the point?

Dec 25th
Reply (1)

Andrew Skull

You guys are clueless as to the problems with ROS and TLJ, that started with TFA. I don't care who Rey's parents/grandfather is, no way should she be able to wipe the floor with Kylo only hours (minutes???) after picking up a lightsaber. And before you call me a toxic misogynistic male nazi, I would have the same exact problem if it was a male character. The whole Disney Trilogy is a nightmare, that was pushed out like a breach baby 3 months before the due date. It's a shameless cash grab. KK was in charge of this mess, and she should be held accountable for it.

Dec 23rd

Matthew Campbell

"Here is Mudkip, to be clear."

Oct 27th
Reply (1)

Luis Castro

finally !!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

Oct 14th

Bryan Leggett

beecher wasn't a neo nazi that was schillinger the jk Simmons character. beecher was taped by him and later fell in love with the Christopher meloni character

Aug 7th
Reply (1)

Anne-Marie Klein

the Lion King episode had me rolling 😂😂😂

Jul 22nd
Reply (1)

Aidan T McKenna

Hey guys! I've been listening to your show ever since Tim Burton (my fave, sorry David) and I've gone back and listened to several other miniseries as well. In your Epsiode on The Keep, you went in depth about The Twilight Zone. my favorite TV program of all time, personally I believe it is the greatest collection of short-term story-telling of the 20th century. I think it would be really cool if you guys did a miniseries just about the Twilight Zone. Not every episode persay, but highlights and details about the writing and the life of Rod Serling and all that. whether you do this or not, I love this podcast and I'm looking foward to hearing more. thanks!! Aidan

Jun 10th

Geo wise

This movie is virtually unwatchable.

May 10th

Kevin White

They did not introduce prodoer Ben

Feb 26th

Julianne Hannes

You NEED to let your female guests give their perspective rather than interupt them and tell them your interpretation of what the female perspective is. Let your female guests talk and finish their opinions without cutting them off mid sentence.

Jan 28th
Reply (1)

Esa Esa

D I'd like to

Jan 5th

Julianne Hannes

Please have We Hate Movies guest please please please especially when you do Wes Craven

Nov 25th
Reply (1)

Mateus Carvalho

these guys are the best you should listen to them because they are so funny and know a lot about what they are talking about. I'm not just saying that

Nov 5th

John Tarpley

Griffin and David? Are they children?

Oct 11th
Reply (2)

Nik McRae

So... This podcast is pretty terrible. These guys aren't funny at all, but they do have some knowledge on the films. Just hard to listen to

Oct 10th

CJ Sanders

is it ok make a million dollars talking about how you turned down a million dollars?

Oct 2nd
Reply (1)
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