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The BBU Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches purposeful women how to be uncompromising in their faith, business, and total life success with God as the CEO. Get ready to be empowered, emboldened, and receive divine strategy to fulfill God’s plan for your life and business. 

Your host + sister in Christ and success, Tatum Temia Ayomike, is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive producer, author and devoted Christian who has committed her life to help women bridge the gap between faith and business. Her impact as the CEO of Anchored Media includes a global reach of millions of listeners across 75+ produced podcast shows in just 2 years. Through her personal brand, Tatum has cultivated a community of businesswomen who give God full authority to use their business as a vessel for the Kingdom. Using the word of God as her platform, Tatum's prayer journal and published books offer instrumental guidance to ‘boss up’ in any entrepreneurial venture. Tatum has been featured in several magazines and publications and has been named as a Top 30 under 30 in the Washington, DC area.
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About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about fixing your thoughts and actions and provides practical strategies to do so. Key Points: Point 1: A strategy to fix your thoughts is to get off social media (15:24). Point 2: Create a schedule that fits what your striving for (23:23). Point 3: Do a SWOT analysis on your business (32:11). Our Sponsors: This episode is sponsored by Skillshare This episode is sponsored by Ana Luisa:
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum discusses the importance of not getting so overly-obsessed over our financial goals in business that we make an idol out of reaching a number and miss out on the necessary polishing and pruning process. Key Points: Point 1: What do you want people to thank you for, and are you willing to go through the process necessary to become that polished version of yourself (7:00)? Point 2: Pay attention to the process because the polishing is in the process (18:37). Point 3: The money will come (25:22). Church Announcements:  SALE ALERT: The Profitable Podcast Course is on sale for over 20% off!! Use code HAPPYBIRTHDAY at
We know that faith without works is dead, but in order for you to have faith, you have to have TRUST and that's what this bonus episode is all about.  Watch the video version: Download the God's Track Record Spreadsheet: Tell us what you think of the bonus episode, tag us on IG @blessedandbossedup
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum has a candid discussion about the emotions and frustrations that can come with pioneering and executing something where we can’t go to another human to receive the blueprint. Key Points: Point 1: We’re going to have to go through the thing that we are called to help people overcome (20:37). Point 2: It’s important to be present even in the most painful situations (21:34). Point 3: If we’re in the will of God, we can handle it (22:08). Point 4: While you might not have a model to look to being that you’re a pioneer, think about the people coming after you who you will serve as a model for (22:54). Point 5: We have to stop looking for boxes that we weren’t created to fit into in the first place (26:47). Point 6: We’re not up against time, we’re up against our faith. It’s just a matter of perspective (31:03).
Do you find yourself dealing with shame and heavy guilt about the things you've done in your past? Or are you putting yourself down because you want to do better, but have some habits that you keep going back to? Listen to this bonus episode as Tatum answers an important question about shame.  Tell us what you think by tagging us on Instagram @blessedandbossedup
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum expresses how God has been highlighting how many of us have been feeling off and facing heavy spiritual warfare. Therefore, she dedicated this episode for a specific and strategic prayer to cancel the plans of the enemy. My Amazon Store:
In this bonus episode, Tatum grabs the audio from one of her Youtube videos to bring to the podcast her scariest leap of faith. Is God calling you to do something crazy? Something that doesn't make sense? Take a listen and allow her faith (&the results of it) to increase yours.  Watch the video version: Tell us what you think by tagging us on IG: @blessedandbossedup
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum has a candid talk about the lessons she has been learning throughout the recent transitions in her life. She shares key takeaways after being faced with numerous attacks and adversity from different angles, causing Tatum to press in and learn valuable lessons that could have potentially been detrimental to her business. Key Points: Point 1: Beware of the enemies in your camp (7:29). Point 2: In your struggle, there is a strategy present, but you have to intentionally look for it (20:25). Point 3: There is a short window of time where you can either accept or reject the lies the enemy speaks to you (26:47). Point 4: If only you and God get it, that’s okay (33:02).
213: Pray this ASAP

213: Pray this ASAP


About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about being used for your intended purpose. She shares transparent and personal experiences of uncomfortable, yet ultimately extraordinary fruitful seasons of being molded by God to fit the ultimate purpose He had for her in her business and beyond. Key Points: Point 1: God takes what He created in the first place and molds it to be used for its intended purpose (8:12). Point 2: Pray and ask God, “How do I use what you’ve given me for its intended purpose? (9:22)" Point 3: Be ready to go through a season of dismantling (14:53). Church Announcements:  Sponsored x Skillshare:
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about the missing piece to your next-level living. Time Stamps: 4:58: The missing piece to our next level of living is revelation. 5:41: Revelation is so important because it provides a level of specificity that we can’t get anywhere else. 8:00: A part of making sure we are utilizing revelation is by divorcing ourselves from any expectations on how God is going to reveal things to us. 15:22: How can God use us to do something that’s never been done before if we keep looking for everyone else to teach us other than the One who knows how everything is going to pan out from beginning to end? 21:43: Revelation prepares us for what God has for us. 32:27: Don’t skip the basics. 35:55: Create a controlled environment where only the Holy Spirit has access. 39:01: Keep a record of revelations.
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about how to operate in your authority consistently. Time Stamps: 7:49: We have authority, we need to exercise our authority, but we can’t ever forget who the source of our authority is. 9:56: Have an offensive and not defensive prayer life. 15:25: The war is happening whether we are participating or not. 17:54: We must safeguard our surrender. 23:35: Whether it’s in person or digitally, we must separate ourselves from people, places, and things that distort biblical principles. 27:08: We can also safeguard our surrender by having tunnel vision. 31:25: We must know and identify the symptoms of being out of alignment.   Church Announcements:  SHOP GOD is my CEO!
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about having an uncompromising year. Time Stamps: 9:18: Now is not the time to fold or settle for anything less than God’s best. 13:17: We must be uncompromising in our pursuit of God’s plan. 14:10: We must be uncompromising in our authority. 14:55: Our authority comes from God, so us minimizing our authority is us minimizing Him who is at work within us. 15:28: Luke 10:19 15:43: Matthew 18:18-20 16:14: We can decree a thing, and it be established. 24:28: Some strongholds are created by us agreeing with things contrary to the word of God. 24:36: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 27:05: The way to fully know and understand our authority is by studying the word of God. 27:55: We must be uncompromising in doing business God’s way. Building businesses on biblical principles works. 28:33: Matthew 19:27-28 31:11: God will never allow us to give up anything that He will not give back to us ten fold. Church Announcements:  Our GOD IS MY CEO Merch drops 1/8/2021!!  Sponsored x Skillshare:
In this episode, Tatum speaks about her current mandate to go from Entrepreneur to Executive. If you are looking to operate at a new level in 2021, this is a must-listen! Time Stamps: 10:44-Tatum explains the difference between an Entrepreneur and an Executive. 20:05-Tatum discusses the Proverbs 31 woman having systems for every area of her life. 24:09-Tatum talks about the importance of getting up early and planning the day ahead of time.(Proverbs 31:15) 30:23- Tatum discusses how the Proverbs 31 woman makes sure that things are completed, and that her dealings are profitable. (Proverbs 31:18) 36:33 — Tatum elaborates about the importance of having a  clear vision. 39:29- Tatum explains why it is important to show up every day as a woman who is worth more than rubies.(Proverbs 31:22) 45:37- Tatum discusses the importance of kindness and how healing allows you to grow into a Proverbs 31 woman. (Proverbs 31:25-26) Resources mentioned in this episode: The 7 Spheres of Influence: The Courtney Sanders Show:
Sponsored by Skillshare: About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum explains 3 essentials for success in 2021. Time Stamps: 6:22: Declutter your mind. 17:04: We can’t let our ambition and commitment to growth leave us in bondage. 25:56: Don’t get married to the method in which we think will get us to the level of success we desire. Leave room for God. 26:57: We can’t say, “God use me,” and then pick and choose when or how. 36:36: Make sure to focus on prioritizing instead of balance.
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about how to create a marketing plan that never misses  Time Stamps: 4:40: If you are a service-based business, incorporate e-commerce into your New Year strategy. 6:06: Make sure you have an advertising budget in your marketing plan. 11:45: Collaborate with other brands. 13:45: See value where you are. 15:15: Cause marketing is greater than lifestyle marketing. 22:13: Strategy increases sales, not hacks. 26:47: How to re-strategize when your marketing efforts aren’t working 38:24: Podcast marketing advice when you’re just getting started
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about how to create a marketing plan that never misses  Time Stamps: 6:47: Key words are king. 12:04: Don’t focus so much on how to sell that you miss prioritizing how your content will stand out in the current e-commerce influx. 13:28: Make sure you are positioned to be found.  13:48: Your marketing plan needs to include collecting and analyzing data. 23:11: Knowledge on content to produce comes from data. 29:04: Don’t sell dreams, sell results. 37:43: The more personal and specific you are in your marketing efforts, the better. 41:07: Video still reigns supreme. Church Announcements:  The Profitable Podcast x Anchored Media presents...The Planner: To learn more about Cosmopolitan Creative Group + sign up for a free consultation:
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum shares helpful wisdom for those who are stuck and confused about their purpose. Time Stamps: 8:00: Tatum talks about new seasons in your relationship with God. 13:30: We have to allow our current seasons to unfold instead of rushing them. How we handle our season now is how we strengthen our spiritual muscles for the seasons that are coming. 28:29: As long as you are persevering in God’s plan, you are in your purpose. 31:10: We couldn’t handle the trials of this season without the tools we learned from the last one. Church Announcements:  Visit to learn more about the Profitable Podcast course and get it for $99! Use offer code BLACKFRIDAY To sign up for your free trial of The Society:
About this episode:  In this week’s episode, Tatum shares helpful wisdom for those who are stuck and confused about their purpose. Time Stamps: 26:40: What keeps many of us stuck when it comes to pursuing purpose is positioning ourselves under people, places, and things that are inspired by the Word of God but not transformed by the Word of God. 28:41: 2 Timothy 3:5-7 (NLT) 31:55: The only way to not fall into being influenced by people who are not transformed by the Word is to get into the Word for ourselves. 36:32: A lot of us try to skip the basics to get to the blessing, and that’s why we’re frustrated. 41:38: Many of us tend to make purpose extremely selfish when it’s actually not about us; it’s about God. 45:06: Our purpose is to serve God, and it is through serving and obedience where God will take you on a journey through His plan for your life.
Comments (17)

Tripoli Hall

This prayer is so powerful. I couldn't finish listening to it before I had to send it to my three children... speak life, not death in our lives. Reminding ourselves who we are and whose we are.. Amen.

Feb 16th

Bulane M

sheesh!😭🙏Won't He do it. May God continue to use you in unimaginable ways❤

Feb 11th



May 8th

Rose Njoroge

I just subscribed and I can't get off your podcast. Thank you for your obedience to God. What's your Instagram handle?

Jan 11th

Deborah Kwilirani

cant wait to listen , heard about you from @lovemichelleAna

Dec 14th

Joy crudup

That change of perspective is key... My Pastor, Danny Sutton, during his sermon Sunday, touched on how when we pray we have to change our request... instead of asking God for sight to see our vision (because He created us with all that we need) we ought to ask Him to update our prescription so that our vision becomes clearer...

Sep 18th

Joy crudup

I listen to this podcast every week, I love it, I get so much from you each week, Thank you for your obedience and allowing God to use you as a vessel.. I was told to remind you that God will use the least of a group to make the biggest change...

Aug 29th
Reply (1)

Joy crudup

Omg!!! I just had a conversation and my Pastor just preached about lack of faith making you sick and anxious

Aug 29th
Reply (1)


I'm almost in tears just listening to this.

Jul 23rd

Angelique Janey

I needed to hear this. Thank you so much! I have been looking for ways to show that God is my CEO & I'm glad I found this podcast

Jul 16th

Sandina Joseph

Amazing podcast. Definitely put some things I have been desiring in my walk with Christ, into perspective. Thank you for sharing!

Jul 11th

Rosella Richardson

ladies, this podcast is so inspiring. Keep doing what you do. Yasssss!

Feb 7th

Rosella Richardson

Hello ladies, I just started listening to your podcast and I LOVE it. I'm not a millineal, but this is still relevant and speaks to my heart. I'm on my journey to entrepreneurship by starting over. Keep up the positive conversations and thank you!

Feb 2nd


Binging on this podcast. I looooove it so far. I need 6 hours of sleep in order to be proactive throughout the day. Working on my career on my 9-5 is something I'm guilty of as well.

Jan 31st

Tahlia Gray

the articles on NY Times and WSJ gives so much more info and I understand his low key snarky remarks. The lawsuits associated with Nasty Gal for trademark infringement. it's so interesting. thanks for this. it helped when reading more into this company and where they "failed". to gain more takeaways.

Dec 26th
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