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Come visit the farm with Blind Hog and Acorn and hear stories about life on the farm, livestock, cooking, gardening and living in the Ozarks. In the middle of freakin' nowhere...
39 Episodes
The Polar Vortex is winding down, cold air receding and temps actually creeping above freezing. Hot Damn!Blind Hog and Acorn have continued to soldier on- feeding the livestock, waiting for baby goats- expected and unexpected.Fortunate for running water and electricity, however plans are in the works for "yet more farm improvements..." There is always room to make things run better, smoother, and to be prepared for outages of one sort or another.Good news about the increased temperatures is that trees were tapped today for syrup, and Acorn saw sap collecting in the jugs!  Amazing!  Boiling it down will only yield a few ounces, but OH!  What a treat it will be!
The polar vortex is upon the farm.  Single digit highs, minus "whatevers"at night.  And snow...  And gusting north winds...   And yes, dairy kids being born!Blind Hog and Acorn have been trying their best to deal with electrical resistance, amperage, wattage calculations. Working on electric lines from the house to the dairy barn, at midnight, in the 5F cold is a great way to kick off Valentine's Day...Good news is that (knock wood) they have everything under control.  (knock wood louder...)Acorn baked more brownies.  Why the hell not? Calories are being burned and two farmers need refueling!Verdandi had twin bucklings, both weighing in over 10lbs each- which is pretty darn  impressive.  They need that size to help them get through the cold in the dairy barn.  Acorn made Verdandi an insulated "goat fort."  Verdandi is pleased.Intrepid farmers will be tapping walnut trees by the end of the week- black walnut syrup is the goal. Spiles and tubing purchased, just need a day above freezing to drill the trees.Check out the website for pictures from this episode!
Oy!  Blind Hog and Acorn have readied the farm for the upcoming hard, deep freeze. One day might have highs in the single digits and lows?  Minus whatever...  Been there, done that- they know what they need to do.  Of course, the dairy goats might go into labor next week when the vortex settles in- let's hope not!Blind Hog has been Mr Electrician, wiring in the new receptacles for the welder and plasma cutter.  Acorn has been busy doing other stuffs, including kidding pen set-up and freeze-proof watering for the geese, chickens, goats and cows.  All is ready!Zucchini bread is in the oven as we speak- picture and recipe to be on the website.BTW- Acorn fixed the microphone issue from last week, just a matter of the input source being changed after the computer did a system upgrade- back to the desired settings!
Blind Hog and Acorn have been busy- doing this and that...  Hay out for the herds, unpacking stuffs from 15-20 years ago, going through old papers, rewiring the shops for the new welder and plasma cutter, taking down old light fixtures and putting in LED flood bulbs. Going in a gazillion different directions, but slowly but surely, things are being accomplished.  Acorn is ready to get welding!Of course, it has been raining. Flood or drought. Welcome to the Ozarks.Acorn made Blind Hog some "special" ice cream.  If you have a counter-top ice cream maker, you already know how easy it is but perhaps you need to bring it out and give it a go.  Half and half, a bit of sugar, cookie crumbs and a splash of brandy.  Need I say more?  Recipe will be posted on the website.Sam interrupted the recording to get his supper.  He can be hard to ignore when he has food on his mind. For some reason the microphones were super sensitive- had to really turn down the gain today.  Will give that a check later on.  Most peculiar...
Blind Hog and Acorn took their show to the road, literally, as they recorded the podcast while driving to the big city.  They had their sights set on a portable air compressor that would be big enough to use with the new plasma cutter, and Lowe's JUST happened to have one 45% off, PLUS and additional 10% off with military discount. SWEET!Yup,  the farmers purchased a new wire feed welder that uses flux core wire, no cover gas needed, so they can both begin welding all kinds of project and new works of art.  The plasma cutter is not just a toy (says Acorn) but a much needed farm accessory.Anyway, Blind Hog will have to wire up a couple new receptacle boxes and run a 30A breaker in the box, do the same down in the rock shop. Exciting times.Blind Hog also recommended the Chocolate Gooey Cake for the recipe of the week.  It is pretty darn tasty.Chores are done, hay is out.  Tune in and find out about the art project Acorn has in mind.  Something inspired by Jim Dine.
Winter chores mean feeding hay, bringing in firewood and baking yummy treats.  How about some Icelandic gingersnaps and a big batch of elderberry fire cider?And that rooster we processed?  3 meals and 7 pints of chicken stock. All from one bird.  Excellent!Check out the website for more details and links to the recipes.
Blind Hog and Acorn have enough to do on the farm.  Selling some goats, whipping up dogfood for Sam and blueberry-pumpkin muffins for the farmers- the recipe of the week.Ozarks geology means goats must have selenium booster shots to avoid white muscle disease. Vaccinated half the adults, the other 24 will be done soon as I prefer 4-6 weeks before kidding.Fixed the washing machine- replaced the drain hose and drain pump.  YouTube videos to the rescue. $65 in parts, but 4 hrs in very deliberate labor.  Removing rusted screws took up most of the time.Winner winner chicken dinner- need to butcher a rooster tomorrow. Good eating to follow later in the week! But Acorn, how do you butcher a chicken?  Listen and find out!  No- I don't do that "running around with the head off thing..."
Blind Hog and the Acorn had a very nice holiday: usual farm chores, goats getting stuck in things, machinery to be fixed, hay to be set out. You know, all the typical things that go on regardless of holidays...Acorn has some new plans for Season 2 of Blind Hog and Acorn.  Dare we mention the m-word?  (merch!)Starting a new feature of weekly recipes from SteelMeadow Farm.  This week's installment are Farmhouse Brownies- they are freakin' easy and so gooooood. You can find the recipe link on the website post for the episode, which will take you to the farm's website:
Just a little farming done this week, as in Bonehead is still alive and doing much better, but also art and telescope magic.Blind Hog has a commission for a wall sculpture.  He has a lovely piece that he is cutting in half, making a free standing sculpture into a wall mounted piece.  So far, so good.  The saw blade was awesome. Cut the stainless steel plate like butter.Acorn is going out at sunset to view the planetary conjunction.  Jupiter with its moons and Saturn with its rings.  Such fun.  Too bad it is cold out there!  A couple more nights and the two planets will be practically 1 degree of separation apart!Blind Hog and Acorn are going to take a break next weekend- they will be back with a new episode January 3rd. Hopefully by then they will have more interesting things to talk about...
Blind Hog and Acorn enjoyed a lovely week of record high temperatures, got lots of outdoor chores done in the process.  Sticks and limbs picked up, auto mechanic skills honed, experiments in the kitchen with tepache and homemade dog food (score a loss and a win).Also, find out why you should never by chickens in the dark- you won't know what you paid for until the light of (the next) day... Ha!Acorn goes into detail about meningeal worms. Seems old Bonehead has contracted them. Bonehead is comfortable, eating up a storm, but her legs won't work as desired. Hopefully she will respond to the treatment.New recording equipment used for this episode- let us know if you can tell a difference, good or bad. Feedback from listeners is always welcomed!
Blind Hog and Acorn checked the Old Farmers' Almanac and today is the optimal day for weaning livestock, with the least amount of stress and fuss.It was also a most unusually nice afternoon, so it was hard to pass up an opportunity to sit in the sun for a bit.Turkey stock canned, experimental turkey pastrami a  success, calves separated, goats combined- does not sound like a busy week but you know what?  Even a couple farmers can have a nice slow week for a change! 
Thanksgiving has come and gone, Blind Hog and Acorn took advantage of some nice days to get YET MORE CHORES done.Wood got split, food got cooked, and we ate  ate ate.  Badger came and spent the night, said it was her ideal  Thanksgiving.  Nice and quiet, something we have in abundance here at SteelMeadow.Check out the pictures under "Episodes" on the website.
Another rainy Saturday, two in a row?  Crazy!  Just in time too as Blind Hog and Acorn finished off with the new ditch at the old goat barn.  Drain laid, gravel dumped and cross drive trench dug/piped/filled.  Done!  AND, water is officially draining out of the pipe.Blind Hog and Acorn went to the Big City and shopped as if they don't want to go back for a couple months- they might not want to!  Staples were purchased; pantry and larder are groaning.  All is good, especially in the mincemeat department...Acorn earned an advanced plumbing merit badge with the kitchen faucet- now to see if her skills extend to the clothes washer which is acting up.  At this writing, no more water was leaking onto the floor.Fun Fact- you never, ever want a skunk to spray your car.  The paint and finish will not recover...Pictures of the Great Corned Beef and Pastrami Experiment are on the website- just go to the Menu Tab for "Episodes"...
Blind Hog and Acorn had enough to keep them busy this week but today it is raining, so they get a bit of a break.Blind Hog had a birthday and will be eating cake all week long, hence the need for some vanilla ice cream.  Acorn has plans to add lavender flowers to it.  "Honey lavender vanilla"...Nothing super exciting this week.  Blind Hog is tired of picking up rocks, Acorn's guitar chords are improving (well, she thinks she is getting better...)Oh... The skunk.  How could we forget about the skunk???  Guess we did have a bit of excitement last night after all...
Blind Hog and Acorn have not stopped- cleaning out the pig barn, ditching a drainline on the old goat barn.  Blind Hog even had to use his dowsing rods to locate buried electric lines.Want to find out more?  Take a listen!  Sam will protect us from all kinds of intruders, even dried up snake skins...
Acorn has been busy cleaning the house after RAIN finally fell from the sky.  She also goes on a bit of a rant- wondering why folks just won't wear masks. So frustrating.Blind Hog has his work "cut out for him " (pun intended) as a dead tree fell across the driveway, and thus he will get another cord or two added to the winter's stash of firewood.There is a 505/50 chance of podcast next week- depends if we can avoid contracting the Covid as poll workers on election day, plus Blind Hog's birthday will be coming up.Sunset was beautiful this last night of October.  House is getting cleaned-0 with or without Sam's help, the bees are fed and the geese are happy.  As are we all.  See pictures under the EPISODES tab at
Today was the day to take the buck kids to market, our dairy buck also went to a new home where he will meet new Alpine dairy girls to call his own.  "Win-win,"  Acorn says.Blind Hog pulled out another old post from the old goat barn, he and Acorn will put in the last new post in there- hopefully that will do it for barn repairs for the year.Acorn has been cooking winter squash (aka pumpkin) and it appears on the menu 2-3x a day... Poor Blind Hog, he suffers so...   You can see how she prepares it on the website, https://www.blindhogandacorn.comWinter is approaching the farm.  Garden to be mulched over, new ginkgo trees to plant.  All the excitement!
Blind Hog and Acorn have a few minutes on the porch during strong winds.  It was a lovely day, just BLUSTERY!Garden is changing over from summer garden to winter garden, the old goat barn gets yet MORE repair work.Pi finally calved, a bit later than the rest.  Her heifer's name is Ram. There is a Bible story in there, brought to you by the Badger.Acorn has always wanted a dress form and found one, cheap!  Some taping, bracing, padding and voila!  Body Double! Blind Hog found a use for hurricane truss ties we have had for upteen years, ditto with the Acorn and her old thermal underwear...  "See, we knew they wuold come in handy!"
On this dark morning, Acorn begins the podcast and is joined by the Blind Hog, coffee in hand.  Has been a busy week doing barn repairs, and so much more to do.Mars makes a nice appearance.  Strawberries and raspberries also giving us a lovely red "end of the season"
Blind Hog and Acorn sit on the porch while Sam has his supper and discuss the past week's work.  Acorn is not sure how many goat kids are running about, and Blind Hog was reminded to check the almanac before digging- the phases of the moon specifically!Acorn also "virtually attended" a Podcasting Masterclass Workshop and learned some really cool things, some of which will help future Blind Hog and Acorn episodes #haveaplan.  Some times you cannot see the forest for the trees, and Acorn does want to stay focused.  Don't we all?
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