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Blinking Red - The Dan Rather Podcast

Author: Dan Rather

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Washington is in turmoil, the world is on edge and there are warning signs everywhere. All blinking red. Veteran journalist Dan Rather has seen it all. Rather became Facebook’s favorite newsman by bringing context and perspective to a turbulent news cycle. Now he continues to give a calming and rational voice to a world gone mad.
5 Episodes
Trump, race, and hate

Trump, race, and hate


In this episode, Dan goes back in time to the days of MLK and the progress made by President Lyndon Johnson in getting civil rights and immigration reform passed. But this is contrasted with the racism and divisiveness stoked by President Trump: Trump sees immigration as an invasion, when in fact it is a central part of American life that has made the country stronger throughout its history. Subscribe to the podcastMore from Dan by Lunatic Wolf, Michael Young, Aaron Windfield, and Simon Marcus.
Party and Partisanship

Party and Partisanship


In the fourth episode of Blinking Red, Dan Rather takes on the pressing issue of how partisan our politics appears today, and investigates some earlier examples throughout US history, starting with some of the firebrand speeches of Truman. Dan also reminds us of the powerful moves made by LBJ to put politics aside in enacting powerful civil rights legislation in the wake of Kennedy's assassination.Subscribe to the podcastMore from Dan by Lunatic Wolf, Michael Young, Aaron Windfield, and Simon Marcus.Podcast production and distribution by Pippa
Enemy of the people?

Enemy of the people?


In this third episode of Blinking Red, Dan Rather digs into the role of the press in US history, starting with the way the TV news media was carefully managed by Nixon, and through to the current debacle around "fake news" under President Trump. Subscribe to the podcastMore from Dan Ratherhttps://www.newsandguts.com by Lunatic Wolf, Michael Young, Aaron Windfield, and Simon Marcus.Podcast production and distribution by Pippa
In this second episode, Dan Rather recognizes some of the fear and confusion following President Trump's actions on the international stage. Calling out the relentless propaganda of the current administration for the bluster that it is, Dan reminds us to pay attention—to have the courage to stand up, and stand firm.Subscribe to the podcastMore from Dan by Lunatic Wolf, Michael Young, Aaron Windfield, and Simon Marcus.Podcast production and distribution by Pippa
A Finland Fiasco

A Finland Fiasco


The premiere episode of Dan Rather’s podcast couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. All signals are blinking red. The United States is under attack from a foreign power. Our president has a sworn duty to protect us against enemies foreign and domestic. Is he upholding that duty? This is a defining moment in our nation’s history.Subscribe to the podcastMore from Dan by Lunatic Wolf, Michael Young, and Simon Marcus.Podcast production and distribution by Pippa
Comments (22)


garbage can POS lied to me all my life, like I'm going to even let him do it now.

Dec 7th

Stacy McNeill

where did you go Dan

Nov 22nd

Diana Lynn Bailey Coker

yes thank you sidewalk sweeper Olympia Washington Ms Diana Lynn Bailey COKER

Oct 31st

Ric Kenney

This is a lovely program.

Sep 18th

Linda M Duncan

Thank you for this podcast!

Sep 8th

James Alexander

theres no proof of another power dictate election but we have proof of a past president selling nuke to an other country and pocket the money

Aug 19th
Reply (2)

Katherine Thomas

I am sad that journalism today is about sensationalism and not substance. Celebrity, drama driven drivel. THankyou for being a voice I can trust.

Aug 12th

Alex Mercedes

it hurt but this episode triggered an epiphany. DR says once upon a time we were all in this together. for the first time in my long life I realized that isn't true. it's not always fun to see the light but I prefer it to being blind. thank you.

Aug 10th


I have so much respect for what you do for us. I deeply appreciate the steady, level-headed spotlight your articles shine on what is really happening to us all. In a time when we can't believe in our own government to have our best interest, our country's best interest, and our democracy's best interest at heart, your work it is so much more important than I can express on my own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do!

Aug 7th

Duke of Bread

Much respect. Love what you do.

Aug 3rd


My mother and grandparents LOVED you. In my childhood, yours was the voice of authority. When you went to 60 Minutes, I was glad then, too. Now I'm relieved that I can hear you speaking to me seriously about this treacherous moment in history. And poetry! How we need art for renewal, Dan. Thank you. You are doing everything right. ❤️

Aug 3rd

Elke Mandrell

Really enjoying the podcast! Finally a perspective that encourages people to think for themselves and not follow party lines. Keep them coming!

Aug 2nd

Mr. T

5 thumbs down. No content. Surface info and editorial. A poem? Really. Stop being scared to inform. Give us a journalistic report, research based information that a professional with your credentials and resources is privy to. A complete disconnect to an audience who is looking for answers, not ambiguous wisdom.

Jul 30th
Reply (3)

Bobbie Brooks

I'm a newbie just catching on trying too I'm sure I'm going to learn the unknown and take in some knowledge of what's going on

Jul 26th

Melissa Olund

I can't wait to listen

Jul 25th


You rock—we need more podcasts like yours.

Jul 24th

Rob Perkins

I'm so glad you're here, Dan!

Jul 24th
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