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Here we host sessions with various founders, industry leaders, and developers on how the blockchain technology is going to change the world from what we know it today.
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This week we sit with Jon Wu and Joe Andrews from the Aztec team, to discuss Ethereum scaling problems, the case for privacy on blockchain and how Aztec network enables private access to dApps on Ethereum.
On this episode we talk about the journey of Tezos and building the Tezos ecosystem with its co-founder Arthur B
This week we speak to Rahul S., the CTO of Connext network, a protocol building primitives for blockchain interoperability. We discuss cross-chain bridges, multi-chain dapps and the UX challenges of current bridging solutions.
Our guest Ashwath BK, the VP of Delphi Digital research, talks about his team's fundamental research methodologies, his views on current DeFi business models and the future of the DeFi market.
This week, we sit with crypto OG Santiago Santos, punk #9159, angel and ex-investor at Parafi Capital. We discuss the 2022 market outlook for DeFi and P2E, the impact of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, learn about his early-stage investment frameworks and more.
A chat with Ivan Bjelajac, the CEO of MVP Workshop. His company is a blockchain solutions provider and venture incubator that played a big role in building some of the biggest names in the blockchain ecosystem, including Polygon and Celsius.
On this episode we sit with Emerson Li, the brand lead at BingX, a cryptocurrency exchange. We talk about the utility of social features in a trading environment and understand how copy trading works.
On this episode we speak with Tenderly CEO, Andrej Bencic to discuss how their product suite enables faster and efficient smart contract development. We also talk about the role of Dev tools in enabling the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem.
On this episode we speak to the brain behind Saito Network. A new type of layer 1 blockchain that reimagines blockchain economic incentives and consensus methods.
This week we sit down with Camila Russo the founder of Defiant media platform, and talk about the Infinite Machine: Movie project. Its a one of its kind NFT collection that will fund a live-action movie on the history of Ethereum Network.
We're here with Nick Avramov, the co-founder and CMO of Symbiosis Finance. We'd be talking about multi-chain transactions and how they can help shape the future of decentralised transactions. Further, we'd be discussing how Symbiosis Finance aims to solve real-world problems by providing liquidity between different blockchain protocols. Nick Avramov will also discuss the challenges they faced while building something that allows multi-chain swaps. Finally, we'd be ending with the question, where Symbiosis will be going in the future?
In the second episode of Blockshots, Luis Molina and Julian Molina, the brothers behind SuperAlgos will be joining us. We’re going to discuss everything about SuperAlgos, a platform that helps traders come together and build a safe ecosystem for traders. Further, we'd be discussing how they're going to monetize the open source trading bot software using the SA tokens. And we will discuss the primary goal SuperAlgos is trying to obtain by creating a community of traders.
Quicknode provides blockchain infrastructure services to industry leaders of the web3 world. They run a thousands of nodes across the world and helping build the web3 ecosystem. We talk about their story, company and vision for the blockchain industry.
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