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Glenn Loury invites guests from the worlds of academia, journalism and public affairs to share insights on economic, political and social issues.
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Why Michele thinks schools shouldn't have closed ... Are teachers’ unions bad for students? ... Glenn: Teachers are almost certainly not a high-risk group ... Is the school reopening fight about health concerns or politics? ... Maintaining student accountability in distance learning ...
Debating Charles Murray’s new book, Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class ... Amy: It is an undeniable fact that there are IQ differences between whites and blacks ... Do group IQ differences have a place in politics? ... Does public opinion about race influence elites? ... Amy: Bohemians belong on the margins of society ... The benefits of a meritocratic society ...
John on "a truly medieval moment" ... Why Glenn didn't sign the Harper's open letter ... Linguists petition against fellow linguist Steven Pinker ... Is this actually just about the economics of the collapsing media industry? ... Calling someone a racist vs. calling someone a witch ... John's harsh review of White Fragility ... Critiquing an open letter by 300 Princeton professors on anti-racism ...
John explains how the current national crisis came to be ... Is civic discourse dead? ... Glenn: We are sliding into a state where the basic preconditions of society are at question ... Is America going backwards on race? ... Glenn: "I feel like my side is losing, and I think it's a catastrophe" ... Can faith help bind up the nation's wounds? ...
John: White Fragility is "one of the worst books ever written" ... Debating how we should remember Woodrow Wilson ... Glenn: Our story is about more than just domination and oppression ... On being a dissident black academic ... Why John resigned from the board of the National Books Critics Circle ... Should John and Glenn fear defenestration by the mob? ...
David's memoir, A Life in History ... David: Political history is being ignored in the academy ... Defending the Western model ... Did the Vietnam War spark a turn away from Enlightenment values? ... The 1619 Project and the ideals of the founding ... The lament of the white male ... Why is college so expensive? ... Did the founders actually believe in universal values? ...
How Glenn and Carol first met ... Carol's 1993 book, Black Faces, Black Interests ... Would Stacey Abrams have won if she were pro-life? ... Carol's journey to Christianity ... Carol's prescient book on the new white nationalism ... Carol: "I have a lot of respect for Jared Taylor" ... Carol's harsh critique of identity politics on college campuses ... Are black conservatives winning, losing, or something else? ... Why Carol loves Donald Trump ...
Coleman's post-collegiate life (with a cameo from Glenn's wife) ... Reopening and the invisible cost of agreeing with Trump ... Thomas Sowell's thoughts on partisanship ... Glenn: Trump is "bumbling his way through" the tradeoffs of reopening ... Masks as a way of life ... Do racial disparities in Covid deaths demonstrate systemic bias? ...
John: George Floyd's murder was not an exclusively racial matter ... Glenn: "We're in the grip of hysteria" ... John: Apparently anti-racism trumps even medical science ... What it's like being a black contrarian right now ... Glenn: The real threat to black people is crime ... John argues that fixing problems with the cops has to be the first step ...
Was the pandemic lockdown overkill? ... How Michele transitioned her high school students to distance learning ... Michele: We changed the rules on our students ... The “herd mentality” opposing herd immunity ... Michele: “Teachers should be getting back to work” ...
Josh: This is a more dangerous moment than any I can remember ... Was George Floyd lynched? ... Glenn views police abuse as a universal problem and fears racialized backlash ... Josh worries about free and fair elections in November ... Glenn: Violence and looting must be denounced ... Glenn and Josh agree that Trump is not up to the task ... The price of order and the cost of chaos ...
The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis ... Is crime a moral failing? ... Glenn: "Black people in poor cities need the cops" ... The Central Park birder incident ... Meditating on the tears of Eddie Glaude ... Glenn decries Biden's racial pandering ... John: The problem is with cops and with guns, not racism ...
Amy wants to starve the higher ed beast ... Do Americans need affirmative action for graduate school? ... Glenn and Amy criticize undergraduate instruction ... Amy: "There's a certain degree of feminization that is going on as well" ... How should students be graded during the pandemic? ... Amy explains what we should and shouldn't be doing during the pandemic ... The Wuhan lab theory ...
Michael's new documentary, Created Equal: Justice Thomas in His Own Words ... Is some of the criticism of Thomas from the left racist? ... Why isn't he celebrated in the black community? ... Thomas's originalist view of the Constitution ... Thomas's wife Ginni, a conservative activist ... How Thomas's grandfather shaped his life ... The Anita Hill hearings and their legacy ... Why does Thomas rarely speak at oral argument? ...
Nikole Hannah-Jones wins a Pulitzer Prize for the 1619 Project ... Glenn: This is "a desperate struggle for dignity" in the face of black failure ... Self-hatred and patronization ... Glenn: A bubble that I thought would burst hasn't burst ... Biden's black agenda vs. Glenn's black agenda ... John: Black men need jobs ... Race and the picking of fruit ... Glenn: Don't teach children that their future is outside of their hands ...
Brandon explains what a coronavirus is ... Where the virus came from ... Evaluating the "laboratory escape" theory ... The path to an effective vaccine ... Brandon: We have not been alarmist about the pandemic ... Why a forecasting model can be way off but still correct ... Brandon: The federal government has underreacted from the start ... Brandon critiques the surgeon general's messages to African Americans ...
Jody describes what it's like inside his hospital ... How an outbreak in a prison could overwhelm the local hospital system ... Jody: "Most people don't need to be locked up, and don't need to be locked up for that long" ... What about all the murderers and rapists? ... Why Jody is not a prison abolitionist ... How Covid kills ...
How would the late Mark Kleiman have viewed the policy response to the pandemic? ... The democratic legitimacy of the administrative state ... Glenn: Policy experts can't determine human values ... Are the economic tradeoffs of shutdown too great? ... Harold: The costs of Covid are vivid in people's lives ... Did Trump unintentionally help tamp down civil unrest? ...
How Bob joined and eventually split with the civil rights movement ... Critiquing the government bureaucracy of the American welfare state ... Bob: Affirmative action has been exploited by middle-class blacks ... Black achievement during the century after the Civil War ... Glenn asks, "what is to be done?" ... Bob: "I don't have any choice but to be optimistic" ... Glenn: "Black people ought not to be taught to hate our country" ...
John on being at Covid ground zero in Queens ... The many racial disparities the pandemic has made plain ... But after the disparities are acknowledged, now what? ... Differences in life expectancy, health, and diet ... Does the pandemic make the case for universal healthcare? ... Racial discrimination by health care providers ...
Comments (13)

Sean Cody

Impeccably honest analysis of black lives matter. Essential listening.

Jun 8th

Gary Haase

"Penny ante bullshit" is a fantastic figure of speech.

Nov 14th
Reply (1)

The Heretic

I wish he would let her speak without the constant interruptions.

Aug 26th
Reply (1)

L.S. Mitchell

Awesome conversation.

Jul 11th

Thomas Bayer

Wow, half way thru this and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing your life Glenn! Also, the faith that the Bible asks of us in Hebrews 11:1 is based on reason and evidence. Unfortunately most religious teachers don't know hoe to empart that. Maybe because THEY don't have it?

Jul 7th

L.S. Mitchell

Around minute 12:54 Fortner briefly explains a problem with Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow.

Jun 25th

L.S. Mitchell

13 minutes and 50 seconds in and I just can't listen anymore.

Apr 10th

Colin M

thank you, just....thank you

Dec 15th

L.S. Mitchell

This is the most vague, frustrating, & perplexing podcast conversation I have heard from Glenn.

Sep 11th

Rosihan Hadi

john has jumped the shark

Aug 17th

The Heretic

I love this show but the sound quality is so bad.

Aug 4th
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