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Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, and Paul Sweeney have the economy and the markets "under surveillance" as they cover the latest in finance, economics and investment, and talk with the leading voices shaping the conversation around world markets.

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The coronavirus pandemic, and ensuing recession, has had an outsized impact on Generation Z. Young people have had their education disrupted, career plans upended and financial prospects diminished. Lisa Abramowicz brings us more in this Bloomberg Surveillance special report.
Mike Wilson, Morgan Stanley Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, sees a raging bull market below the surface. Tobias Adrian, IMF Director for Monetary and Capital Markets Department, says excessive risk-taking is a worry in the near term. Catherine Mann, Citi Global Chief Economist, says the U.S. economy may return to the pre-Covid level of GDP in second-quarter of 2021. Brian Kelly, The Points Guy CEO, discusses the future of travel in the Covid-19 era.
Jonathan Golub, Credit Suisse Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, expects next year to be another tech and growth year. Kathy Hochul, New York Lieutenant Governor, warns it will be a crisis situation if coronavirus numbers continue on their current path. Frederic Mishkin, Former Federal Reserve Governor and Columbia University Professor, says Janet Yellen is highly qualified to handle policy as the next U.S. Treasury Secretary amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Cass Sunstein, Harvard Law Professor, Author of "Too Much Information" and Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, makes sense of the political noise.
Carmen Reinhart, World Bank Chief Economist and Vincent Reinhart, Mellon Chief Economist look at how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the global economy and financial markets. Alan Ruskin, Deutsche Bank Chief International Strategist, discusses why he expects dollar-renminbi to take over as a dominant currency pair. Dr. Deborah Fuller, University of Washington School of Medicine Microbiology Professor, says at least 50-60% of the population will need to be vaccinated in order to stop this pandemic. David Rosenberg, Rosenberg Research Chief Economist & Strategist, sees a release of pent-up demand once a vaccine is broadly distributed.
Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Senior Fellow and member of Joe Biden's Presidential Transition Team, says delays in the transition process are coming at great cost to public health and the economy. Dr. David Reich, President of The Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Queens, says the second wave in New York is a less severe surge than the first wave. Anna Han, Wells Fargo Securities Equity Strategist, says there will be pedestrian growth in 2021 in the U.S. as equity volatility remains elevated. Torsten Slok, Apollo Management Chief Economist, says the dynamism of the U.S. economy is not being impacted despite facing Covid-19 headwinds.
Loretta Mester, Federal Reserve Bank Cleveland President, says she's concerned about the lack of fiscal policy. Patrick Foye, MTA Chairman & CEO, warns of drastic service cuts without aid from Washington. Dr. Jonathan Quick, The Rockefeller Foundation Managing Director for Pandemic Response, Preparedness, and Prevention, says the U.S. is on a grim pathway to over 400,000 coronavirus deaths by March. Nathan Sheets, PGIM Fixed Income Chief Economist & Head of Global Macroeconomic Research, sees a rocky road to recovery.
Gabriela Santos, JPMorgan Asset Management Global Market Strategist, says the stars are aligning for a broader set of emerging markets. Michael Kushma, Morgan Stanley Investment Management CIO of Global Fixed Income, says the Fed has been clear about its intentions to support the economy. Dean Curnutt, Macro Risk Advisors CEO, reminds investors to be prepared for the unexpected as 2020 nears its end. Franz-Werner Haas, CureVac CEO, says there will be enough capacity to vaccinate the world until the end of next year.
William Dudley, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist & Former New York Fed President, says it is very likely the Fed will extend its emergency loan programs. Mona Mahajan, Allianz Global Investors U.S. Investment Strategist, says bond rates will remain low throughout 2021. Tom Forte, D.A. Davidson Senior Research Analyst, says pharmacy is a trillion-dollar opportunity for Amazon. Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group & GZERO Media President, details challenges facing the new administration as President-elect Biden begins to navigate delicate U.S. foreign relations.
Ben Laidler, Tower Hudson Research CEO, sees growth in rebound in 2021. Dr. Robert Murphy, Northwestern University Professor of Infectious Diseases & Institute for Global Health Executive Director, says the effectiveness of the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer is way beyond expectations, but the pandemic may not be over for another year. Kathy Hochul, New York Lieutenant Governor, says it may be safer for children to be in schools and back out in their communities. Stephen Stanley, Amherst Pierpont Chief Economist, sees a significant slowdown in job growth over the next several months.
Julian Emanuel, BTIG Chief Equity & Derivatives Strategist, says markets are getting a reality check. James Bevan, CCLA Chief Investment Officer, says an effective Covid-19 vaccine will give global governments the confidence to increase fiscal stimulus measures. Dr. Peter Hotez, Baylor College of Medicine Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine, says 12 million Americans could receive a Covid-19 vaccine this upcoming January. Henrietta Treyz, Veda Partners Director of Economic Policy Research, says it is not remotely coincidental that China acknowledged Joe Biden as President-Elect just after President Trump's executive order against the country.
David Kelly, JPMorgan Asset Management Chief Global Strategist, maps out the road ahead for the markets and the economy. Dr. Albert Ko, Yale School of Medicine Department Chair & Professor of Epidemiology and of Medicine, says coronavirus cases in the U.S. have reached an exponential curve in terms of growth. Beata Kirr, Alliance Bernstein Co-Head of Investment Strategies, says growth stocks have led in an extraordinary way throughout the year of 2020. Retired Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, discusses the future of America's defense strategy.
Peter Tchir, Academy Securities Head of Macro Strategy, warns markets seem a little bit complacent amid surging coronavirus cases and legal challenges to the U.S. election outcome. Lawrence Gostin, Georgetown University Professor, says the Trump administration has given up on dealing with the coronavirus and are waiting for a vaccine. Alicia Levine, BNY Mellon Investment Management Chief Strategist, says growth stocks will carry the market into 2021 with the S&P 500 positioned to power even higher. David Rubenstein, Carlyle Group Co-Chairman and Co-Founder & Host of "The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations" discusses his interview with Wynton Marsalis, Jazz at Lincoln Center Managing and Artistic Director.
David Ricks, Eli Lilly Chairman & CEO, discusses the drugmaker’s Covid-19 antibody therapy that was granted emergency-use authorization in the U.S. Subadra Rajappa, Societe Generale Head of U.S. Rates Strategy, sees a departure from bonds into risky assets with a lot of cash on the sidelines that needs to be put to work. Kathy Hochul, New York Lieutenant Governor, says having a vaccine does not take the pressure off of further stimulus at all. Sam Stovall, CFRA Chief Investment Strategist, says Wall Street is looking beyond a coronavirus spike with vaccine developments appearing positive.
Matthew Hornbach, Morgan Stanley Global Head of Macro Strategy, says a vaccine has the power to really drive risk assets higher, credit spreads tighter, the equity market higher, emerging-market currencies stronger. Mercedes Carnethon, Northwestern University Professor of Preventive Medicine, discusses the possible effectiveness of the vaccine being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. Jaret Seiberg, Cowen Senior Policy Analyst, says the U.S. election presented a clear victory for the modern side of the Democratic Party. Daniel Alpert, Westwood Capital Managing Partner, says investors should keep an eye on aggregate demand.
This is a Bloomberg Special Report with Nathan Hager and Amy Morris Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States and offered himself to the nation as a leader who “seeks not to divide, but to unify" a country gripped by a historic pandemic and a confluence of economic and social turmoil. In this podcast, we examine the vote, the legal battle and the path ahead for White House policy. GUESTS: June Grasso Bloomberg Law Host Terry Haines Pangaea Policy Founder Gregory Giroux Bloomberg Government Reporter Emily Wilkins Bloomberg Government Reporter
This is a Bloomberg Daybreak Special Report with Nathan Hager, Amy Morris and Michael Barr. The votes are still being counted and legal challenges remain, but the path to the White House is there for Vice President Joe Biden. In this podcast, we examine the vote, the legal battle and the path ahead for White House policy. Plus, how the next steps could play out in the days and weeks leading up to December's Electoral College vote.
Lara Brown, George Washington University Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate School of Political Management, discusses leadership and the American presidency. Jeff Rosenberg, BlackRock Portfolio Manager of the Systematic Multi-Strategy Fund, says the economy is strengthening and stimulus is naturally occurring as the labor markets heal. Wendy Schiller, Brown University Chair of Political Science, says the Republican Party did well overall on election night and represent a stable alternative to what the Democratic Party has been offering. Julia Coronado, MacroPolicy Perspectives President and Founder, discusses the recovery dynamic of the labor market.
Mike Schumacher, Wells Fargo Securities Head of Macro Strategy, says a blue wave has been priced out of markets for the time being. Frederic Mishkin, Former Federal Reserve Governor, discusses the pressure facing the Fed as investors await the final outcome of the U.S. presidential election. Peter Hooper, Deutsche Bank Securities Global Head of Economic Research, says the latest jobless claims figures show the labor market is not improving further. Mary Barra, General Motors Chairman & CEO, says there is a strong and growing demand for trucks in the U.S.
Mark Schweiker, Former Pennsylvania Governor, says there is a consensus in Washington around a broad stimulus package post-election cycle. Christopher Harvey, Wells Fargo Securities Head of Equity Strategy, says the Senate race is most important because that is where fiscal stimulus and taxes come in to play. Jim Bianco, Bianco Research President, sees Treasury yields moving lower in the short term but expects higher yields going into mid-2021. Julie Norman, University College London Professor, says a Biden administration would bring a more stable and predictable foreign policy for the United States. Doug Kass, Seabreeze Partners President, discusses where he's investing in the wake of the election.
Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston, says there has been very little assistance from Washington through the pandemic in regards to PPE and preparing residents for the future. Stephanie Kelly, Aberdeen Standard Investments Senior Political Economist, says populism in Italy will be a key political risk to watch next year. Michael Zezas, Morgan Stanley Head of U.S. Policy Research & Municipal Strategist, discusses possible outcomes of the U.S. election. James Sweeney, Credit Suisse Chief Economist, says household cash flows and incomes will be restricted without new help from the government.
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Super Teacher

These people are not free to talk, so there's no real information in this podcast.

Jul 8th


Can’t you have better sound quality than this? I can hear people smacking and breathing while other talking . Phonecall sound quality is way too poor

Jun 13th

Joe Reed

Who edits this thing?

Aug 22nd
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Márcio Bertelli

Congratulations! Very good pod cast. Tks

Aug 6th
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That old dude that sounds like Dick Vitale, he really needs to stop cutting people off, really annoying, and he has no tact when doing it...

Feb 27th

Bill Slikkerveer

The exchange with Kudlow and the information proffered was by far the best from an economic advisor to the White House yet. Very informative. Attention WH ...put Kudlow out there more. He makes you look good.!!!

Jan 5th

Nabil Madbak


Dec 17th

Nabil Madbak


Dec 17th

Nabil Madbak


Dec 17th


Biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard

Apr 15th

Khaled Essghaier

what's with the cuts?

Jan 25th

iTunes User

I'll really miss this one. The content was great, but I'm not going to pay. Why couldn't they sprinkle 15-second ads through the podcast? It would be easier to listen to such an ad than to fast-forward 15 seconds. It's especially irrititating that I subscribe to XM, where I can hear this on Bloomberg Radio, but need to pay additional money for the podcast. Unsubscribe. Fail.

Aug 30th
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