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Author: Blowback

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A podcast about the American Empire.
27 Episodes
Guatemala: an origin story, inspiration, and cautionary tale just a few hundred miles from our main story. See for privacy information.
After the Kennedy assassination, US-Cuba diplomacy wanes and the embargo continues. To this day. Our story ends. See for privacy information.
S2 Episode 9 - "Cuba Libra"

S2 Episode 9 - "Cuba Libra"


Castro, Khrushchev, and Kennedy take tentative steps toward the path of peace post-Crisis. Cuban exile groups, and their CIA sponsors, are not pleased. See for privacy information.
The USA announces to the world there are missiles in Cuba. Fidel prepares for war. Khrushchev secretly haggles with Kennedy. Americans enjoy Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix. See for privacy information.
S2 Episode 7 - "Anadyr"

S2 Episode 7 - "Anadyr"


Fearing another American invasion — "the big one" — Soviet and Cuban leaders plot a secret response. Camelot never sees it coming. See for privacy information.
Smarting from failure at the Bay of Pigs, the White House sets in motion a new plan to thwart the Cuban Revolution: Operation Mongoose. See for privacy information.
The CIA and the Cuban exiles get their long-awaited shot at taking out Castro and the Revolution. The subsequent battle in Cuba sends shockwaves around the world. Also: The Blowback S2 official soundtrack is now out on Spotify, Apple, Bandcamp, and other major streaming services. See for privacy information.
JFK outmuscles Richard Nixon on Cuba and into the White House. The CIA begins training Cuban exiles in Central America for an invasion. And Fidel pays a visit to Harlem. See for privacy information.
S2 Episode 3 - "New Normal"

S2 Episode 3 - "New Normal"


The Cuban Revolution takes power and the counter-revolution begins. The U.S. government, organized crime, and Cuban exiles carry out a campaign of terrorism, assassination, sabotage and psy-ops to turn back the clock. See for privacy information.
S2 Episode 2 - "Lo Hicimos"

S2 Episode 2 - "Lo Hicimos"


A long short history of Cuba’s relationship with the United States, climaxing with the Cuban revolutionaries’ war to liberate the island from the dictator Batista and his backers in the United States. See for privacy information.
Welcome back. Brendan and Noah reveal this season’s subject, explore the USA’s unrelenting Cuba mania, and introduce the cast of characters. See for privacy information.
New episodes drop on April 19. See for privacy information.
Invading Iraq means never having to say you’re sorry. The end of Bush, the broken promise of Obama, and the rise of ISIS and Donald Trump. See for privacy information.
The empire strikes back. As Iraq deteriorates into civil war, the Bush administration taps a new man to lead a new American strategy. Which means saying goodbye to an old friend. See for privacy information.
The American public votes to give Bush another term, right before a big dose of buyers’ remorse. In Iraq, the new "democracy" struggles to get elections off the ground as the situation careens toward civil war. See for privacy information.
Somehow not expecting it, the Americans now face an insurgency problem, as both Sunni and Shi'a militants emerge to kick us out. War crimes and atrocities in Fallujah, Sadr City and Abu Ghraib fuel the flames of anti-American resistance. See for privacy information.
S1 Episode 6 - "Year Zero"

S1 Episode 6 - "Year Zero"


Welcome to the Green Zone, where America rules from Saddam’s old palace. The US occupation begins the destruction of Iraq, Rudy Giuliani almost becomes Viceroy, and Halliburton hunts and kills baby kittens. See for privacy information.
Author Naomi Klein joins us to discuss the American exploitation-fest in Iraq, her own experience coming up during the Bush years, the rehabilitation of the Bush administration, and its continuities with the Trump gang. See for privacy information.
The media episode, breaking down some of the journalistic fuck-ups and pundit idiocy that steered us toward war in Iraq. Featuring special guest Will Menaker. See for privacy information.
Brendan and Noah survey the underwhelming landscape of Iraq War cinema with special guest Matt Christman. They dissect both Hollywood's hits and flops — neither of which were very good — and recommend very few flicks worth watching. See for privacy information.
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Nare Chitturi

where can I find the rest of the episodes

May 9th
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Love this! When’s the new episode coming out?

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