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In this episode, Bob’nJoyce riff on ways to build resilience in the midst of significant workplace disruption. This includes everything from a major organizational overhaul to the sudden departure of a popular leader. The question is what practical steps can leaders and HR/OD practitioners do to ground employees and maintain business focus. Disruptive change paralyses an organization and its employees. The typical reaction is to avoid risk, hunker down, and keep concerns to yourself. Bob’nJoyce offer practical ideas that helps people and teams get unstuck by providing “islands of sanity,” where safe conversations promotes resilience and a sense of normal. Managing the chaos, without doubt, is one of the most critical roles that HR/OD people play so… Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob and Joyce take on the discomfort, sometimes embarrassment, of learning something new. There is a period where we often go backwards, stumble and fall when learning something new. The expectation of most people is that once the learning process begins, improvement quickly follows. When it doesn't go this way, disappointment and resignation often follows. As coaches, OD and HR practitioners, the question is, what do we do to encourage experimentation and failure as a normal part of the learning process? How do we level set this expectation with bosses who are impatient to see progress? We offer principles of learning that help answer these questions. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce speak to the importance and challenge of third-party facilitation. As HR/OD practitioners, we are often called upon to facilitate open and productive conversations between two parties. This is an important and often underappreciated role that we play. In this episode, you will get: What it looks like when done well The perils of not getting it right Skills necessary to be good at it Why this is one of the most courageous roles HR/OD plays Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce rift on creating a healthy work culture in a world where cynicism about institutions has become the norm. Many workers today are tired, bored, and disillusioned. Given this current reality, what can leaders and HR/OD practitioners to turn the ship around? Bob’nJoyce would offer those cosmetic solutions like flexible hours, ping pong tables, and pizza parties are nice but are not the answer. They discuss the roots of cynicism and then offer ideas and actions to consider. Here are some ideas they offer: Name what is happening correctly to understand the nuances behind the cynicism. Ask, "Is the current cynicism episodic (one time event/impact) or is chronic and pervasive?" The answer to this question will inform what to and what not to do. Ask employees the question, ‘What would create positive energy for your daily work.” You can also ask what is creating negative energy in your daily work. Resist the urge to act to “fix it” in a parental way. Involve employees to co-create solutions. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share OD principles that foster true collaborative workplaces where dignity and meaning prevail. They highlight an approach, STS (Socio Technical Systems), a collaborative change process introduced by Bernard Mohr some 30 years ago at a new Hannaford warehouse. A team of people doing the work (receivers, packers, selectors) partnered with leadership to transform their workplace with impressive results. As OD practitioners, we strive to foster workplaces that create a sustaining competitive advantage and positive work culture. In today’s podcast, Bob’nJoyce rift on the valuable lessons they’ve learned about leading workplace transformations that stick. These lessons may inform what leaders can do post pandemic to transform their workplaces. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share ideas on facilitating powerful conversations when differences exist in the room (BTW, differences always exist). As OD practitioners, we are all familiar with the setting of norms for teams to engage in respectful, bold dialogue. Today, Joyce reaches into her treasure trove of practical guidelines to facilitate real and productive conversations. While these ideas can be used in the context of DEI conversations, they apply universally to any topic or situation. These guidelines are effective at helping: • A new team hit the ground running. • A cross functional group working on a thorny problem. • A group that comes together from diverse cultures and/or countries. • A team where there are strong conflicting beliefs or opinions. So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce, explore leadership expectations through the lenses of their people. Joyce shares from a paper she recently wrote on what people want and expect from their boss. These are universal and timeless truths that serves as a litmus test for leadership effectiveness. In the spirit of the new year and renewal, we challenge you to rate yourself, and commit to one area to improve upon. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In the spirit of the new year, Bob’nJoyce share a process that creates rigorous accountability for top leaders. This is based on a process that Joyce created with a senior team to set intentions for organizational and personal wellness and success. It takes courage for a senior team to take a stand for what they are willing to be measured by and measure their peers by. Are you ready to take this challenge in 2024? It’s a new year and a good time to reevaluate the qualities expected of you and your team. In this podcast, you will get simple instructions on how to make this happen. Happy New Year! Get out there and make some ‘good trouble’ in 2024. Com on in. Grab a healthy snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce challenge the tendency to walk on eggshells when celebrating holiday traditions in the workplace. Too often, people and organization tamp down celebrating a holiday tradition to not offend. In the name of fairness, companies put restrictions on holiday celebrations that stifles inclusiveness and learning. We encourage companies to let er rip and allow employees to openly celebrate their traditions. All of that being said, we struggled with the discomfort of this topic and indeed found ourselves walking on eggshells. Come join us as we lean into our discomfort. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce make the case for rituals in a world in flux and disarray. Rituals helps us find meaning, comfort, and continuity whether it be a holiday tradition or troubled times. Rituals ground us (the cranberry ice) helping to pave the way forward. The tricky part rituals is to: Let go of what’s not working or no longer relevant, Keep what’s valued (the cranberry ice), Make new ritual, and Consciously choose which rituals to keep, discard, or create. Speaking of rituals - Come on in. Grab your cranberry ice. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce revisit last week’s conversation on the power and perils of being fully present. Here we unpack some afterthoughts that we felt is important to share. It is a quick conversation so be in the here and now and on the edge of your seat. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce riff on the importance of immersing oneself in the present–the here and now. They discuss the discipline of getting real, its benefits, and at times, its awkwardness. Our brains are good at drifting and being distracted by what has happened or will happen. Being 100% in the here and now is ironically not where our minds spend much time. This is an experiential exercise where Bob’nJoyce practice the art of being in the here and now. Please join our intimate, uncomfortable, and wonderful conversation. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’Joyce discuss the recurring theme of issues women confront at work. Joyce shares what she confronted early in her career and how things have changed for the better. There remain challenges that male colleagues don’t have to deal with and that is where we go today. Some of the lessons Joyce shared to navigate as a woman at work: Having an older brother who picked on you helps. A strong voice and spunk are required attributes. Snorting around to gain influence. Using humor and being naughty to make a point. Joyce gets fired up and is a bit naughty, so… Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce unravel the merits and drawbacks of a hybrid workplace. Many companies are finding a middle ground that allows for both in-person and work from home. A recent HR Magazine article suggests that compromise work solutions are a wise choice that meets both business and employee needs. Some of our insights include: The art of co-designing can be messy. The debate/dialogue about hybrid workplaces takes finesse to be successful. The factors in a good decision or design are the: * needs of the business as the first element to protect * tailor made solutions for maximum flexibility for associates * guide to decisions of overall values and policy that combines business and people considerations * legal considerations and best practices Like it or not, we are in a new era in which what, where, and how a workplace is designed is all experimental. So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce discuss the challenge of good decision making. They offer a structured process to assess alternatives when making decisions. While they look at this topic from an HR/OD perspective, choosing wisely is foundational to being a good leader. Areas they explore include: * Hiring right * The fallout of good and bad decisions * When fairness hurts the business case * Where policy and legal considerations factor in * Using your gut and taking time to choose wisely So make a good decision and… Come on in. Grab a healthy snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce, explore the learning moments when cross company cultures clash. We share helpful exercises that deepen connections and appreciation for cultural differences. Not only do these exercises soothe the irritation but more importantly, taps the strengths from each culture. Areas we explore include: Managing the unique conflict styles of different cultures Making a meal a learning moment The power of powerful questions A process for turning irritation into appreciation Joyce gets on a roll so… Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this week’s episode, Bob’nJoyce riff on a number of topics that enhance individual and organizational success. They follow their inspirations and irritations and offer advice on making the workplace safer and more high performing. What to Expect: * Revisiting imposter syndrome and what to do to mitigate its harmful effects. * How fear in a system impacts employees and organizational success. * Using workspace design to build community and collaboration. * Creating flexible work structures and people systems to meet the demands of an organization. We covered a lot so… Come on it. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce talk candidly about their work and why it matters so much to them. The world is one big mess where world order and institutions are crumbling, and uncertainty and dissatisfaction abound. Bob and Joyce are passionate and committed to supporting the world’s change agents and difference makers. Our goal is to create an oasis of sanity for the brave OD and HR people on the front lines. Come join us as we share our passion for this work, and you, our listeners.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce explore the latest McKinsey work where they categorize employees based on work performance and engagement. In a world where quiet quitting and mass resignations are commonplace, Mckinsey’s work is both timely and important. What to Expect: ✨ Explore the 6 categories ✨ How to create a culture of high performance ✨ Examples of what leaders/organizations can do to get the most from employees ✨ Factors that move the needle on engagement This is a great opportunity to check out how your department or organization is doing keeping employees engaged and firmly, ‘In the saddle.” Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce continue their exploration about what it takes to become a learning culture. Many organizations get stuck or bogged down because they are unable to adapt and change to remain relevant in the marketplace. Get paper and pen in hand for this episode as Joyce shares the conditions and practices to promote a learning culture. There’s really good ‘stuff’ here which is why we did it over two episodes. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
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