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Author: Bob Stapleton and Joyce Wilson-Sanford

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The Bob 'n Joyce Talk HR 'n OD podcast, hosted by Bob Stapleton and Joyce Wilson-Sanford, is for Human Resources and Organizational Development change-makers committed to bold work in an era that calls for the skills, values and partnership of these two disciplines. Bob and Joyce are former HR and OD C-suite executives who share their successes, failures, and hacks. They believe that it's an exciting time for this work and give specifics around acquisitions, policy nightmares, and grand moments. This podcast is to support your work and to take a moment to step away from the daily chaos. Come on in, grab a snack, and welcome!
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Eric Watson is an expert helping organizations become more diverse, inclusive and equal. Eric offers his perspective on where we have been and have evolved in DEI work. Eric reflected on diversity training in organizations since the death of George Floyd. He also touched on the following topics: What is working and what may be causing more harm than good in the DEI space. How diversity work has changed over the last 20 years? What DEI interventions have stood the test of time? What is the best way to “measure” DEI progress in an organization? What every new DEI practitioner should know getting started in this work. Note from Joyce: I am in Mexico to sell a house I hate to sell. Sometimes prudence sucks. And I have a fever I'm having checked out today. I did not miss our time together for those reasons. Time differences throw me. I missed the meeting. Coming from food retail, I would not miss a meeting. Food retailers show up.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share thoughts on organizational downsizing, and getting it right. Downsizing is a natural phenomenon that no long stigmatizes the company or impacted employees. What hasn’t changed is the need to do it right. In this episode, we addressed: 1 - Why downsizing is here to stay. 2 - The foundational principles of doing downsizing right. 3 - Shifting from a protective paternal approach to empowering employees 4 - How to manage the mirky middle where what was, no longer exist, and what is to be, has yet to emerge. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
Are companies doing enough to make their organizations more diverse, inclusive, and equal? In this Episode, Bob’nJoyce discuss why many diversity initiatives miss the mark. We will explore: • Why discussing this is difficult for us? • Why DEI initiatives are more about change (action), and less about training? • What is needed in the person leading Diversity? • What role does a CEO/leader play in DEI work? • How do you manage resistance in a one-up, one down world? Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Joyce shares a white paper, “Principles of Management” that she authored some thirty years ago. How have the things a good boss does stood the test of time? Here’s a teaser on some principles we discussed: • Never embarrass or humiliate anyone. Apologize if you do. • When an associate is not living up to expectations, first look at what you are not doing. • When you hit a trouble spot, pause, and get guidance. • Recognize that you will never get it all right all the time. Pick your most important challenge, and work on it. So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome.
Some organizations are getting performance conversations right. In Episode 102, Bob’nJoyce explore a company where the performance review process is shifting culture, exciting both bosses and employees. We jumped into: • Why “traditional review processes” are dead • The use of powerful conversations where both boss and employees feel seen, heard, and validated • Why ranking and rating people poisons the well • Why timing and frequency matters Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome.
Does the world seem to be unraveling in a way that makes you feel adrift and powerless? If you can relate to this, we have the antidote. Organizations are stressed, institutions are crumbling, and what seemed normal and dependable now seems chaotic and uncertain. In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share a simple exercise to overcome the chaos by getting grounded in your inner sense, or your calling, of what you want to accomplish in your life. This exercise is straightforward if not a bit challenging, but the effort is worth it. So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
What do you do when a talented long-term employee tells you they are leaving the company to join a competitor? We have all experienced this either as the person who left or the colleague who gets surprised and it begs the question, what do you do? We riffed about what you can do to avoid losing talent and ways to learn from it when it happens. We discussed... * Our belief that when someone leaves suddenly, and it is a surprise, something is not right. * The types of conversations that need to happen to avoid losing talent. * How to address a sudden departure with the rest of the organization. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share diversity interventions that worked during their time with Hannaford and Food Lion. On January 17th, the New York Times had an Op. Ed. that questioned the value of diversity training and suggested that it may cause more harm than good. The Op. Ed. made valid research-based criticism so we felt compelled to share interventions that were transformational and improved company culture. Here are some of the themes we explored: • Why training is the wrong word and approach for cultural fluency • Examples of starting a company conversation by celebrating a multitude of difference • The importance of tolerating the irritation of differences • High level diversity of all kinds creates health in nature and in companies Given the explosion of diversity training since the murder of George Floyd, this conversation needs to happen. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, we have our first guest of 2023, Pete Durand, share his thoughts on finding (and keeping) talent, and maintaining a positive culture and workplace. Pete is an entrepreneur who gets that people matter most. That’s why he helps find talent for clients who get it. We covered a lot, but here are the highlights: • Thet traits of healthy work cultures and not so healthy • The challenges of finding the right talent • Learning how to lead through mistakes • Future workplace design • Mistakes and solutions about finding (illusive) talent Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, we continue to set our intentions about what we commit to doing this year. The new year is a time when many of us plan and create goals for the year ahead. We utilize an exercise, “What we are say yes and no to,” to guide our conversation. This process is a powerful exercise for individuals, and teams to set intentionality for future action. Come join us to experience the “What we are saying yes and not to” exercise and learn our intentions for Bob’nJoyce in 2023. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
Happy New Year! In this episode, we set intentions on what we want Bob’nJoyce Podcast to be in 2023. The new year is a time when many of us plan and create goals for the year ahead. We utilized an exercise, “I want, I need,” to guide our conversation. This process is a powerful exercise for individuals, and teams to set intentionality for future action. Come join us to experience the “I want, I need” exercise and learn our intentions for Bob’nJoyce in 2023. So…. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce discuss why rituals must evolve to meet the changing needs of families and organizations. In Episode 75, we discussed the importance of rituals bringing soothing comfort to ground and support organizational success. Today, we look at the importance of rethinking rituals in times of disruption and big change. Bob’nJoyce offer advice on: Letting go of existing rituals and creating new ones. Managing the discomfort of being between worn-out rituals and new rituals. The importance of anchoring events to what is needed. The role of OD in managing the in-between “state” So come on in. Grab a holiday snack, Welcome!
In this episode, Bob'nJoyce explore the need to rethink HR/OD rules, practices, and processes in a post pandemic world. These rules dictate everything we do from how we hire, develop, and reward employees to how we structure organizations, and shape cultures, to name a couple. In this episode, we explore: The need to rethink conventional wisdom and the way things get done. Acknowledging the rules that rule our thinking. The need to view organizational structure differently by following where the authority lives in a company. An experiential activity to demonstrate communication and authority. So come on in. Have a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce share a process on how to accelerate learning for front line supervisors. People new to supervising a team are often confronted with issues that challenge their judgment. Over time, a new supervisor grows in their judgment and wisdom. Today’s podcast provides ideas to short circuit this process. In this episode, Bob’nJoyce will: • Underline the importance of the front-line supervisor role. • Share a unique approach to develop supervisors • Explore ways to speed up the process of developing supervisory judgment Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome.
With Thanksgiving Day arriving, Bob’nJoyce thought a break from HR/OD would be good and instead talked about her inspriational book, I Pray Anyway - Devotions for the Ambivalent. It is a book about faith, spirituality, and striving for meaning. I Pray Anyway - Devotions for the Ambivalent has been described as much more than a book but more like a wise, patient friend. That’s a good description for Joyce, don’t you agree? So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce explore ideas on career pathing for future CEO’s. We discussed conventional wisdom on CEO competencies that no longer apply. With the workplace democratization and modern market complexity, future CEO’s must have skill sets and experience much different than their predecessors. In this episode, we rift on: • The imperfection of CEO recruiting and inflexible selection criteria • The importance of choosing a CEO who brings the right temperament and expertise • The merits of CEO healer-in-chief • Good and bad examples of CEO transition So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce explore the term “Quiet Quitting” and why they believe it’s meaning misses the mark. Quiet quitting has gone from a life hack on social media to a global phenomenon. So what is going on? Are people checking out, recalibrating their life balance, or just fed up with toxic workplaces? We jump into the debate with our own research and intuitive instincts to offer our opinion on what is really happening. Check out this episode where we: Offer advice to people who feel workplace burnout Describe why leadership owns “quiet quitting,” not the employee Put forward common sense ideas to combat “quiet quitting.” Double down on the importance of first line leaders So come on in. Grab a Halloween snack. Welcome.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce explore the conditions that promote an entrepreneurial culture in large organizations. This timely topic, we call it "intrepeneurialism," is what organizations need to compete in today’s marketplace. The problem is many current company cultures do not encourage risk taking, experimentation, and failing forward. We offer ideas that help leaders and OD/HR practitioners create the conditions that unleash employees. So please, come on in. Grab a Halloween treat. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce offer an alternative to dated traditional performance appraisal practices. This is a follow-up to last week's episode (E.87) where we came down on the side of a structured performance conversation between boss and employee several times a year. In this episode, you will get: • Powerful questions that stimulate candid conversations between boss and employee. • A process that works both one-on-one and in groups. • The rationale for having a performance conversation at the beginning, mid-point, and end-of-year. • A process focused on the future using insight (what has happened) and foresight (what is needed going forward). So, come on In. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce join the debate about scrapping traditional performance appraisal practices. We suggest that HR/OD replace traditional practices with a less confrontational, more co-equal process between leaders and their direct reports. We discuss practical, simple ways to make this happen: Get rid of grading and complex rating methods that are bureaucratic and don't work. Build a process using methodologies we know work - Straight talk, appreciative inquiry, and timely feedback. Balance the conversation by focusing as much on future expectations and professional development as reviewing past performance. Using powerful questions that promote a conversation that works for both the boss and employee. So, come on In. Grab a snack. Welcome!
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