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In this episode, Bob’nJoyce, discuss the posting process and its importance to an organization’s success. In the era of Zoom, social media, and recruiting apps, it is easy to forget that posting and hiring is still a high touch process. Companies whose posting process fails to reach beyond their line of sight to find hidden talent are in trouble. The power dynamic between employees and employers has shifted from employers having the power to jobseekers, employed or not, having as much. A modern posting process must acknowledge this new world and be world class at attracting the best talent. Come listen to discover what we think. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce delve in the benefits of using external OD/HR consultants while managing the landmines of using them. Whether you are hiring an executive search firm, coach, or OD consultant, there are some commonsense rules of the road to leverage the relationship. Bob’nJoyce bring an unique perspective as they have been both external consultants and internal practitioners. Come learn from their experience of getting it right and making big blunders – the latter of which still makes them cringe. Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In today’s episode, Bob’nJoyce wrestle with the idea of OD’s purpose being to evoke disruption. We both agreed the word disruption may be too harsh. Our goal in today's podcast is to create meaning with the words we use to describe OD’s work. This matters. Knowing OD’s purpose guides us and informs why OD creates organization discomfort. We debate alternatives to the word "disruptor," like "galvanizer" and "catalyst." Come join us to see where we landed. Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce let it rip and rift about rifting. We discussed everything from toilet paper and Kleenex to delayed gratification and somehow relate it all back to OD. Once we get focused, we talked about how perspectives and opinions are often shaped by the roles we play. Come listen to discover how the words competition, protection, disruption, and projection relate to specific functions. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
Many of us play it safe when the organization requires bold action. In this episode, Bob’nJoyce take on the topic of leaning into discomfort and taking bold action to move a team or organization. We share examples when we took bold action that worked and times we flopped, pivoted, and moved forward. In these volatile and uncertain times, playing it safe when bold action is required just doesn’t cut it. We are back after a two-week hiatus so please come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, we revisit the cause and impact of burnout and stress. Good companies regard the health and well-being of their employees as inextricably linked to business success. OD and HR policy and practices must reflect that burnout is an unavoidable consequence of life in uncertain, chaotic times. In this episode you will learn: • The impact of life events that cause burnout • The impact of stress on emotional well-being and physical health • Steps that OD and HR cans do to address individual and organizational burnout. Modern life stresses all of us. So come on in. Grab a healthy snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce look at leadership through the lens of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur wears many hats and must surround themselves with people who possess skills and knowledge they lack. They must move fast and correct quickly knowing that everything is on the line. They pay attention to the culture from the perspective of what the employee experience must be to deliver the customer experience they desire. The three key critical roles of an entrepreneur are: * Attracting great talent * Running the business * Cultivating the culture While there are many complex leadership models, sometimes simplicity works. Come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In today’s episode, Bob’nJoyce dive deeper into the new leadership model introduced in Episode 59. They make the case why dated leadership models are no longer sufficient to thrive in a VUCA world and why this new model of leadership is needed to meet modern challenges. They answer the questions: • How is this model different from past models? • Are some of the 16 attributes more important than others? • How does one incorporate this model into their unique leadership style? Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
Ralph Waldo Emerson summed up this model best: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In today’s episode, Bob’NJoyce explore ODN’s 5th and final OD core competency, Informed Consultant. This competency draws on an OD practitioner’s organizational awareness, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and possessing a toolbox of OD interventions that drives a company’s success. We use the term OD Sherpa, a person with the endurance to overcome difficult circumstances and the skills to lead the way, to best describe this OD competency.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce explore ODN’s 4th OD Competency – Credible Strategist. This competency requires OD to have a leadership presence and the emotional intelligence to influence strategy. Bob’nJoyce share examples of their work on shaping successful strategies in partnership with top leaders. This episode explores what it means to be credible and how you get there. This competency requires OD to be in touch with what is happening at every level of an organization from the break room to the board room. This is a tall order but so worth the effort. Come in. Grab a Valentine treat. Welcome!
In this Episode, Bob’nJoyce explore ODN’s 3rd OD Competency – Business Advisor. In today’s chaotic, unpredictable world, leadership needs trusted OD business advisors to get beyond current thinking and explore new possibilities to tackle modern challenges and opportunities. OD practitioners, with their system thinking and curiosity are in a unique position to add value as a business advisor. So come on in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
Today we explore ODN’s second OD competency, efficient designer. We speak to this competency’s importance and what its impact is when done well. We give examples of how OD design processes positively impact an organization's success. We ended up agreeing that the role of efficient designer brings the necessary structure and organization to deliver robust results.
Today, we continue to explore “OD’s job description” as defined by ODN, a network of OD scholars and practitioners committed to creating effective, healthy organizations. In this episode, we focus on the first, and arguably most important competency - System Design Expert. This competency blends the ability to assess what is happening in an organization (that contributes to or impedes progress) with the development of effective change strategies. Being a system change expert is about doing high impact work that improves organizational effectiveness. Today Bob ‘n Joyce share their success and hacks when doing this work and the lessons they have learned. No organization has escaped the need to pivot and change quickly in these volatile times. System change experts create the conditions that make this happen. Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome.
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce demystify the work of OD using the competency framework created by ODN (Organization Development Network). In Episode 21 we reviewed this framework in general terms but felt the need to revisit and go deeper. Why? We have two reasons: We OD professionals too often minimize our impact by limiting work to facilitating teams, resolving conflict, and designing “feel-good” events. These are all important but insufficient at making a significant impact. In a post Covid perpetual VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, companies and organizations will need to be in a constant mode of reinventing themselves. OD professionals must incorporate all 5 OD competencies for this to occur. We will stay with this topic for the next few episodes. Today's episode serves as a primer for the conversation. Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce discuss the shift towards humanizing organizations and leadership. The common themes of irritation (what took us so long), and optimism (A Covid gift) emerge in today’s podcast. We explore: ■ Why humanize organization and leadership and why now ■ The need for HR and OD to seize the momentum and lead this change ■ The concept of “memory yearn” and the headwinds confronting this trend ■ Distinguishing “feelings” and being “soft” from being fully human Come in. Grab a snack. Welcome!
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce get up close and personal with Covid as one of them tested positive. Like wishing a storm to pass, we have waited two years for putting Covid behind us. By now, we know this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The truth is we have entered a new normal where we must learn to live (and die) with the disease. So what are the implications for organizations, and more specifically HR and OD, as they strive to protect their employees? We discussed this, and a warning, we both agreed that our views are a bit naïve. Let us know what you think. Come in, grab a snack, welcome…
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce explore the importance of bringing “light” into the tunnel when all seems bleak and uncertain. Organizations and individuals, especially now, need to tell the truth and shed light given today’s profound uncertainty and diminished optimism. So where does this come from? HR/OD and leadership must inspire and bring light to themselves and their organizations. We explore ways to make this happen and share how small, simple things can make a big difference. If positive renewal is to emerge from of today’s chaos, it will begin by bringing “light” into the tunnel. So come in, grab a snack, welcome!
In this episode, we share practical tips on how individuals and groups can effectively navigate difficult conversation. In a culture where profound disagreement runs rampant, Bob’nJoyce take on how to have difficult conversations in a way which lowers the heat, builds trust, and promotes common understanding. HR and OD practitioners are in a unique position to take the lead on facilitating conversation on topics that thwart productivity and civility. In this episode, we cover: • Learning the art of “the pause” to clear the air and recalibrate • Asking right questions, the right way to resolve disagreements • The role of HR/OD in third-party facilitation
In this episode, Bob’nJoyce muse over the new order that is emerging from the chaos of Covid. We, as a society, are in a tectonic shift that demarcates before and after resulting from the many pivots that organizations and individuals have been forced to make. How work gets done, where it happens, and what we value most are all conversations that need to happen. It requires pausing to assess and act on recalibrating past norms and practices – not an easy thing to do. Today’s episode punctuates the opportunity that lies before every leader, and OD/HR professional to answer the question, “What goes and what stays given our current reality.” The failure to ask these questions assures that the status quo remains, and that is a recipe a company’s demise.
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