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Bobbo Supreme

Author: Tim Robbins Presents, Starburns Audio LLC

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President Bobbo Supreme is an infantile, narcissistic lounge singer, game show hosting,, narcoleptic racist; an unhinged id running for reelection and unwilling to cede power if he loses. The billionaire recording artist and leader of the free world is in the final push of his re-election campaign. Tortured by periodic dreams that range from glorious fantasies of his prowess as an athlete to nightmares of utter failure, President Supreme struggles to maintain a grip on reality. As the Election Day gets closer, chaos erupts throughout the country as right wing militias, aligned with the White House, clash with protestors.

2 Episodes
Listen to part one of the new audio cinema podcast told in 5 parts from Tim Robbins, Chippy Lou Productions and Starburns Audio. Bobbo Supreme is a hard-hitting, bitingly funny, no holds barred look at the hypocrisy, deception, and danger in the current American political landscape.  Get the rest of the episodes at:
President Bobbo contemplates his electoral chances on Election Day. A sample scene from our five-episode series, Bobbo Supreme.
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Mike Waters


Oct 23rd
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