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Author: Alice Round and Sean Mclaney

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His and Her Bodies, Barbell and Bagels is a podcast for Men and Women who want to not only get educated on everything training, nutrition and mindset but also have fun whilst doing so. Your host's Alice Round & Sean Mclaney have a combined 20+ years of fitness industry experience to share with your from powerlifting to bodybuilding to breaking fad diets and myths down and giving you the facts! The podcast will deliver bang for your buck fitness and health advice with some special guests in tow.
30 Episodes
Episode 30 with your hosts Alice Round & Sean McLaney, in this episode of BB we discuss maintaining results. Getting results is often the easy bit BUT how do you avoid the blow out? the YOYO? You hear of many people having success dieting, but often not holding onto those results long term. We also touch on tips for the silly season when it comes to food, health and fitness and how to maintain results year round.
In this episode of the BBB, we outline and discuss the differences between binge eating, unconscious eating and conscious excessive consumption, followed by a Q & A session on this topic of discussion. 
In this episode of BBB, we go ballllllllls deep into the highs and lows of conception & fertility and share what Alice and I went through on our journey to make a wee baby! Tune in for some funny stories, some science and some good tips.
In this episode of BBB, we interview Brendon McCormack, the man behind & the face in front of Perth Fit Fam, covering topics such as how Perth Fit Fam came about; the traits of a successful person; adapting and growing with the fitness industry to stay in front; how to successfully use social media with some top tips to grow your audience, along with some good stories about chaperoning Ronnie Coleman, his journey from drug & alcohol addiction to the church and some good ice breakers too!
In this episode of BBB, we have part 2 of our interview with the female hormone expert- Victoria Felkar, where we discuss all things STEROID related, encompassing contraception, Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) and even some medications such as Corticosteroids and how they can affect women in both the short and the long term, including potential unwanted negative side effects. DISCLAIMER: We do not condone drug use as Anabolic Androgenic Steroid use is illegal in Australia
In this episode of BBB, with the female hormone expert herself- Victoria Felkar, we discuss the variations in women's menstrual cycles. Is there such a thing as a "normal cycle"? We delve into the signs and symptoms of both a typical and atypical flow. From this episode, we want women listening to understand the WHY behind fertility and hormonal issues and offer potential practical strategies to improve their health and wellbeing. Stay tuned for part 2 in the next episode!
In this episode of BBB, we get stuck into comparing similar exercises, answering why you or your coach would program X over Y for your morphology & biomechanics; which exercises would suit your goals better than other, also throwing in a few exercises that we feel should be left for the 'Gram and not for actually training. Enjoy! Email @mclaneytrained @aliround for contact
A fantastic chat with WBFF world Bikini champion and powerlifter Lauren Simpson of LSF coaching. Lauren and host Alice discuss Lauren's transition from obsessive over training, under eating and un-happiness to building a strong and healthy body and changing her life from a corporate role to a role model in the fitness industry. Lauren discussed her approach to dieting and nutrition and how she live's and breaths a flexible lifestyle that allows results year round. Questions-
A hilarious interview with guest Martin MacDonald from MAC nutrition on correcting nutrition and miss information and talking everything from nutritional courses to fitness industry BS and everything in between. Martin is a world leader in the online nutrition coaching space and has over 13 years of industry experience. Find martin @martinnutrition or #macnutritionuni
Your hosts Alice Round & Sean McLaney discuss Meal Plans, Flexible Dieting, IIFYM and everything in between in terms to the approach you take to nutrition for optimal results.  We delve into the pros and cons of varied methods so that it can help you understand what would be the best fit for YOU specifically and give you a bit of insight into also improving your relationship with food in the process. Questions
Sleep expert Martin McPhilimey discussed with your hosts the common issues people have with sleep in today's society as well as giving you some insight into improving your sleep patterns. As we know sleep has a major impact on results but during this episode you will really understand the larger impact it can have on your life. Contact 
In episode 19 we discuss your HOT topics from from listener's, from can you lose fat and build muscle all at once? To anabolics in the fitness industry and ethical vs non ethical practices and realistic results, we also finish up with some relationship questions for your hosts Sean & Alice. For the next Q & A send your questions to or
In episode 19 we discuss everything IFBB for females. We say all female catergories as we are talking bikini, figure & physique for females and the judging criteria. Not only the criteria but also posing, symmetry, presentation, do and do not's of getting on stage as well as off season tips and dieting advice for newbies. With guests Summer Bernard and Emilie Jean Bisgrove IFBB Australia Pro League State and National judges and your co-host Alice Round
This episode chats with Entrepreneur, Massive Joe's CEO/IFBB Mens Physique Pro & Show Promoter Joseph Mencel about everything from business start up to competing in bodybuilding and life goals and planning. Joe gives great insight into his thought process behind touch decision making, how to be more efficient and productive and how to really show to to win every single day of your lives. Contact/questions: Your Hosts: @mclaneytrained @aliround
In this episode your hosts Sean & Alice will discuss goal setting for 2019, setting SMARTER goals, not just SMART but smarter, in order for you to succeed. Also touching on reflection on 2018 and how important reflection is in the pursuit of forward progress. Why some people get results & others don't and how to overcome past failure in order to succeed and set up your year for results. Connect @aliround @mclaneytrained
Episode 15 with hosts Alice Round & Sean Mclaney touch on the mindset associated with bodybuilding/contest prep and give tips on navigating the lows and highs. Discussing the various mindsets you may go through in prep and how to assure you stay motivated & positive when times get tough! Contact our hosts @aliround @mclaneytrained  
Online coaching seems to be very trendy right now, but in a saturated industry is it a good idea to become a online coach? Where should you begin? And is it a career for YOU specifically? We have guest Sami Rose on of @samirosefitness with co host Alice Round @aliround @team_round with a combined 10+ years of online coaching to run through the pros and cons as well as pressure on females in the health space and body imagine online. Talking comparisson and self doubt and more hot body image topics. Enjoyed it? Leave a review and 5 stars! Email questions to
Episode 13: Hosts Sean Mclaney and Alice Round discuss all things GAINS aka hypertrophy in this episode. Understand how growth actually occurs and then how you can apply these principles in the gym. We discuss the 3 way gains occur and where your time is best to be spent and structured with exercise, rep range and intensity methods. To get in contact, 
Episode 12: Reverse Dieting Your hosts discuss Reverse dieting, what it is, what the goal of it is and how you can do it in a variety of ways to optimise your goals and also your health and mindset. Dieting is often the easy part, alot of people struggle with the reverse and the after effects which will be covered today. How to not FK up your reverse diet & also mindset tips to stay on track. Agressive vs Slow reverse diet Pros/Cons from your coaches. Questions: or
In todays episode we cover questions from Alice's social media & email. If you have any questions you would like covered in the future please email or DM @aliround. Topics today cover nutrient timing when flexible dieting, is it important especially in a contest prep? How should you perform cardio for improved performance? How to build muscle in terms of diet & training and more. Get in touch: @mclaneytrained @aliround
Comments (2)

Teresa Costello

So educated and chill. Thank you for taking the time to put these together.

Feb 13th

janet bell

Awesome podcasts! Very informative and also great fun with lots of upbeat banter in some serious topics. love listening to you guys!

Feb 2nd
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