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Join Joseph Scott Morgan every week as he explores a world that not many have had a chance to visit, the realm of death. Jo Scott will lead listeners on a journey through the blood soaked death scenes of America and then into the autopsy room to fully understand the science behind each case. Jo Scott is one America’s leading experts on applied forensics and is regularly featured on ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’, ‘The Piketon Massacre’, Court TV and more.

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Recorded LIVE at CrimeCon Nashville, 2024, in this Episode of Body Bags,  Joseph Scott Morgan explains how he challenges his class at Jacksonville State University to try and solve a cold case. Two years in a row, two different classes and students choose the unsolved murder of Blake Chappell. Blake Chappell tells his mother he is having the best night of his life with his girlfriend at the East Coweta High School Homecoming Dance. Within a matter of hours, Blake will find himself chased out of his girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night, walking down the road at 5 a.m. texting his girlfriend, and telling her police just stopped and talked to him. One last text to his girlfriend that he is getting cold, and his phone goes quiet. Blake Chappell is 17 and he never makes it back to his friend’s house. He just vanishes into thin air. It is October 16, 2011. Two months later on December 17, 2011, his nearly naked body is found floating in a creek, he has been shot in the back of the head. The case is still unsolved. But new search warrants were served in March 2024, will there be justice for Blake Chappell?      Transcript Highlights  00:00:13 Introduction Blake Chappel Case  00:04:40 Discuss of family financial issues  00:08:28 Blake finds ex-girlfriend who ran away  00:10:32 Blake beaten up by ex’s stepfather  00:12:26 Blake put in jail for finding his ex  00:17:35 Mother takes Blake and date to homecoming dance  00:20:48 Discussion of Blake activities walking in the night  00:24:24 Talk about Blake walking miles to see girlfriend  00:28:08 Talk about Blake texting girlfriend  00:31:49 Talk about Blake doesn’t make it back to Austin’s house  00:37:36 Discussion Blake shot in back of head  00:43:22 Discussion rumors about Blake’s death  00:48:12 Discussion Blake found wearing underwear, no shoes  00:52:34 Conclusion Joseph Scott Morgan lets his JSU class pick unsolved crime to solve  Two years in a row the case of Blake Chappel is chosen for the project See for privacy information.
Herb Baumeister lived more than just a “double life." On this episode of "Body Bags," Joseph Scott Morgan explains how it is possible that Baumeister had over 10,000 remains on his million-dollar estate, and Dave Mack dives into the background of the married, father and businessman who owned two Save-a-lot stores in Indianapolis. Baumeister, who took his own life in 1996, is suspected of enticing gay men to his home, where he killed them and disposed of their bodies at the rear of his property. Investigators suspected that Baumeister, a married father of three at the time who frequented gay bars, enticed unsuspecting men to his property to murder them. By 1999, investigators connected him to the disappearance of at least 16 men since 1980. Some of the victims’ bodies were discovered discarded in shallow streams in rural central Indiana and western Ohio For 30 years, investigators have been working to identify thousands of human remains, will they ever know the truth about how many people Herb Baumeister murdered? Transcript Highlights  00:00:13 Introduction of serial killer graveyard  00:04:40 Discuss killer double life, wife claims she didn’t know anything  00:08:28 Talk about trying to identify bone from other items  00:12:26 Discussion of Forensic anthropologists  00:17:35 Discussion of hiding secrets from family  00:20:48 Talk about serial killer obsession with dead animals  00:24:24 Discussion of the depth of depravity   00:28:08 Discussion of skeletonized body on the property  00:31:49 Talk about trying to render body down to ash  00:36:36 Discussion of method of destruction after burning  00:40:22 Discussion of other serial killers  00:44:12 Talk about the size of the property  00:44:34 Conclusion   See for privacy information.
Why did police serve another search warrant at the home of Rex Heuermann? Remember, his wife and children still live in the house. After his original arrest and the search warrants were served, pictures appeared in the press showing the damage done as the home was stripped. What did they miss? Why did they bring out the ME? On this episode of Body Bags Joseph Scott Morgan will take you into the house and what the ME might be looking for as well as the crime scenes and what has been found. Dave Mack will explain the “To-Do” list and go over the electronics Heuermann has been keeping for decades.             Transcript Highlights 00:00:00 Introduction: Bernice Worden last victim of Ed Gein  00:02:20 Discussion of Gilgo document release  00:06:54 Talk about being on a jury  00:09:44 Discussion – warning about content of episode  00:13:55 Discussion of why go back with another search warrant?  00:19:05 Talk about Rex Heuermann and the list he created  00:23:11 Discussion of Heuermann electronics  00:27:02 Discussion of Rex Heuermann planning note began in 2000  00:30:59 Talk about violent, sexual torture  00:34:17 Discussion of going to a scene, police don’t know what they have  00:38:35 Talk about mutilated body a few miles from home  00:42:15 Talk about access to material was different in the 1990s  00:42:50 Conclusion, why they called the ME out to the scene   See for privacy information.
In 1985 a skull and partial remains are found in a plastic bag near Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California. Thinking the remains are from a recent victim, investigators work to solve what they think is a murder. Failing to identify the victim, the case goes cold. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will explain how the scientists at Othram Labs developed a DNA extract from the evidence and were able to identify “Ventura County Jane Doe "as the victim of a grave robbing that happened after her death in 1915. Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack will share the story of Gertrude Elliot-Littlehale, a woman born in 1864 and the amazing life she lived well before she became the unidentified “cold case” of “Ventura County Jane Doe”. Othram Labs is helping solve cases that seem unsolvable with the help of everyday people willing to make a small donation at DNASOLVES.COM Please take a moment of your time and visit DNASOLVES.COM and see how you can help solve a case.         Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction of Ventura County Jane Doe  00:03:44 Discussion of Skull found in a bag in 1985  00:07:19 Talk about history and DNA  00:11:58 Discussion identifying bodies  00:15:13 Talk about going from 1985 back to 1864  00:20:49 Discussion of dogs and old bones  00:24:14 Discussion of forensic anthropologist  00:29:04 Discussion of “suture lines”  00:33:03 Talk about solving crimes with DNA  00:38:20 Discussion of building a family tree  00:42:12 Discussion of “Gertie” and her life  00:46:50 Talk about Othram Labs   See for privacy information.
Imagine waking up inside a body bag, declared dead and transported to a funeral home, where you find yourself short of breath, BUT STILL BREATHING! In this episode of Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan we will explore something that is happening far more often than you think, people being declared dead, who wake up on a table in a funeral home!  And how to make sure you are not Buried Alive!           Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction: worst nightmare come true  00:03:02 Discussion being buried alive   00:07:28 Talk about funeral homes  00:11:49 Discussion of hospice care nursing  00:16:29 Discussion of soldier Battle of the Bulge  00:20:24 Talk about forensic pathology  00:24:46 Discussion of dead body, signs of death  00:28:30 Discussion of death investigation  00:31:34 Talk about people declared dead, waking up in funeral home  00:34:16 Discussion of death and declaring someone dead  00:38:04 Conclusion: cautionary tale, death investigation is important See for privacy information.
The victims of the Long Island Serial Killer have been known in the media as the “Gilgo 4”, but now that Rex Heuermann has been charged with two more murders the media will have to change the name to the “Gilgo 6”.  Rex Heuermann is an architect by trade, someone who can create and use blueprints. Investigators found a Serial Killer Blueprint on Heuermann’s computer. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will explain how DNA evidence and hair might be enough to put away Rex Heuermann for good, and Dave Mack will explore some of the items found on Heuermann’s computer. From disturbing images of abuse and porn, to lists of supplies for torture, investigators found a goldmine during a recent search of Heuermann’s home.           Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction of Gilgo details  00:02:09 Discuss Rex Heuermann two new murder charges  00:07:19 Discussion of Data from a forensic standpoint  00:12:01 Talk about seeing the dumping ground and home of Heuermann  00:16:58 Discussion of more bodies found along Gilgo  00:21:18 Discussion of area, easy to be seen  00:25:25 Discussion of the court documents, new information  00:29:37 Talk about changes in DNA science since early 90s  00:33:36 Discussion of skin and injury  00:37:05 Conclusion – more bodies See for privacy information.
They called themselves the "Gilbert Goons", a group of teens that were suspected of assaults at parties and parking lots, as well as armed robberies. Defended by their parents, the teens' reign of violence culminated with the fatal beating of 16-year-old Preston Lord. Preston was at a Halloween Party with friends when one of the "Gilbert Goons" stole a cheap necklace from a friend of Preston Lord.  On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack will tell the story of how a town in Arizona was terrorized by a group of entitled teens who were defended by their entitled parents for years until they almost got away with murder.          Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction: Group Think  00:03:56 Discussion of group of teens in Gilbert, Arizona  00:07:22 Discussion of Gilbert Goons videotaping the beating   00:11:15 Talk about the assaults attributed to the teens in Gilbert  00:16:09 Discussion of how the beating of Preston Lord continued   00:21:07 Discussion of a bully  00:25:45 Talk about parents joking about the beating  00:30:19 Discussion of severe blunt force trauma  00:33:52 Discussion of shoe imprint on the body of victim  00:38:02 Conclusion: judgement is coming.   See for privacy information.
Chrystul Kizer is 17 when she is arrested for the first-degree murder of Randy Volar. The question that will be answered through investigation and the court system is whether or not Chrystul Kizer killed an innocent man, or did she kill a man who was sexually abusing her and other underage girls. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack will breakdown the case and take an in-depth look at what story the forensics tell and what information a judge will have to consider in sentencing a teen who saw murder as her only way to live.            Transcript Highlights 00:00:17 Introduction: growing up  00:02:18 Discussion of Chrystul Kizer, 17, abuse victim  00:06:52 Talk about fire debris and dead body  00:09:57 Discussion of heat causing teeth to shatter  00:13:15 Discussion of destruction of a person  00:17:05 Discussion of multiple victims  00:21:47 Talk about laws regarding sexual abuse  00:25:54 Discussion of electronic forensics  00:29:01 Talk about Chrystul Kizer trying to survive  00:33:04 Discussion of damage 2 shots to the head can cause  00:38:11 Discussion of stippling  00:41:43 Talk about victim escaping in BMW  00:44:27 Discussion of plea deal offered  00:45:18 Conclusion – sentence coming in August See for privacy information.
Georgia authorities find three victims tortured and murdered in Clayton County and taken to Fulton County. They were found in an abandoned car along I-85 at an exit ramp in Union City, Georgia on January 13, 2013. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will take you into the investigation that determined the victims were tortured and murdered and Dave Mack will go into the back story on how the case remained cold for 11-years until forensics led investigators to a Middle School Assistant Principal in Alabama and 3 other suspects.        Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction – Position of authority  00:02:36 Talk about Assistant Principal arrested in cold-case triple murder   00:08:06 Discussion -11 years after 3 dead bodies found in a car, a break in the case  00:11:54 Discussion - victims found in Atlanta from Montgomery, Alabama  00:17:02 Talk about suspect was assistant principal at a middle school  00:20:51Discussion of multiple jurisdictions working on a case  00:24:23 Talk about medical examiners  00:27:40 Discussion of multiple suspects  00:30:03 Discussion of asphyxiation  00:31:14 Conclusion, what did the bodies say? See for privacy information.
The National Institutes of Health, comparing a medical examiner and coroner, states that Coroners are elected lay people who often do not have professional training, whereas medical examiners are appointed and have board certification in a medical specialty. All of this is true. On this episode of "Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan," Joe will take you back in history to a time when the person who finds the dead body in their yard has to gather a posse and solve the murder mystery or be stuck with paying taxes!! The coroner system has a long history, some funny stories, some strange people, and a few mysteries to unpack.       Transcript Highlights  00:22.56. Introduction of studying the dead.  03:04.63 Discussion most people don’t die from bullet wounds  06:01.87 Talk about forensics   11:38.68 History of “Normans”  17:44.17 Discussion of power of Coroners  22:25.90 Discussion of Coroners Jury  26:18.76 Discussion of authority of coroner  31:00.67 Discussion of scientific people in coroner system  32:05.27 Talk about who backs up the coroner  37:48.5 Discussion of medical examiner state vs coroner state        42:49.50 Conclusion See for privacy information.
Grace Millane is in New Zealand when she meets Jesse Kempson on Tinder. Grace is on a Gap Year trip that has taken her to South America and now she is in Auckland, New Zealand where she is camping and hiking and meeting new people.  Connecting on Tinder, Grace meets Kempson for dinner and drinks, most of their evening captured by CCTV. They arrive back at Kempson's hotel and we see them get on and off the elevator. It is the evening of December 1 and Grace turns 22-years-old on December 2nd. On this episode of Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan, Joe will breakdown what happened to Grace inside the hotel room and what Jesse Kempson did in the aftermath of the gruesome murder.  And Dave Mack will try and make sense of the timeline when, even now, we don't know if Grace made it to her 22nd birthday.        Transcript Highlights  00:00:18 Introduction of Grace Millane, gap year vacation  00:04:27 Discussion of Tinder date timeline  00:09:15 Discussion murderer goes on another Tinder date  00:13:56 Talk about targeting victim, asphyxia  00:18:33 Discussion of Gap Year   00:23:46 Discussion of date captured on video  00:28:17 Talk about murderer covering up the crime  00:33:03 Discussion of destroying the victim  00:36:31 Discussion of killing someone with hands around neck  00:40:13 Talk about the sexual assault See for privacy information.
Missy Bevers was murdered inside a church before 5 a.m. while she was preparing for her morning fitness class. Her body is found by a student and Missy is pronounced dead at the scene. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will discuss the possible weapons used to kill Missy Bevers and Dave Mack will dig into the possible suspects in an unsolved murder where the main suspect is caught on camera wearing a police swat kit and walking the halls of the church with an unusual gait, waiting for Missy to arrive.            Transcript Highlights  00:00:24 Introducing Missy Bevers  00:01:51 Discussion of unsolved murder  00:04:12 Talk about Camp Gladiator  00:08:38 Discussion of murderer seen on video  00:12:28 Discussion of odd gait  00:17:13 Talk about suspect, man or woman?  00:21:13 Discussion of SWAT disguise  00:26:09 Talk about new kit  00:30:13 Discussion of long hammer as a weapon  00:34:31 Discussion of injuries matching weapon  00:39:05 Talk about coverage of case in media  00:43:20 Discussion of no gun belt  00:46:44.Conclusion    See for privacy information.
On January 19, 2001, Tara Baker was murdered in her apartment. The perpetrator sexually assaulted her and then lit the apartment on fire. The case went cold in the town of Athens, Georgia, for over 20 years. On this episode of "Body Bags," Joseph Scott Morgan will break down the science of solving a cold case and Dave Mack will fill in the blanks of the story that shocked Northern Georgia for over 20 years. Recently the murder of Laken Riley brought the Tara Baker homicide back into the conversation and with great detective work and with biological evidence and DNA science, the cold case became hot again, as hot as the fire the suspect set to destroy evidence of the horror he created.           Transcript Highlights  00:00:09 Introduction of influence  00:01:24 Tragic Cold Case Solved, Tara Baker  00:04:11 Discussion of Tara Baker case and Laken Riley  00:08:32 Discussion of fire in apartment  00:09:24 Talk about find body   00:14:32 Discussion of accelerants  00:19:21 Discussion of death investigation in fire  00:24:41 Discussion of time involved in the attack  00:27:58 Talk about predators selecting their victim  00:31:33 Discussion of how to determine sex assault when body is burned  00:37:20 Discussion of how a burned body is examined  00:38:47 Talk about unsolved cold case  00:41:50 Case solved; Edrick LaMont Faust arrested  00:44:46 Conclusion, Faust is 48, Tara Baker died at 21 See for privacy information.
On this episode of Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan, Joe is going to break with our regular format and take a look at a man who revolutionized the Medical legal death investigation field. He was famous as a “Celebrity Pathologist” but that doesn’t do the man justice. When others walk away from trouble, Dr. Cyril Wecht said, “Where is the brain of JFK?”  Joseph Scott Morgan shares his thoughts on the passing of Dr. Cyril Wecht.         Transcript Highlights  00:00:18 Introduction from JFK movie   00:00:47 Talk about Dr. Cyril Wecht  00:04:06 Talk about passing of Werner Spitz  00:08:21 Discussion of JFK  00:11:37 Discussion of Dr. Wecht as Air Force Officer  00:14:45 Talk about Wecht running for political office  00:19:33 Discussion of Dr. Wecht from coroner’s office to medical examiner  00:24:16 Talk about Wecht didn’t play golf, life was his hobby  00:27:16 Discussion of Wecht getting sued for comments   00:31:36 Talk about Wecht discovers JFK brain is missing  00:35:02 Talk about destroying evidence to cover up a crime  00:38:34 Discussion of Dr. Cyril Wecht accomplishments  00:39:28 Discussion about over 42,000 Post-mortem exams  00:43:49 Joseph Scott Morgan share thoughts on Dr Wecht  I just want to take a moment and 1st off acknowledge his passing and certainly the wet family, the Duquesne family and all of his extended friends and colleagues. My deepest sympathies to them because he's a man. He is a man that Has impacted so many of us in the field of forensic science. He passed away peacefully on May 13th.   See for privacy information.
The autopsy of Noah Presgrove is released and for the first time in the history of Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan, Joe is going to issue you a warning for what you are about to hear. Noah Presgrove is at a birthday, end of summer, labor day party with friends all weekend. But something happened Sunday night to cause Noah to leave the party by himself. He is found the next morning at 5:53am, alone, dead, on the side of a rural highway. He is naked except for a pair of shoes, but one of the shoes isn't his, it belongs to a guy asleep at the house where the party took place. The "friends" he has known all of his life aren't talking. His brother sees teeth scattered near his brother's body and pieces of chain. Who or What killed Noah Presgrove? Will the autopsy help answer the question?     Transcript Highlights 00:00:08 Introduction: Growing up in rural area  00:03:10 Talk about List of Injuries  00:05:17 Discussion of group dynamics  00:09:12 Discussion of what happens to clothing   00:12:27 Talk about social media evidence  00:16:11 Discussion of internal injuries  00:20:26 Discussion of injuries cased by falling out of a truck   00:24:14 Talk about skull fractures  00:28:32 Discussion of brain fluid  00:32:52 Discussion of broke teeth  00:36:03 Talk about animals and body on road  00:37:52 Discussion of cervical injuries  00:40:00 Discussion of abrasions  00:41:47 Talk about being hit by car  00:43:59 Discussion of data  00:44:17 Conclusion; After the autopsy we still don’t have answers See for privacy information.
Dr. Werner Spitz is a man who spent his lifetime looking straight into the soul of man and looking death in the eye. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan gives a heartfelt tribute to a mentor he never met, a teacher that never gave him a test but one whose approval was sought in every written word and study as a death investigator. Dr. Werner Spitz passed away at the age of 97 on April 14, 2024, and this show is a special tribute to a man that actually did write the book of his profession, "Spitz and Fisher's Medicolegal Investigation of Death; Guidelines for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigation.              Transcribe Highlights00:33.95 Introduction to the life of Werner Spitz 05:59.93 Discussion of Spitz impact on forensic pathologists 09:53.32 Discussion of fleeing Nazi Germany 13:51.43 Talk about being the lone voice of truth that you see 17:35.73 Discussion of Mary Jo Kopechne 24:16.10 Discussion of Spitz being called into high profile situations 28:15.52 Talk about examination using photographs 31:38.41 Discussion of not being afraid to take on cases others wouldn't 36:52.60 Talk about paying for an opinion 37:01.94 Conclusion Those who fail to remember history, are doomed to repeat itSee for privacy information.
The double homicide of Russell and Shirley Dermond rocked their gated community along Lake Oconee in Georgia.. The decapitated body of 88-year-old Russell Dermond was found in the garage and his wife of 68 years,  87-year Shirley Dermond was found in Lake Oconee weighted down with cinder blocks, 10 days after Russell's body was found.  On this episode of Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan, you will learn about the evidence investigators found at the crime scene as well as what can be learned from a body that may have been in a lake for 10 days. The double homicide has gone unsolved for 10 years and the head of Russell Dermond has never been found.  How was this elderly couple, married 68 years, murdered and why?       Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction about murders  00:05:00 Discussion about neighbor checking on Dermond’s  00:09:34 Talk about unsolved murders, 10 years  00:14:04 Discussion about Shirley Dermond body found in lake  00:19:05 Discussion of Russell Dermond head, it’s missing  00:23:51 Discussion about Shirley was weighted down  00:28:08 Talk after 10 years, case still unsolved  00:31:39 Discussion of lack of blood at scene  00:34:52 Talk about how head was removed  00:37:57 Talk about DNA evidence  00:40:28 Conclusion: After a decade, new evidence might solve the case See for privacy information.
Was 7-year-old JJ Vallow alive when he was buried? Was 16-year-old Tylee Ryan dismembered before her remains were burned? What does the autopsy say about the death of Tammy Daybell? On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan will explain the forensics of all 3 victims and Dave Mack will fill in the background on the story of what really happened to JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan, and Tammy Daybell              Transcript Highlights  00:00:08 Introduction, loving arms that didn’t hold JJ and Tylee  00:04:21 Discussion of the deaths, JJ, Tylee, and Tammy Daybell  00:07:54 Discussion of bodies buried near one another  00:11:19 Discussion of death of Tammy Daybell   00:14:57 Explaining asphyxia  00:18:45 Talk about access and opportunity  00:22:58 Discussion of Dr Warren on witness stand  00:26:02 Discussion of Bones being scattered, broken up while burning  00:29:07 Talk about JJ Vallow trying to pull bag off his head  00:30:47 Conclusion: Justice, whatever that means, is coming.  Justice, whatever that means, is coming and there is a reckoning coming.   See for privacy information.
At least 12 bodies have been pulled from "Lady Bird Lake" in Austin, Texas in the last 22 months. Some can be explained as deaths that happen on or near a lake, but not all. On this episode of Body Bags Joseph Scott Morgan will break down the difference between a regular death in a lake and a possible serial killer, while Dave Mack breaks down the stories behind the victims.        Transcript Highlights 00:16.18 Introduction about water and murder03:37.66 Discussion does Austin have a serial killer?08:13.12 Discussion what does "serial killer" do to an area13:22.11 Talk about other serial killers, were they really caught17:54.47 Talk about witnessing a death on the water22:03.17 Discussion of toxicology27:53.13 Discussion of victims32:38.32 Talk about water as a dumping ground36:26.16 Discussion of decomposition in water40:04.57 Talk about water flow47:42.83 Discussion about rumors over factConclusionSee for privacy information.
Mother of five,  Crystal Rogers is last seen July 3 by her live-in boyfriend, Brooks Houck. Crystal Rogers mother, Sherry Ballard, reports her missing on July 5. Later that day, Crystal Rogers red Chevy Malibu is found abandoned on the Bluegrass Parkway. The car has a flat tire, but Rogers' keys, phone and purse are still inside. 16-months later, Crystal Rogers is still missing and her father, Sherry Ballard's husband, Tommy Ballard, is murdered in the early morning hours as he prepares to go hunting on his own property with his 12-year-old grandson. Ballard is shot from an undetermined distance, but his property backs up against the Bluegrass Parkway. It's a fast getaway in either direction for a gunman. On this episode of Body Bags, Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack explore the disappearance of Crystal Rogers and the murder of her dad, Tommy Ballard.  Plus, Joseph Scott Morgan  explains how prosecutors can prove Crystal Rogers was murdered,  even though they haven't found her body.       Transcribe Highlights 00:12.12 Introduction of growing up with PaPaw Morgan03:34.36 Discuss Crystal Rogers missing, her father Tommy Ballard murdered06:15.27 Discussion of Bardstown Kentucky 07:46.82 Discussion of why Brooks Houck didn't report Rogers missing08:13.81 Talk about Crystal Rogers car found on Bluegrass parkway15:45.34 Talk Rogers car found with flat tire, she is still missing18:16.83 Discussion of Brooks Houck, suspect, brother is police officer21:13.58 Discussion of police letting Houck talk to his brother on phone26:27.16 Talk about tracking dogs pick up Crystal Rogers scent at farm, but not at her car31:09.10. Discussion 16 months after Crystal Rogers vanishes, her dad, Tommy Ballard killed34:36.43 Discussion of how bullet twists the skin39:02.99 Discussion of Tommy Ballard hunting, murdered on his own property40:52.53 Discussion of murder charges without a body43:45.73 Conclusion - waiting for trial   See for privacy information.
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Baldwin is a criminal should be in jail end of story.

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Jeremy Martin

Any fool badging themselves as woke then saying Hollywood are acting on drug crime has zero credibility who is this numbskull.

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Only a democrat could describe a weapon that kills a president as elegant. No surprise though.

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I love the fact Jo Scott Morgan shows he's human too. I love him and the way he explains everything.

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How are they going to "test it on somebody first"??? Isn't that what they just did??

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Just for purposes of information, GHB also is available as a controlled substance, called Xyrem, that is used to treat narcolepsy with cataplexy. It works really well, for some reason. So, there is a use for it.

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Joe Scott, I read the cliff notes with all the serious info, then see it takes less than 27 minutes, including chit chat and commercials. Why listen to what could have been intriguing yet instead was a fast whip. How can you give this story substance in 20ish minutes?

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what I like about this podcast is it's not sensational and so far I haven't heard any vulgarities and profanities which I like. I have actually unfollowed other podcasts because of the language they use and also too much sensationalism. so keep up the good work

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I think it was a hit job. Also, could "someone" have slipped her the fentanyl that morning to make the abduction a little easier? Would explain why it had metabolized. Could also explain why he waited before grabbing her. It just seems staged to look like a random abduction to me. This guy knows more. I'm convinced,so far, that he was hired.

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Please fix the title if you can - it's Tylee not Tyler. Normally I wouldn't nitpick but it's one of the victims names that is misspelled.

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Please tell me how he got in the bag with no pants on?…… If he didn’t want to get undressed in front of others, why would he get in the bag in his underwear? Makes no sense. Where are his “other “ pants? One of those other kids did this. Sounds like all of those kids were in on it. So are these items in evidence? I believe I would have looked into this before I recorded this episode. Please do more in depth research and please record a new episode. Thank You.

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I am so very sorry for the family's loss. I am not at all in any way remotely close to a professional in this area. I just have to speak out and question this one!! I believe the first call that her death was a homicide was the correct one. I thought that it was so extraordinarily difficult to change the manner of death on an autopsy report? How can that office just erase that first determination and update that? Liars & lazy politics? Her body is speaking the truth! Also, did police do a search to see if there was access to an attic area that is wide open with the ability to access all of the apartments through a door in their ceiling somewhere? A perpetrator could watch that fiance go, then either go knock on her door and she let's him/her in or drop down into the apartment by attic & get a quick upper hand and commit that horrific murder. They are able to ensure all locks are engaged and just climb up & crawl back into the apartment they started from. Any small thefts happen latel

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ While I certainly would not do well in your type of jobs, I find they are so very important, literally vital to have this knowledge. You do give the victims their very last voice and let them show as most they can as to what happened to them. I give you all the accolades at what you do as you listen with what the victim's remains can say to catch the evil person that did that to them! OR Possibly find what they have chosen for themselves is their own last place of paradise on this earth to move on in their journey. Unfortunately/fortunately, your profession has shown me and my family too many times personally in my life what truly happened to my own loved ones. Thank you from my heart for what you do.

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Wow... Interesting statistical info from JSM. For every 1 homicide - 3 suicides are committed. Dayum!!

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this podcast gives some good insight on how the criminal justice and forensics work. it’s very in depth of its information but otherwise good. I’m wondering if you have any more information on the gabby and Libby case in Delphi. my heart goes out to them ans their families. I don’t care so much about what they went through obviously but I hope there is more information on if the perp was caught.

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This podcast is ghoulish and unpleasant. I don't care to know how to stuff a child into an 8 inch opening. it's enough of a horror this father killed his child. The episode about watts killing his family was too graphic. I'm done with Body Bags.

Nov 5th


FIX THE AUDIO! When Joe speaks there is a whine in the background that sounds like a old cassette player or a overdriven preamp. It makes it hard to concentrate on the content and is distracting. in today's technological age there's just no excuse for this. if you get this fixed it's probably worth a second episode listen anyway. " They" will probably delete this post again as it's the 1st post and if you do your no better than the bad guys.

Oct 1st


FIX THE AUDIO! When Joe talks there is a "whine" like a old cassette player or the mix is over gained with a cheap preamp. Buy some decent equipent our it's just too annoying to listen with decent head/ear phones... Podcast could have potential but if you can't get the audio right in today's world it's hard to concentrate on the content 😕

Sep 30th