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Bolt Brady and His Bro- Sports Gambling Podcast

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BOLT'S WINNING % IS LEGIT! It can be verified on websites like- BOLT WON 2018-19 NCAAF most Units Won, and 2019 NCAA Hoops. Best Handicapper you haven't heard of, YET!
The Bolt Brady and His Bro Podcast is great for sports fans to hear current sporting events being discussed. Providing their insights on how they see these events playing out. Would you like to make money off these sporting events thru "Sports Investing" ?
Bolt Brady and his Bro are actual brothers who hail from the West Coast. They've played sports and know athletics inside and out. The guys will cover all the major events, and give Free picks. NFL, College Football, NBA, MLB, Golf, and College basketball, etc. The Bolt Brady and his Bro podcast is a must for Sports Gamblers.
17 Episodes
Let's just chill for a minute! It's one week of games, and we can't anoint a champion just yet. You'll want to tune in as Bolt and His Bro start to feel the flow of the NFL getting underway. Some teams looked great, some looked terrible. Is it a trend? Or was it a throwaway game? You gotta hear what the guys think is to come. Great picks. Winning record, and a fun time!
It's Go Time! Week 1 of NFL is finally here. You'll want to hear what Bolt and His Bro have to say about the first week of NFL betting lines. Who is a good opening week bet to take? Take a little drive, and enjoy the guys chatting about Best Bets for the weekend.
Bolt and His Bro break down the final two divisions before Kickoff! The AFC and the NFC East are discussed. Bolt talks about his trip to Vegas to sign up for the Circa 1 Million Contest this year. You need to hear what the guys have to say before the NFL kickoffs next week. Always a fun listen.
Tune in to hear Bolt and His Bro break down the AFC and the NFC South Divisions. You won't wanna miss what the guys have to say about these teams Over/Under win totals, and who is getting a bit over Hyped before they play a game. A couple of sleepers in each division that might be getting over looked as well. Listen to the guys for an entertaining way to get your betting info.
The guys sit down to chat about the North divisions. AFC and NFC teams are discussed. Who will hit their win total predictions? Who is over hyped? Tune in for a fun chat about some Best Bets you won't wanna pass up on. Bolt and His Bro have you covered.
Bolt and His Bro are BACK! NFL preview time- AFC ,and NFC West are discussed by the guys. Favorites to win the divisions. Over/Under win totals for each team. Find out who the fellas think will overachieve and sneak up on some squads this year. Always a fun time! Let's talk some football, and lets make some Coin.
Bolt and His Bro are back! Its US Open golf week, and the guys break down Torrey Pines favorites. Plus who to look for that's not an obvious choice. Always a grinder of a week. Check out who the fellas think will bring it home. The guys also get into NBA playoff action, and discuss who will make the conference finals, and who will win the title. What team can survive the injury bug the best? Tune in for a fun listen and some Solid betting advice.
The best week in Golf is here! Masters week. Augusta always brings out the drama, and the back 9 on Sunday is great theatre. The question is, where should you focus on putting some money down? Who is a solid bet for the weekend? Some really good matchups that Bolt suggest you take before the Tourney starts. Bolt and His Bro will chat about who they like to win, and who is going to have a good week. Catch the guys for a Fun listen, and solid betting tips
The Final 4 is upon us! Did you blow through that Stimulus check? Looking for a little jolt to the bank account. Those Child tax credits won't be here til July! Don't worry about it, we got you covered if you need to make a little profit. Tune into Bolt and his Bro as they break down the Final 4 teams left, plus the championship Game. Always a fun listen. Great tips for betting on sports. Check these guys out before tipoff.
It's been mostly Upset City in this March Madness bubble! One of the craziest and most entertaining tournaments we've ever seen. Bolt and His Bro have you covered on whose still a good bet, and whose time has come to head back to Campus. Catch the best sports gambling podcast out there. Picks were 3-1 last week for College Hoops. Don't miss the Sweet 16 edition.
Bolt and His Bro are Back! The guys sit down to chop it up over March Madness basketball tourney. Round 1 and Round 2 are broken down, plus who the guys each like to go deep into the tourney, some upsets you might not have, and of course Final 4 and Champion. Tune in for a fun listen. Some good entertainment, and always solid advice on where to put your money if you choose to place a wager. Tune in each week for march madness shows.
The Big Daddy of them all is Here- Super Bowl Week! Tune in to hear what Bolt and His Bro have to say about the biggest game of the year. Such a good matchup to break down. You'll want to hear if it's Tom and the Bucs or Big Pat and the Chiefs again. Couple good pointers from Bolt on how to approach prop bets for this game if you so choose. Another fun episode, and the conclusion to a great Season that we didn't know if it would even happen. Don't miss this one.
We are down to the last 4 teams in the NFL playoffs. Catch Bolt and His Bro discuss who they like to make it to the Super Bowl. What are the best Lines to grab for Championship weekend. Who has had a nice run, but will not be moving on. Always a fun listen, plus winning picks! Tune in for a good ride.
Round 2 of your Stimulus relief is here! Riding a Hot, Hot, Hot streak. Bolt is 8-0 last two weeks. Settle in and listen to the Guys discuss last weeks wild card games, plus give out the picks for the Divisional weekend. A fun time with winning picks. Get on board before the season is over.
Bolt and His Bro are here to talk playoff football! It's Wild Card weekend, which is always a treat. Some lines got pumped up a bit too high for Bolt's liking. Somebody is gonna blow the doors off their playoff slump? Tune in to find out who the guys like to move on from this weekend. More importantly, who is going to Cover.
It's the Final week of the NFL season! Bolt and His Bro sit down to chat about whose gonna bring it and make it into the playoffs, and who already has Cabo on their mind. Some lines to grab early in the week, and a couple to sit and see if they change. College game of the week to grab. Don't miss these two for a fun informative listen, and Winning picks for FREE every week!
Bolt and HIs Bro sit down to chat about Week 16 of the NFL season. With only 2 weeks to go who is still motivated to fight for a W, and who has their mind on Cabo and could care less about Covering? Tune in and the Guys will tell you. The Always reliable TEASER of the week is back. Plus Best bets for Christmas week, and the 409 Clean it Up award. Happy Holidays to all!
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