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The Bon Appétit Foodcast features interviews with chefs, writers, and well, anyone who has something cool to say about food. Episodes air every Wednesday.

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When are you supposed to salt mushrooms? How do you know when the wild ones are worth the splurge? Do you really need to clean them? Basically editor Sarah Jampel is answering all of your mushroom questions. Then, digital director Carey Polis chats with Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, the owners of the iconic Heath Ceramics. Last but not least, senior staff writer Alex Beggs is back with the next installment of Cook, Marry, Kill.Get the recipes from this episode:Seared Mushrooms with Garlic and ThymeMushroom Carbonara
Episode 247: Sky High Pies

Episode 247: Sky High Pies


If you're a last-minute decision maker when it comes to Thanksgiving dessert, you've come to the right place. The one and only Chris Morocco developed three stunning, towering pies—lemon meringue, banana cream, and chocolate pudding—and here he walks us through how to make each one. After that, four staffers share their Thanksgiving stories.
This year, our big Thanksgiving feature in the November issue is based on our video series called Making Perfect. In both the magazine and videos,  we challenged the food editors to make their best version of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sides, and pie. Today, we chat with the editors about the dishes they were assigned—what went right, what went wrong, and how it all came together for the perfect meal.Get the recipes from this episode:Bon Appétit’s Absolutely, Positively Perfect Thanksgiving Menu
This week, we’re going behind the scenes of It’s Alive, our video series that chronicles Brad Leone's fermentation experiments (and adventures) and is edited by Matt Hunziker. It was a big leap from videos we used to make—less hands in pans, more humor—so Brad and Hunzi sit with Adam to talk about the series' evolution. After that, we're reading letters and comments we receive. A lot of them are nice, a few are mean, and some are constructive—the kind that we like to engage with. Finally, we're airing the first of a new recurring segment called Cook, Marry, Kill with senior staff writer Alex Beggs.
The newest member of our Test Kitchen team, Sohla El-Waylly, talks about her recent recipe for chicken thigh biryani based on her mom’s lamb version. It took a lot of testing to get it just right—and now it really is. After that, associate editor Hilary Cadigan chats with Donny Sirisavath, chef and owner of Khao Noodle shop in Dallas and this year's no. 2 Best New Restaurant.
Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest left their NYC butcher shop and restaurant about two years ago. They were tired of the long hours and wanted to start a family. So they did just that and founded their own sausage company, J&E Small Goods, which they talk about with Carla Lalli Music. After that, Basically editor Sarah Jampel tells you everything you need to know about cooking with nuts.
We were lucky to have Yasmin Khan stop by the offices a few weeks ago, so we’re airing that conversation for you today as a bonus episode. Healthyish editor Amanda Shapiro chats with Yasmin about her latest book, Zaitoun. It chronicles her travels throughout Palestine, sharing the stories and recipes of the people she met along the way.
Episode 241: Nothing Fancy

Episode 241: Nothing Fancy


Alison Roman is back to talk about her new cookbook, Nothing Fancy, which just came out yesterday. It’s as beautiful as her first and filled with recipes developed around the idea of having people over. That’s right: not entertaining, just having people over. Here she explains how the book came together—and how hosting friends doesn’t have to be a big fussy thing.
Questlove just released his fifth book, Mixtape Potluck, which also happens to be his first cookbook. It's a collection of recipes from his friends—chefs, musicians, entertainers, and artists—and meant to inspire the kind of potluck-style dinner parties he hosts. He swung by to talk about what went into making the book, how food and creativity overlap for him, and, of course, his favorite Philly cheesesteak spots.
Molly Baz is here to help. She shares tips on how to shop for fish (even if you can't make it to speciality market), how to cook fish without stinking up your house, and more. After that, Alex Delany is back with more drinks you should be making now that it's fall.    Get the recipes from this episode:Clam Toasts with Pancetta   Shrimp Toasts with Sesame Seeds and ScallionsWhole Fried Fish with Tomatillo SauceBA's Best Linguini with ClamsSlow-Roasted Salmon with Harissa Slow-Roasted Cod with Bell PeppersFall Spritz
After living in Japan for nearly two decades, Ivan Orkin is  the chef and owner of two ramen shops in NYC and widely (and unusually) considered an American authority on ramen. He enlisted Chris Ying, cofounder and former editor of the late Lucky Peach, to tag team and write The Gaijin Cookbook, their new Japanese cookbook you're truly meant to put to good use. Then, Carla gives us her top 10 cooking rules.
We were at Feast Portland a couple of weekends ago, where Carla Lalli Music and Andy Baraghani talked about the life of a recipe at BA, from development to, ultimately, video. This week, we're airing that conversation. After that, Andy gives us his top 10 cooking rules.  Get the recipes from this episode:Gochujang Pork Shoulder SteaksChopstick-Ready RiceCrunchy Baked Saffron Rice with Barberries (Tachin)
Alex Lau is BA's all-star staff photographer. He's been with the brand for going on six years, and this week he's talking about how he got his start and what it's like to travel the world with a camera in hand. After that, it's Molly Baz's turn to tell us her top 10 cooking rules.
It's officially the best time of the year to cook. Chris Morocco and Andy Baraghani talk through the seven recipes they developed for our September issue to make the most of it—we promise these will get you excited for the new season, even if your tan lines are starting to fade. After that, Chris goes through his own top 10 cooking rules.  Get the recipes from this episode:Creamy Pasta with Crispy MushroomsSweet-and-Saucy Pork ChopsSheet-Pan Potato Hash with FixinsCoconut Milk-Braised Chicken LegsBraised Short Ribs with Squash and ChileRoast Fish with Curry ButterBeef and Ginger Stir-Fry
A galette is the perfect dessert, according to Carla Lalli Music. She walks us through her fail-proof dough that you can fill with anything—be it end-of-summer stone fruit and berries or fall pears and apples. Then, we're kicking off a new mini series. For the next several weeks, one of our test kitchen editors will be sharing their top 10 cooking rules—the techniques they swear by, the ingredients they can't live without, and the drive that keeps them going. First up: the one and only Brad Leone.Get the recipes from this episode:Peach-Plum GaletteAny Berry GaletteFall Fruit GaletteNaked Apple TartSalted-Butter Apple Galette with Maple Whipped CreamBlueberry-Pecan Galette
This week, chef Nina Compton talks about her journey from her home kitchen in the Caribbean to her incredibly successful restaurants in New Orleans, Compère Lapin and Bywater American Bistro. After that, Alex Delany tells shares how to make the three cocktails he's got on rotation right now.   Get the recipes from this episode:SpaghettSiesta
Wine editor Marissa Ross tells us about what she's most excited for this fall (and also what she's definitely over). Yes to winemakers exploring the world of vermouth, no more to describing wines as "funky." After that, Carla Lalli Music talks about something you should be eating a lot of right now: corn.
Lulu Wang, the director and writer of the"The Farewell,"  thought a lot about food while making her film. It's based on what happened in her own life: a Chinese family coming together under the guise of a fake wedding to say goodbye to their grandmother—the family matriarch and the only person that doesn't know she only has a few weeks to live. Then, Healthyish editor Amanda Shapiro gives us the low down on her favorite recipes from the Farmers Market Challenge.   Get the recipes from this episode:Pork Soup DumplingsThe Healthyish 2019 Farmers Market ChallengeSummer Squash and Basil PastaPasta with No-Cook Tomato Sauce
Carla Lalli Music and Chris Morocco sing the praises of chopsticks and discuss its versatility in the kitchen. After that, Carla chats with Gaby Melian about what her job as our test kitchen manager entails.P.S. These are the beautiful plating chopsticks Chris talks about.
Molly Baz chats with Carla Lalli Music about what is debatably the most epic recipe she has developed for Basically: the Big Ass Beach Hoagie. Yep, that is the real recipe name, and yep, there’s a lot to say about how to construct this perfect sandwich. After that, Andy Baraghani talks about the tomato recipes he developed for our August issue, out now.Get the recipes from this episode:Big Ass Beach HoagieTomato GaletteTomatoes with Fig and ProsciuttoSpaghetti with No-Cook PuttanescaTomato Salad with Warm Basil DressingCheesy Stuffed TomatoesTomato and Parmesan Risotto
Comments (19)

Emily McIvor

Would love to try the original lamb Biryani too!

Nov 9th


If you've watched their youtube channel to death, here's you next fix.

Oct 13th

Diane Grenier

is it me or is there a lot of sexual innuendos with chop sticks!

Aug 12th

Yana Kim

soak rice in water and leave in fridge... sometimes white people just go too far lol

Jun 6th

Rebecca MA

It really bothers me that Adam keeps interrupting her, and a lot of his other guests. It's not very respectful.

May 10th

James Clem

xphhnk it y you

Feb 13th

S Hise


Jan 6th

Crackracket YTB

Does it have Brad Leone in it?

Jan 3rd

The One

Just discovered this podcast and it is really entertaining!

Nov 22nd

Mary Haire

this is The Best podcast! I look forward to it every Wednesday.

Nov 18th

Tanna Martin

great podcast walking through cooking techniques for the home cook!

Aug 3rd

Emily Harris

Adam doesn't like Anchovies? I'll put a hundred dollars on the fact that he doesn't like oysters on the half shell and he doesn't go down on his wife.

Mar 31st


so how was Jon and Vinny meal on plane from la

Mar 26th

TwoCreams Please

making a pot of rice for lunch now, thanks guys!

Mar 2nd
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Lorelle Croall

listening to this podcast makes me feel like a better cook than I really am...

Dec 2nd

iTunes User

Longtime listener, like the podcast just fine, but—like many other listeners, apparently—I simply can not stand Adam Rapoport and it's just getting worse. I felt the need to write a constructive review after listening to the most recent episode in which he literally screams at the guest, mid-sentence, to "get to the point about crudité" after he himself interrupted and went on for a while. Some version of this happens in every episode, whether it is interrupting or talking over or chattering on about his fancy travels or his own succesful New York dinner parties and impressive smash burgers. He is quicker to cut off women than men. No doubt Adam means well and fancies himself charming and hip and curious, and maybe he is in person, but it is /unbearable/ to listen to.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Love the magazine, love the guests, but I can't handle the host of this podcast. He talks over the guests or just plays it too cool. I no longer subscribe and only download when it's a guest that's good.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

The narrator talks way too fast. He tends to take over the show. He frequently talks over his guests. It’s like the guests have to speed up their speech in order to get a word in edge wise. The topics are okay, and there are some good moments, but this podcast won’t be good until bon appetite gets a new narrator.

Aug 30th
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