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Plants, art, and experience wired to perfection. Join bonsai artists Jonas Dupuich, John Eads, Michael Hagedorn, Andrew Robson, and Carmen Leskoviansky for roundtable debates on hot button topics and interviews with bonsai luminaries. Connect with us at; learn more about our exemplary sponsors.
42 Episodes
Pacific Bonsai Expo recap

Pacific Bonsai Expo recap


Andrew Robson discusses the Pacific Bonsai Expo with organizers Jonas Dupuich and Eric Schrader.
Co-hosts Andrew and Jonas review their top 7 tips for preparing trees for exhibit.
Co-hosts Andrew and Jonas chat about one of their favorite pastimes - visiting bonsai exhibitions.
Andrew and Jonas chat about keeping bonsai happy during heat spells.
Why put on the Pacific Bonsai Expo? How's the planning going? What can we do to help? Andrew Robson chats with Eric Schrader and Jonas Dupuich to find out.Pacific Bonsai Expo Website
Carmen and Michael discuss accent plants and Kusamono - the Japanese botanical art of creating potted arrangements of grasses and flowers to express season and place. 
In this episode, hosts Andrew Robson and Jonas Dupuich admit to a growing fascination with shohin bonsai.
Farm to Table Recap

Farm to Table Recap


Hosts Andrew and Jonas reflect on their experiences at "Farm to Table," an event hosted by the Bonsai Society of Portland that celebrated the legacy of Telperion farms and provided participants with concrete steps for developing field-grown material.
Chat with John Romano

Chat with John Romano


In this episode, noted shohin authority John Romano talks with host Andrew Robson about growing and appreciating small bonsai.
Co-hosts Andrew and Jonas give an overview of the Bonsai Society of Portland's upcoming seminar, Farm to Table, and discuss all things related to long-term development of quality bonsai.Learn more about Farm to Table at:
ABAS Exhibit Critique

ABAS Exhibit Critique


Andrew and Jonas critique the 62nd American Bonsai Association Sacramento exhibit held April 9-10 in Sacramento, California. See Bonsai Tonight for photos of the trees mentioned in this episode:
Carmen Leskoviansky chats with Samantha Holm about her article "Gender Disparity in American Bonsai" which was published this past summer in Vol. 55 of Bonsai: The Journal of the American Bonsai Society, and the creation the The Purple Pot Society, a national bonsai society focused on uplifting women in bonsai.LinksGender Disparity in American BonsaiThe Purple Pot Society Women in Bonsai: Part 1Women in Bonsai: Part 2Women in Bonsai: Part 3
2021 Wrap-up

2021 Wrap-up


Happy New Year! (And apologies for the delay.) In this episode, Andrew and Jonas review lessons from 2021 and highlights they're looking forward to in 2022.
In this episode, Jonas talks with Eric Schrader about next year's Pacific Bonsai Expo to be held in Oakland, CA, on November 12-13. For a video version of this episode, see the Bonsaify channel on YouTube.
Chat with Nao Tokutake

Chat with Nao Tokutake


Andrew Robson and Jonas Dupuich catch up with Portland ceramicist Nao Tokutake and learn about how great bonsai pots are made.
Hosts Andrew Robson and Jonas Dupuich catch up with friends at the 7th US National Exhibition in Rochester, New York. Find a complete list of guests from this episode along with photos of the exhibition at Bonsai Tonight.
Hosts Andrew Robson and Jonas Dupuich, joined by special guest Nao Tokutake, share their thoughts about ten special trees at the 2021 U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition. See photos of the trees discussed at:
Michael sits down with Carmen to talk about the first months of her apprenticeship.  Carmen shares her experience surviving the “heat dome,” describes early summer work, and outlines goals for what she wants to accomplish and explore over the next three years.
Hosts Andrew Robson and Jonas Dupuich would like to see more diverse species developed as bonsai. Tune in to find out their top three recommendations.
Chat with Sergio Cuan

Chat with Sergio Cuan


In this episode, host Andrew Robson talks with noted deciduous expert Sergio Cuan about one of their favorite topics: deciduous bonsai.
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