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Booth·ish - Stories from photo booth entrepreneurs
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Booth·ish - Stories from photo booth entrepreneurs

Author: Seye Omisore

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Booth·ish is a podcast about photo booth entrepreneurs. We share the stories of photo booth entrepreneurs and their journey to growing their business to six and seven figures.
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If you ask most people in the Photo Booth industry if you should ever do "free" events for your clients, 99% of them will tell you NO. Catalina is the 1% that will tell you YES, and it's because of this unprecedented approach that has allowed her to grow MDRN Activations to a 7 figure Photo Booth business.This is the story of Catalina Bloch and how she accomplished this feat. You don't have a big enough bag to carry all the gems she drops in this episode!About CatalinaCatalina Bloch is the owner of MDRN Photobooth Co. And MDRN Activations, a 7 figure photo booth business which operates across North America. Cat started her photo booth journey as many do, side hustling on  nights and weekends and in her first year she made 6 figures of income. Fast forward to today, she employs over 20 people, in various provinces across Canada and works with some of the worlds biggest brands. When she’s not running her business she’s helping educate the photobooth industry via the photobooth Supply Co Youtube Channel and at
Most people get into the photo booth business with the goal of attracting brides, event planners, and anyone else you can think that might be hosting an event. Billie Chung did too, until the pandemic hit caused him to think differently about how he looked at the industry. He flipped the script and decided to position himself as a preferred partner for other  photo booth companies looking for a white label partner in the New York Tri-State area. This is the story of Billy Chung, the White Label King of New York.
Imagine going from $400 per event with Thumbtack leads, to now $4,000 per event because you've mastered SEO in your local area and you've built a brand where brides see your company as their DFREAM!That's what Matthew Bernier (not BURN YEAR) of Flash Bulb Memories in Tucson, AZ has been able to accomplish. He took his punches at the beginning and now he's punching back. This is his story.
Andrew Mauldin runs Boogie Booth out of New Orleans (NOLA). He's built Boogie Booth to a $750,000 photo booth business, leaning heavily into creating systems for his business and especially leaning into automations. This is his story. 
In this episode of Booth· ish, Zach Schiffman of Studio Z Photo Activations shares his story of how he got into the photo booth industry and eventually grew it to a $500,000 business... all while working full time! Listen and you'll learn how he adjusted his pricing strategy to command higher dollar amounts, how he used word of mouth to grow his business, and what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. Oh yea, he also answers the biggest question of them all... Why are you such an a**hole, Zach? 👀
In this episode, Seye speaks with 10 year photo booth industry veteran Minh Nguyen. Minh Nguyen is the owner and founder of Keopix, a photo booth rental company thats based in Austin, TX and Boston, MA but provides services nationwide. Minh is also the former owner of Yo Props!, one of the largest online stores to purchase photo booth props as well as Booth Active, which is another online marketplace for photo booth supplies.One of Minhs most well known clients is iHeart Radio, and in this episode Minh discusses how he got his first 10 photo booth customers, how he landed iHeart Radio, which propelled him to six figures, and more!00:00 Introduction: 04:00 Getting your first 10 customers with DM slides13:10 Moving to Boston, MA to continue the photo booth journey 14:20 Minhs photo booth pricing in the early days vs local competitors 18:15 Going full time with his photo booth business22:20 Challenges going full time25:50 Spending up to $2,000/month on SEO29:00 His e-mail process when clients contact him33:30 Getting to six figures with iHeart Radio37:00 Creativity challenges in the six figure realm39:20 How Minh got to other bigger clients42:00 Growing his business with white labeling 44:20 Getting to seven figures with multiple sources of income45:30 Outro
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