DiscoverBootleg Avocado: Food, Beverage, Cannabis & Psychedelics
Bootleg Avocado: Food, Beverage, Cannabis & Psychedelics
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Bootleg Avocado: Food, Beverage, Cannabis & Psychedelics

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How is the food world changing for the better? How has the plant-based movement in food, cannabis, and psychedelics shifting the conversation to normalcy and scale? Our food-centric podcast showcases the founders, innovators, and influencers in the fold.
42 Episodes
Bootleg Avocado Presents...The Shifting Form Factor of Micro-Dosing, featuring industry leaders pioneering shifting the form factor of micro-dosing - this panel will highlight unique companies with the latest unconventional products and services.    Illuminating the importance of lifestyle and health, Josh Kirby, Founder of Kin Slips, will discuss his all-natural cannabinoid-infused sublingual strip and how our bodies better absorb products this way. ALT Head Scientist, Jay Spall will explain product development and how ALT provides a personalized high by allowing users total control dosing and flavor without the common health drawbacks associated with smoking or the delayed onset of edibles. Charlotte James and Undrea Wright, Co-founders of The Ancestor Project, will spotlight their work as an inclusive community of support in patient’s plant medicine journey as well as their primary focus on the collective healing of the community.
With the #Covid-19 pandemic 😷 exposing the epidemic of #mentalhealthand #wellness, the need for #plantbased solutions 🌱 to deal with these extreme shifts and finding ways for recovery is imminent. We are here to shed light on the impactful landscape of cannabis as it emerges into the food community - debunking the stigmas and uncovering the innovation that has taken place in food and beverage. 🥘🍹   How do we earn the trust of the food community?  How has the cannabis industry, coming from decades of oppression, social inequity, and culture plant a stake in the future of food?  This panel will highlight the innovative pillars in hemp manufacturing, food and beverage product development, investing, and PR.   Special thanks to our panelists:  - Lori Rosen, Founder & President, Rosen Group PR  - Ben Richardson, Director of Research, 7thirty Capital  - Ben Larson, CEO, Vertosa  - Chad Rosen, Founder, Victory Hemp Foods Recorded by Bootleg Avocado LLC
Featuring Cannabis Industry leaders covering topics related to public relations, licensing, policies and law, manufacturing, white-labeling, sales, and marketing. This Bootleg Avocado panel will illuminate how entrepreneurs can launch their cannabis brand. Highlighting her work in the NCIA and launching her own cannabis PR practice, Lori Rosen (our co-host) will discuss her industry experience. Amy Margolis will discuss the hurdles of licensing and educate the audience on all aspects of cannabis and law. Inanna manufacturing Founder and CEO, Raquel Origel produces a full range of cannabis-infused products (including Infused gummies, vape cartridges and disposable pens, pre-rolls and packed flowers, tinctures and oral sprays, tablet pills, topical products, baked goods) and can provide a focus on the manufacturing/packaging side of the industry. Terra Vera, Head of Sales & Marketing (Eastern U.S. and Caribbean), Chris Walsh has over 10 years experience in the Cannabis Industry and is also the Co-Founder of Upstate Elevator Supply Company, one of the fastest-growing CBD brands in the cannabis sector. He can discuss his expertise in business strategy and development, revenue growth, profit maximization, start-up know-how, and organizational restructuring to enhance business models, staff performance, and infrastructure.
Sex, Chocolate, & Cannabis

Sex, Chocolate, & Cannabis


In partnership with Satori Confections, our event series is back for the first event of 2021, featuring female leaders at the intersection of cannabis, sexuality, and edibles, this panel will illuminate how women can use cannabis to set the mood for love. Highlighting the special effects of fast-acting edibles as sensual aids, author Mary Jane Gibson will discuss her Playboy article, Fast-Acting Edibles are Perfect for a Quickie, while the infamous sex educator and CannaSexual founder Ashley Manta will educate the audience on all aspects of cannabis and intimacy. “Bong Appetit” cannabis cookbook author and Satori Brand Manager Elise McDonough brings a unique perspective on the chemical composition of chocolate and its traditional association with Valentine’s Day, as well as how adding THC to chocolate boosts sexy, euphoric vibes
As legalization in cannabis and psychedelics continues to gain more momentum, the negative stigmas surrounding them are beginning to fade and heading in a brave new direction. New research and information in support of mental health and recovery are coming out and it’s beginning to feel like the more we learn, the less we know. As a result, the need for education is more important now than ever. We will be co-hosting along with Rachel Burkons, Co-founder, Altered Plates Hospitality. We are grateful to have an esteemed panel attending to guide us through their world of education in cannabis & psychedelics.  A huge thank you to: - Jessica Catalano, Chef & Author - Scarlet Ravin, Founder & Alchemist, White Fox Medicinals - Rob Mejia, Chef & President, Our Community Harvest
Psilocybin & Culinary

Psilocybin & Culinary


With changing legislation and emphasis on mental health and recovery, psychedelics have taken the main stage. With help from our co-host Ophelia Chong, we want to take it step further and see how experts in the field have progressed in cultivating, educating, and cooking with psilocybin. We are grateful to have an esteemed panel attending to guide us through their world of psilocybin & culinary. A huge thank you to: - Ophelia Chong, Founder, Gomu Garden - Dr. K, Author, Psilocybin Mushroom Bible - Carla Kieffer, Advisor, Maya Health - Noah Tucker, Chef & Restauranteur **With special appearance from Shelby Hartman, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, DoubleBlind
We are grateful and excited for our recent partnership with Vertosa, who has helped to curate our latest event within the intersection of culinary and cannabis with a focus on investing in minority cannabis founders. We will be co-hosting along with Austin Stevenson, Chief Innovation Officer of Vertosa. Discussions will include: What are the current struggles for minority founders? How can we execute on a call to action to elevate products and ideas for individuals of color? What are creative vehicles that support investments for these founders? A huge thank you to our panelists: - Tiffany Yarde, Founder & CEO, SHOKi - Maggie Connors, Founder & CEO, Besito - Joyce Cenali, Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Big Rock Partners
Launching CPG

Launching CPG


We are kicking off our next event within the intersection of culinary and cannabis with a focus on how to launch consumer packaged goods in the food, beverage, and cannabis industry. We are grateful to have an esteemed panel attending to guide us through their world of early-stage CPG: tech ideation, business fundamentals, e-commerce, and fundraising.  A huge thank you to: - Liz Wald, Co-founder, Dry Powder Partners - Chelsea Ford, Founder, Females in Food - Asaf Cohen-Jonathan, Founder, Asaf Food Technologies
Next Level Products

Next Level Products


We are kicking off our next event within the intersection of culinary and cannabis with a focus on next-level consumer packaged goods in the market - think naturally infused THC honey, milkshakes, elixirs, popcorn, etc.. We are grateful to have an esteemed panel attending to guide us through their world of unique products.  A huge thank you to: - Maya Elisabeth, Founder, Om Edibles - Kevin Huber, CEO, Vertical Growth Innovations - Yoav Bar Joseph, Co-founder & CEO, Cannible - Elad Barkan, Co-founder & CTO, Cannible
Cooking with cannabis has been part of our collective culture in one form or another, since we've been using cannabis as a medicine, going back thousands of years. In more recent times, the proverbial "pot brownie" has been part of our underground culture since the 1960's. Fast forward to the past few years, and the sophistication and offerings for cannabis-infused food products have been skyrocketing. For all you budding canna-chefs out there, we are proud to bring together a team of professionals to put on a cooking demonstration like no other. Learn the basics of what to do to get started and then how to prepare both simple and sophisticated meals or special treats for you and your guests: Chef David Yusefzadeh, Founder of Cloud Creamery Chef Kelly McClay, Dean of the Academy of Culinary Arts, Atlantic Cape Community College Tara Misu, Founder of Blazin Bakery, Host & Moderator *A big thank you to the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association for inviting us on the panel!
Hospitality 2.0

Hospitality 2.0


How will the restaurants and hospitality industry move forward? How are you adjusting to provide the same level of service and hold true to your mission? We are grateful to have our esteemed panel attending to guide us through their new reality of the restaurant world for Bootleg Avocado Presents: Hospitality 2.0. A huge thank you to: Ron Silver, Chef, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Azuca Jen Johnson & Serafina Palendech, Chef, Co-founders, A Boring Life, Inc. Holden Jagger, Chef, Co-founder, Altered Plates Hospitality
Innovation Drive

Innovation Drive


Our live recording of Bootleg Avocado L.L.C. Presents: Innovation Drive, at the intersection of culinary and cannabis.   Our panelists included Mike Hennesy, Director of Innovation, Wana Brands; Yahav Blaicher, Co-founder, CTO, Kaneh-B; Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Co-founder, Ciencia Labs. Discussing: - 2020 R&D Outlook - White Spaces in Edibles - Deciding Performance vs. Brand - The Infrastructure Innovation
With pandemic mania infiltrating our lives, we tend to look for brands that can help us balance our stress and mental health.  Enter Unity Wellness Co. - Founder and CEO, Alex Valley, breaks down his start into the CBD beverage space and where he is taking his newborn brand in 2020.  Definitely some uncharted territory ahead.  
What does navigating through the current pandemic crisis look like for early stage entrepreneurs? In this episode, we had a chat with Marc Siden, CEO of Cloud Water.  We discussed how he is keeping his company true to their mission while also staying afloat.  Given the high demand of cannabis infused brands, is the grass greener on the other side? 
We launched our event series, Bootleg Avocado Presents, on Feb 27, 2019 - a cold winter night in NYC.  With over 120 attendees we ushered in a new type of event focused on the intersection of culinary and cannabis.  Our panelists included Scott Jennings from Pantry, Rachel King from Kaneh Co., David Yusefzadeh from Cloud Creamery, and Kaelan Castetter from the Castetter Sustainability Group.  For those who couldn't attend, here is what you missed....
This week we sat down with Kaelan Castetter, CEO of the Castetter Sustainability Group, and dug into what its like to run a family business in the cannabis industry.  How has the group supported and grown other hemp companies through advocacy and regulatory strife in the Empire State?  Also what does their CBD infused wine taste like?
What does it take to launch a food brand in the cannabis space? Scott Jennings, Co-founder & CEO, Pantry Food Co. stops by to talk about his transition from Wall Street to being at the helm of a chef driven food brand. How do you choose your "investors'" while also investing in your team? 
This week, we had the pleasure to chat with Serafina Palandech, Co-founder and CEO of A Boring Life.  We discuss the current landscape for early stage startups in the food cannabis space and what it takes to survive in the first few months with impending regulatory changes on the horizon.  
Who doesn't like ice cream?! Founder and CEO, David Yusefzadeh, of Cloud Creamery stops by to chat about his journey through restaurant life and how his bout with Crohn's Disease lead him into exploring cannabis and eventually creating Cloud Creamery.  
Happy New Year Everyone! Last week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel King, Chief Development Officer, of Kaneh Company.  Rachel started in the fine dining scene in San Diego and decided to take a risk into the cannabis industry.  So sit back, relax and listen to her journey while eating one of her delicious Kaneh brownies.  
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