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Bore Meets World: A Boy Meets World Podcast
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Bore Meets World: A Boy Meets World Podcast

Author: Big Heads Media

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Kyle & Steve watch and talk about Boy Meets World and the life lessons it taught us.
74 Episodes
BMW 407 - Singled Out

BMW 407 - Singled Out


Cory learns Topanga has four sisters. Stephen learns how to interpret the birdbox scale. Kyle learns his brother can boost ratings. Zach learns podcasting can be addicting.
BMW 406 - Janitor Dad

BMW 406 - Janitor Dad


Shawn learns everyone needs a job. Stephen learns that the microwave is a bad hiding place. Kyle learns three is enough.
BMW 405 - Shallow Boy

BMW 405 - Shallow Boy


Cory learns he'll be a good dad. Stephen learns Kip Winger isn't human. Kyle learns some things are too embarrassing to watch.
Cory learns how to make people feel like they belong. Stephen learns how to flip his empathy switch. Kyle learns Herman is a treasure.
Cory learns to live life on the street Stephen learns what the Birdbox Scale is. Kyle Doesn't.
Cory learns his hair is perfect. Stephen learns why White Castle is the best fast food restaurant. Kyle learns to accept he has hit his awkward years in his thirties.
Eric learns to never settle Stephen learns how to hustle a mall food court. Kyle learns how to kill a podcast.
BMW 322 - Brother, Brother

BMW 322 - Brother, Brother


Cory learns things seem to work out for the best. Stephen learns that laundry is hard. Kyle learns he could have been a professional hacky sack player.
Cory learns dreams come true at Disney World. Stephen learns to watch yourself at Disney World. Kyle learns to let his mom know before he disappears.
Shawn learns no cop ever bully clubbed a happy man. Stephen learns teenagers are awful. Kyle learns he still needs math tutoring.
Cory learns not to share soviet space secrets. Stephen learns to Lysol his groceries. Kyle learns to dodge the 'Rona.
BMW 318 - Life Lessons

BMW 318 - Life Lessons


Cory learns dinosaurs make the best teachers. Stephen learns he's essential. Kyle learns to hoard toilet paper.
Shawn learns you don't have to be blood to be family. Stephen learns to speak French. Kyle learns James Van Der Beek wasn't on Saved By The Bell.
Eric learns to stay in school. Stephen learns "The Day After Tomorrow" was a good movie. Kyle learns how not to be dismissed by salesmen.
Cory learns that Shawn has a reputation. Stephen learns JFK was assassinated. Kyle learns his mom has a future with McDonald's.
Something about kissing? I don't know...
This week Cory and Shawn learn a little more about Frankie the Enforcer and make a new friend. Buy a shirt at
Cory learns he has a thing for french girls. Stephen learns the worm has turned. Kyle learns to stop looking over his shoulder. Go to and use our promo code: LATEFEES to get double your initial deposit.
Cory learns a moose can't be a ranger. Stephen learns Daniel Stern is a tall dude. Kyle learns to always clean your watch. Check out and use our promo code LATEFEES to double your first deposit
Cory learns some people can have fun anywhere Stephen learns to love partay guy. Kyle learns to not look under the bed.
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