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Author: Homb at the Movies and Jackson

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Two guys in their 30s shoot the shit on entertainment news, movies, TV shows, and whatever the hell else they want to talk about. Is that movie boring? Was the latest episode of that TV show annoying? Homb and Jackson are willing to suffer so you don't have to.
105 Episodes
0:01:55 Kevin Smith He-man anime 0:06:56 Matrix 4 0:17:53 Bond: No Time To Die 0:21:43 Jason Mamoa saw the Snyder Cut of Justice League 0:26:20 Sony re-releasing Far From Home with new footage 0:27:36 Dawn of the Dead 4k Bluray is coming 0:28:37 Spider-man out of the MCU 0:55:01 The Boys 1:02:45 SPOILERS 1:21:53 83 Weeks podcast 1:23:32 Good Boys 1:27:12 Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 1:30:23 Why Horror? 1:32:53 Nightmare on Elmstreet 2
News 0:01:44 Harry Styles turns down Little Mermaid 0:03:10 The Hunt is cancelled 0:09:40 Aladdin Sequel coming? 0:10:37 Searching sequel in pre-production 0:12:45 Disney wants Deadpool to be rating flexible 0:15:10 Taika Waititi secret project with Fox Searchlight Topic 0:16:24 Drive 0:29:00 SPOILERS Shit We Watched 0:45:23 Clash of the Titans 0:47:57 Smart People 0:52:36 Slipknot 1:05:17 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 1:09:34 Return of the King
News 0:01:44 Andy Serkis helming Venom 2 0:04:59 TFF loved The Joker 0:06:40 FAKE NEWS: Alita sequel dead? 0:09:35 Taron Edgerton interested in the MCU 0:11:01 Kevin Conroy becoming CW's Batman 0:15:11 Hobbs and Shaw Box Office 0:16:18 Tyrese Gibson is upset again Topic 0:27:04 Hobbs & Shaw 0:25:00 SPOILERS 0:47:54 Where does "Fast & Furious" go from here? 1:05:58 Shit We Watched 1:22:58 Letters
News 0:02:30 Mad Max Sequels 0:05:41 Todd McFarlane's Spawn delays 0:07:41 32 Emmy noms for GoT Final Season Topic 0:10:00 Comic Con Trailer Reviews (Zombieland 2, Top Gun 2, Terminator whatever, IT 2, Jay and Silent Bob, Jojo Rabbit, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, The Lighthouse, Picard, The Witcher, His Dark Materials, Watchmen, Westworld, Rick and Morty) 0:46:38 Marvel Panel Shit We Watched 1:11:10 The Boys 1:15:15 Comedians in Cars 1:17:44 A True Hack 1:22:30 Schitt's Creek
0:02:26 Remakes: Bastardized/Misguided Changes vs Hollow/Shallow Faithfulness? Which is better? 0:13:51 Top 5 of the Year
0:02:29 Taika returning for Thor 4 0:04:24 Avengers Endgame closing in on Avatar 0:05:37 Lashana Lynch new 007???? 0:07:00 Chrisoph Waltz returning to Bond 0:10:55 Power Rangers reboot 0:13:10 Lion King Reviews Arrive.... 0:14:38 Buddy Cop Movies (feat. 48 Hours) 0:27:29 Stuber 0:31:35 SPOILERS 0:42:21 Crawl 0:49:45 Neon Genesis Evangelion concluded 0:55:16 Curb Your Enthusiasm again 1:00:03 Lady in the Water 1:09:49 Another 48 Hours
News 0:02:12 Mortal Kombat casting 0:04:19 The Joker will piss off fans? 0:08:16 Stranger Things 3 breaks records 0:09:33 Spider-Man may not stay with Marvel...if Sony is stupid 0:13:59 Metallica Loves Children 0:14:48 The Lion King is grrrreat apparently Trailer Time 0:17:44 Trailer Time (Jumanji 3, Mulan, Ad Astra, Maleficent 2, Knives Out) Topic 0:34:30 Stranger Things 3 0:39:54 SPOILERS 0:57:23 Dark Season 1 and 2 (SPOILERS)
0:01:06 Fast 9 and Dave Batista 0:02:21 JA Bayona to Helm Lord of the Rings for Amazon 0:04:24 Nicholas Winding Refn pitching Batgirl 0:06:03 Halle Balley is live action Little Mermaid 0:12:11 Vampires Kiss 0:28:43 Spider-Man Far From Home 0:32:37 SPOILERS 1:01:09 Dark season 2/ Stranger Things 3 preview 1:02:54 Endgame "re-release" 1:04:37 Neon Genesis Evangelion continued 1:06:23 My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
B&A Reviews: "Midsommar"

B&A Reviews: "Midsommar"


0:12:49 SPOILERS
Comments (2)

Kawaii Biscuit Boi

This Is One Of The First Episodes Of Bored And Annoyed I Listened To, And I'm So Glad I Did!

Mar 12th

Honey Badger Is King

Love the show, even when I disagree. Keep it up guys.

Dec 12th
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