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Bored and Annoyed

Author: Homb at the Movies and Jackson

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Two guys in their 30s shoot the shit on entertainment news, movies, TV shows, and whatever the hell else they want to talk about. Is that movie boring? Was the latest episode of that TV show annoying? Homb and Jackson are willing to suffer so you don't have to.
93 Episodes
News 0:00:40 Show News 0:02:30 John Wick 3 Box Office and 4 release date 0:05:06 He-Man pushed to 2021 0:07:18 Emmas join Cruella 0:08:07 Half of the Conchords join Avatar 2 0:09:53 Saw Reboot? 0:13:43 Robert Pattinson Batman? Shit We Watched 0:20:40 System of a Down and Ghost 0:26:45 Curb Your Enthusiasm 0:31:08 Wedding Crashers 0:32:29 Chernobyl Topic 0:35:37 John Wick 3
News 0:01:42 GoT books finished?????? 0:04:22 2022 Star Wars brings on D and D Trailers 0:07:50 Maleficent 2 0:14:08 Midsommer Trailer 2 0:15:51 The Lodge 0:18:51 Watchmen on HBO Shit We Watched 0:22:20 Beware the Slenderman 0:26:26 John Wick 0:35:50 Chernobyl 0:41:52 Detective Pikachu 0:46:34 SPOILERS Topic 0:57:28 Video Game Movie Pitches
News 0:01:26 RIP Peter Mayhew 0:03:34 Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 0:09:51 Sonic Trailer 0:16:58 IT: Chapter 2 Trailer 0:20:30 Endgame BO update 0:23:31 Disney Release slate 0:24:47 Batman Pushed to 2020 production date 0:25:44 Amy Pascal leaves Sony for Universal Shit We Watched 0:29:40 Manhunt: Unabomber 0:32:56 Kill the Messenger 0:37:09 Ben is Back 0:40:17 Little Woods 0:43:03 Long Shot 0:51:36 Tolkien 0:55:07 Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 SPOILERS 1:10:05 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile Topic 1:22:34 Are Biopics Inherently Boring?
News 0:00:59 Avengers demolishes box office records 0:07:15 Chloe Grace Moretz meets Tom and Jerry 0:08:26 Jim Carrey is Dr. Robotnik...I think? 0:09:50 Detective Pikachu getting good reactions 0:10:24 Trailer Time (21 Bridges, Anna) Shit We Watched 0:19:23 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 0:22:38 Santa Clarita Diet 0:25:37 The Hills Have Eyes 0:28:21 Our Planet 0:32:33 The Witch 0:35:35 Game of Thrones: The Long Night (SPOILERS) Topic 1:00:13 Where Does Marvel Go After Endgame?
0:04:40 SPOILERS
News 0:01:18 John Cena in Suicide Squad 2 0:02:39 Swamp Thing season stops filming prematurely 0:04:41 Taika Waititi doing Akira? 0:05:39 La Llorona wins the weekend 0:06:39 Man watches Captain Marvel 116 times 0:09:32 Trailer Time (Childs Play, Gemini Man, Hanna) 0:16:11 Mouse Guard shut down by Disney 0:18:37 Avengers Endgame presales results, early reactions, and premiere news Shit We Watched 24:09 Santa Clarita Diet 27:40 Videodrome and Society 33:12 The Favourite 38:11 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy 40:10 Infinity War 41:30 The Curse of La Llorona 54:08 GoT Episode 2 Topic 1:13:03 Top 10 Marvel Movies
News 0:02:56 Chucky Doll Reveal 0:05:21 Hellboy Fails 0:09:04 Game of Thrones beats itself Shit We Watched 0:12:04 The Silence 0:13:54 Alex's Marvel Recap part 2 0:23:07 Q: the Winged Serpent 0:25:44 Bram Stoker's Dracula 0:30:00 The Perfect Date 0:32:34 The Unicorn Store 0:37:00 Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 0:44:01 SPOILERS Topic 0:55:06 Reboots that Nobody Asked For
0:11:27 SPOILERS
Comments (2)

Kawaii Biscuit Boi

This Is One Of The First Episodes Of Bored And Annoyed I Listened To, And I'm So Glad I Did!

Mar 12th

Honey Badger Is King

Love the show, even when I disagree. Keep it up guys.

Dec 12th
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