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In this episode I talk with Juan Ortiz Freuler. He is an Argentinian lawyer leading the Non-Align Technologies Movement ( He’s also a former fellow at the Web Foundation. In this conversation we talk about the escalated arms race between the United States and China. Are we in a Digital Cold War? How are countries […]
This time in #TheBMShow I interview João Carlos Magalhães. He is a postdoctoral researcher in the project Platform Governance and Copyright in Berlin. This conversation is a continuation of the interviews with Ulises Mejias ( and Nick Couldry ( We cover data colonialism again, but we get more specific in the datafication of welfare systems […]
This time I interview Marta Peirano. She’s a Spanish journalist, author and researcher who covers the intersection between technology and power. Her latest book (in Spanish) is called ‘El enemigo conoce el sistema’. We have a broad conversation covering different topics such as surveillance capitalism, data colonialism, disinformation and revolutions. But the goal behind this […]
In this episode I talk with Lina Dencik, co-founder and director of the Data Justice Lab. We talk about surveillance in the workplace, the datafication of welfare systems, and how we’re constantly being rated. Watch the video interview here:
In this episode I talk with Raul Gallego Abellan. He is an award winning filmmaker who has covered some revolutionary events. In particular, I wanted to talk with him about the 2019 Hong Kong protests. He was there filming the event last year and he’s working on a documentary about that. Watch the video interview […]
In this episode I talk with George Lawson. He is the author of Anatomies of Revolution and a Professor of International Relations at ANU, having previously taught at LSE and Goldsmiths, University of London. This in an important episode, because this time with George I talk about revolutions. We talk about what makes revolutions work. […]
Watch the video interview here:
Watch the video interview here:
After 9/11 we saw one of the most sophisticated surveillance apparatus the world had ever seen. And I believe the surveillance that will come with the COVID-19 pandemic will be even bigger. This will be under-the-skin surveillance. So we need to start conversations to figure this beast out and find a way forward. I’m officially […]
The post The Digital Cold War: A Battle to Rule the Universe and Establish Data Dictatorships appeared first on Borja's Blog.
A conversation with Alessia Putin where we talk about illiberalism, the source of the arising extremist movements we’re seeing, and the source of the polarization of societies. We also talk about what she believes it’s enabling data dictatorships, and that’s the dictatorship we all have inside of us. The post Illiberalism, Polarized Societies and Inner Dictatorships // A Conversation with Alessia Putin appeared first on Borja's Blog.
The post Computational Propaganda: Why Data Extraction Allows Massive Manipulation // An Interview with Marta Peirano appeared first on Borja's Blog.
The post The Future of Democracies Depends on How We Deal with Privacy Today // Interview with Enrique Dans appeared first on Borja's Blog.
A lot of people are warning us of the dangers democracies around the world face. But very few people talk in depth of the origin of these threats.  Today we’re seeing a global race to rule artificial intelligence. And the tricky thing about this race is that, every country is on it, whether they want […] The post Why Democracies Die and the Reason Privacy Is the Source of Power for the 21st Century appeared first on Borja's Blog.
Today politics is about the struggle of controlling the flows of data, and that might give birth to modern dictatorships. The post Modern Dictatorships and the Fall of Liberal Democracy: A Global System Ruled by Whoever Controls Data appeared first on Borja's Blog.
Today advertisers can do a lots of things. But tomorrow when there’s a mass adoption of devices that can capture biometric data, advertisers’ creepiness will get to a whole new level. The post Advertising Is a Disease That Thrives in the Attention Business appeared first on Borja's Blog.
Manipulating the masses is easier than ever, and social media platforms are doing nothing about it. We need regulations. The post Information Warfare: Russian Propaganda, IRA and How to Hack Society Through Social Media appeared first on Borja's Blog.
Are we in control of our own thoughts? Here’s a couple of chapters from my book Defeating Mr. Mole. (You can download the whole book for free at The post Is There Such Thing as Free Will? appeared first on Borja's Blog.
Depression, lack of identity and some other psychological challenges will hit people who lose their jobs. The post The Trillion-Dollar Market Take Over: The Consequences Behind the Loss of Jobs appeared first on Borja's Blog.
What would happen if we continue with our current privacy standards and our thoughts are out there in the open? The post Your Deepest Thoughts in the Open: The Danger of Brain-Computer Interfaces appeared first on Borja's Blog.
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