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Welcome to the Bowmar Show- your hosts Josh and Sarah Bowmar are certified personal trainers and certified nutrition specialists. Through social media, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people transform into the best versions of themselves. On the podcast, they’ll discuss business, fitness, health, tips, tricks, and everything in between. This podcast will motivate, educate, and inspire you!
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In this episode, I go through the top 20 questions everyone has been asking about being pregnant, delivering, and being a first time mom all during a global pandemic. Thanks for listening to the Bowmar Show! 
Oakley turned four months old today! We still cannot believe we get to wake up every single day and raise this little angel. While there are so many amazing blessings every single day with her, it doesn't mean we haven't had to adjust and shift into our new roles as parents. We asked our Instagram family for some questions they had about the last four months of our life raising Oakley! We hope you find these raw answers helpful!  Anxiety book discussed
In this episode, we wanted to go through our birth experience for our Daughter- Oakley. Blog:
I cannot believe we get to meet our little bundle so soon! I loved recording this solo podcast and answering all of your pregnancy questions! 
In this episode, we answer all of the most frequently asked questions regrading the behind the scenes of Bowmar Nutrition! 
In this episode, we take you behind the scenes of every step in the process of bringing a product to market; including everything that could go wrong in the process! This is part 1 of 2! Part 2 will be all of your questions that were submitted regarding your questions about the day to day behind the scenes action. 
Ep. 18- Q and A

Ep. 18- Q and A


A fun episode full of user submitted questions from Instagram! 
Josh and I have been working from home, together, since 2014. In this episode, we take you through our tips for living in isolationTopics and time stamps:Working From Home 3:00Working Out At Home 11:50Eating Healthy At Home 25:00Marriage Tips 34:40Remaining Positive 42:50
During this solo podcast, I go through a very high level of all the supplements Bowmar Nutrition has to offer and who needs what. We do not believe in everyone buying everything from us- we only want you to invest in what you actually need! Website: bowmarnutrition.comBlog:
We are so excited to announce that we are expanding our family in July with a little baby! This podcast goes through the first 13 weeks of pregnancy and Sarah is updating her blog as well the entire time:
Thanks for listening! This episode is all about how we travel fit, flying and cruising with supplements, road trip fit tips, and fast food hacks and our recommendations! Enjoy! 
Thank you for tuning in and listening to this episode! Below, please find each myth  Eating more small meals per day ramps up your metabolism 1:52Eating carbs makes you fat 5:52 The anabolic window 9:08Late night eating makes you fat 13:21Do I have to count calories even though I am eating healthy 16:43Fasting puts you in starvation mode 20:54Women shouldn’t lift because they’ll get bulky 25:28Women should train differently than men 30:06You shouldn’t do cardio if you are trying to grow muscle 30:53You have to confuse the muscle in order for it to grow 32:11Turning fat into muscle 36:24
Thank you for listening! In this episode, I go over the differences in hunger and cravings, some supplements that may help, what different cravings might mean, and my personal tips on what to do when it comes to reducing cravings! 
We felt the need to break up with knowledge posts with an entertaining Q and A podcast- nothing was off limits during this very funny, and very embarrassing, Q and A session 
During this episode we take you through all the ins and outs of fasting- almost like a fasting for dummies. You will learn about the different types of fasts, the benefits, frequency, duration, what to break your fast with, what you can have during your fast, when to workout if you are fasting, and so much more!  Thank y'all for listening, downloading, and leaving a 5 star review! 
As always- thank you for listening. It's the beginning of November and these questions are already pouring in. This is a shorter podcast but definitely an important one when it comes to how to handle your fitness goals around the holiday months.
On this solo episode, I (Sarah), take you through the cosmetic procedures I've had done. It's topic that is asked of me frequently. Procedures I’ve Had Done:Breast AugmentationLaser Hair RemovalLip Fillers- Once In 2015MicrobladingEyelinerFacial Treatments: Microneedling, Halo, PRPBotox For each procedure, I discuss the WHY, cost, upkeep, recovery time, how to choose a surgeon or professional, limitations, etc  Cosmetic Procedures In The Fitness Industry
On this episode, we take you through the birth of Bowmar Nutrition and answer some of your questions!Below, please find the show notes if you would like to jump to a spot once you listen to the whole podcast or if you're looking for a particular answer to a question:1:38 Our First Failure7:43 The Invention of Protein Hot Chocolate9:21 The Birth Of Bowmar Nutrition13:30 How Are We Debt Free16:30 Placing Our Second Order18:17 Why We Started It21:35 What Is the Second Flavor22:35 How We Come Up With Products24:30 Why is The One Tub White29:40 How Do You Come Up with Products and How Long it Takes32:07 and 33:05 What Sets Us Apart35:00 How Do We Make The Products42:30 When Did We Realize Our Brand Was A Success45:20 Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years
On this episode, we discuss what we believe to be the top 9 pitfalls of dieting. There are common mistakes that many don’t know they are making and don’t know why they aren’t seeing results. If you would like to skip ahead to a particular topic, please reference the time slots below   1:46 Hidden Calories 5:37 Drinking Your Calories 8:55 Eating Carbs and FatsTogether 10:51 Weekend Warriors 17:38 Alcohol 22:38 Eyeballing Food 23:53 Eating Too Much “Clean Food” 29:55 Stress Eating 33:23 Eating Back Your Calories   Artificial sweetener podcast from Lacey: Eating Back Your Calories Blog:   Thank you for listening- please leave us a review if you like this podcast!
During this episode, we take you through the businesses that we own, a day in the life, and answered some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to business.If you are wanting to skip ahead to the questions, find the show notes below:Minute 19:46 The Pros and Cons of Working With Your SpouseMinute 26:26 How to Stay OrganizedMinute 29:36 Were You Afraid to FailMinute 33:03 Step 1 in Starting a BusinessMinute 35:00 What Education Should I Focus OnMinute 42:19 Tips For Someone Who Wants to Quit Their JobMinute 44:14 Whats Your Opinion on Balance Since You Work So MuchMinute 46:30 BIGGEST take away from this podcastMinute 48:11 How Do I BudgetMinute Challenges When Starting A Business
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