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Author: Team ODEA

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We’re Team ODEA, a group of strategists, technologists and creatives that believe marketing is energizing. It’s not board room meetings and tactics that lack results. It’s innovative, strategic, imaginative and BOLD! Our mission is to make marketing approachable and actionable for all businesses, regardless of product, service or industry.

Each episode of Brain Lava unpacks a different element of marketing or tech. We share our thoughts as marketers and ask for yours too.
46 Episodes
Welcome to a very special edition of Brain Lava! On this episode, we’re jazzing things up a bit. Not only can you listen to us on this podcast episode, but we’ve also created a handy-dandy “Top SEO Tips” presentation! To view the presentation while you listen, click here.
Episode 4- COVID-19

Episode 4- COVID-19


You've got questions. We've got answers. The Entrepreneur and Family Business Council hosted a free conference call, "Helping You Deal With COVID-19: Ask the Strategic Partners Conference Call". Each of the EFBC's Strategic Partners provided guidance for these difficult times in areas spanning law, finance, marketing (that's us!), IT, accounting, insurance, HR and banking. Weren't able to attend the virtual meetup? We've got you covered. Find the answers to your business related COVID-19 questions here.
There’s no better way of explaining why it’s important to keep content simple on marketing assets like a good food analogy. Check out this week’s episode where Patty is joined by ODEA graphic designer, Stephanie to talk about two things we love: keeping content digestible and Portillo’s chocolate cake.
In this week’s episode, we’re excited to have Andrea Durfey, marketing and communications strategist, join ODEA President, Patty Rioux! Andrea’s been in marketing for nearly thirty years with a brain full of insights she’s ready to share. On this episode, Patty and Andrea discuss marketing in 2020 and three areas businesses should focus their marketing efforts.
Welcome to season two of Brain Lava! We’re so excited to be back and kicking off this week’s episode with one of our favorite “Patty-isms”, Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. But sometimes you have to hit pause on a project and take some time to retool before you get back in the race. And that’s okay! Take a listen to this week’s episode to hear how ODEA is using this very advice to take Brain Lava to the next level.
You may be feeling the heat of uncertainty about website and mobile app accessibility after a recent court case regarding ADA and digital assets was in front of the US Supreme Court. But don’t sweat it. We're working closely with our friends at fjorge Digital, one of our dev teams, to stay up-to-date and keep you informed. This week on Brain Lava, Joe Barsness of fjorge Digital joins us to explain the slightly confusing WCAG, share best practices and give us some tools for helping determine the accessibility of your website.
If your organization changes its name and/or logo there are A LOT of places and items to update with the new brand. Some are more obvious like your website and email address. But what about all the little things? Voicemail box recordings. Internal documents. Office Signage. The list goes on! In Episode 40 of Brain Lava, Liz Fidanovski, Executive Director of the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council, joins ODEA President Patty Rioux to share her experience of living through a recent rebrand.
 Brands have signature logos, signature taglines and, increasingly, signature sounds. Tune in to Brain Lava to hear ODEA Prez, Patty Rioux, share her thoughts on why brands need to invest in sounds even more as voice search and voice assistants keep changing in the marketing world. 
 Podcasts are growing in popularity – fast! Edison Research found that in 2018, 26% of Americans listened to podcasts monthly. So why haven’t you started yours? If you’re on the fence about podcasting, we’re sharing three reasons you should consider getting in on the action! 
 Less is more. We apply this thinking to everything from putting on cologne to driving in Chicago traffic. On this week’s episode, we’re sharing why you should keep that lesson in mind when it comes to everything from your content to your ideas to running your biz. 
Thinking about your next website and the engine that’s going to drive it? Stuck between an open source or a proprietary content management system (CMS)? You’re in luck! On this week’s episode of Brain Lava, we’re talking about the differences between the two.
Social media for business can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re brand new to the social platform world. In this week’s episode of Brain Lava, we’re sharing three lessons we’ve learned at ODEA wile navigating the world of social media for B2B businesses -- including our own!
Episode 29- Swag

Episode 29- Swag


Swag matters! Or does it? Listen to this week’s episode to find out from Patty, Megan and Stephanie if swag is something you should be thinking about!
On this episode, we’re speaking out for those that don’t have a voice. Those that are stretched and skewed to their limits without complaint. We’re speaking up for images and logos and sharing how to properly resize them!
To us, statistics are like donuts, there’s really no such thing as too many. But fear not, this week we’re only serving up nine stats that will totally blow your mind. From cold calls, to websites, to sales to the ever-growing YouTube – these nine stats run the gamut.
Trade show necessities: Business cards, comfortable shoes, swag, supplies box, refreshments…the list goes on and on. But don’t sweat it because we’re sharing three tips from someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the trade show world. From designing booths, to breaking them down and setting them up, to working them, our Prez Patty has done it all!
 Welcome to the future: where you can order your favorite peanut butter through a tiny device on your counter while cooking your breakfast. On this week's episode of Brain Lava, we're discussing voice search and how it's going to change the future of marketing. 
Think the art of referrals is dying? We think not. ODEA President, Patty Rioux, talks referrals and why we think they’re still a major key to success in B2B on this week’s episode of Brain Lava. 
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what does it have to do with your website? Those are two of the questions we’re answering in this week’s episode of Brain Lava, where we break down the basics of SEO and why you should be thinking about it for your website.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could view a product online from all angles- from the top, the sides, even the bottom? Well, your wish is technologies command. More and more companies are using 360 images that allow consumers to view a product from literally any angle they choose. But is it worth the investment? We’ve got a few stats we think you’re going to want to hear. 
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