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Brave, Not Perfect with Reshma Saujani

Author: Reshma Saujani /Girls Who Code

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Get ready to leave perfect behind. Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, has run for office twice and failed. But exercising her bravery muscle led her to create a nonprofit that's reached 185,000 girls with its computer education programs and message of sisterhood. Join Reshma on her mission to show that being brave, not perfect, is the secret to changing the world.

The award-winning Brave, Not Perfect podcast, based on Reshma's internationally bestselling book, brings you interviews with changemakers with one thing in common. They decided it was better to be brave, not perfect.
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As women, we're taught to get everything lined up perfectly before we reach for that big dream or take the next step. But sometimes, just going for it is the secret to success. It's time to let go of what's holding you back and just start. Reshma reveals her big dream she's been scared to admit even to herself and takes one small step towards it. Plus, she's got a bravery challenge for you. You can tell Reshma your Brave, Not Perfect story or ask her a question by calling 347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani.Guests: Sarah McBride, the first openly transgender person to speak at a major political party convention and candidate for state senate in Delaware, gives Reshma advice about pursuing her big dream and discusses the fight for transgender equality. Plus, Gaby and Jenelle Acosta, hosts of The Way We Lead podcast, share their brave, not perfect story.Sarah McBride's Twitter: McBride's DNC Speech: Way We Lead podcast:
Do you worry about sounding dumb so you avoid asking questions or speaking up in meetings? Do you write down what you want to say, or go over and over it in your head? This week Reshma explores how that starts when we're young girls and keeps us from taking up space when we grow up. Plus, she gives you a bravery challenge so you can start to speak up for yourself in those moments that's really matter. You can tell Reshma your Brave, Not Perfect story or ask her a question by calling 347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani.Guests: Dr. Joy Bradford, host of the Therapy for Black Girls Podcast, talks to Reshma about unique obstacles women of color face when it comes to bravery and perfection. Yamani Hernandez, Executive Director of the National Network of Abortion Funds, get personal and discusses standing up for yourself in those moments that really matter and how the medical establishment is gaslighting women.Therapy for Black Girls: https://www.therapyforblackgirls.comNational Network of Abortion Funds:
As women, we're missing out on a lot of fun. If we're bad at something, it can suck all the joy out of it. This week, Reshma explores how to break away from that perfection mindset. Her journey for joy takes her to an unexpected place where she has to face one of her fears. Plus, she's got a bravery challenge for you. You can tell Reshma your Brave, Not Perfect story or ask her a question by calling 347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani.Guests: Paola Mendoza, an activist and filmmaker, talks to Reshma about finding joy and healing while fighting back against the Trump administration. Karen Rinaldi, author of (It's Great to) Suck at Something, discusses the joy of wiping out and shares her "gospel of suckitude."  (It's Great to) Suck at Something: Mendoza's Instagram:
You can't be brave if you're tired. As Reshma says, every woman she  knows is tired because of all the responsibilities we're taking on. This  week, Reshma's forced to take her own advice and get some rest. Plus, she explores why getting that rest is such an essential part of being  brave. You can leave a  voicemail for Reshma for your Brave, Not Perfect story or a question at  347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani.Guests: Arianna Huffington, founder of Thrive Global and The Huffington Post. Author of The Sleep Revolution and Thrive. Thrive Global:
Does the idea of putting together furniture or changing a flat tire overwhelm you? Reshma explores the way young girls are discouraged from working through challenges and sitting with frustration—and how that impacts us later in life. Plus, we learn a surprising secret about the founder of Girls Who Code, who gives you a challenge to strengthen your bravery muscle. You can leave a voicemail for Reshma with your Brave, Not Perfect story or a question at 347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani.Guests: Psychologist Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance & MacArthur genius grant winner, gives Reshma valuable advice for her bravery challenge and gives thoughtful insight about how we should all use our grit. Patrice Banks, founder of Girls Auto Clinic, talks to Reshma about her journey from being an "auto air head" to opening her own car repair shop focused on empowering women to get comfortable fixing their vehicles.Girls Auto Clinic: Duckworth's TED Talk: Character Lab:
Let’s work that bravery muscle—literally! Reshma explores the ways we’ve been teaching young girls to be fearful and gives you a bravery challenge to help you unlearn those messages. Plus, she takes on a physical challenge that’s haunted her since childhood. You can leave a voicemail for Reshma at 347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani. Guests: Madame Gandhi, a feminist musician who joins Reshma for a conversation about free bleeding, boxing and how she started dreaming bigger. Caroline Paul, who's exceptionally adventurous and wrote the New York Times bestselling book The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure.Madame Gandhi's Instagram: Paul's TED Talk:
Is worrying what other people think holding you back? Reshma explores how we can stop giving so many fucks. Tune in for Reshma’s musical debut. Stay for the insightful interview with visionary Elaine Welteroth, the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue and current Project Runway judge. Plus, Reshma gets some tips about how to let go and has a bravery challenge for you. You can leave a voicemail for Reshma at 347-76-BRAVE. Plus, you can follow her on twitter and instagram @ReshmaSaujani.
Ready to get brave? It's time to break away from the cult of perfection with your bravery coach, Reshma Saujani. This season, she's inviting you on a six week challenge to build up your bravery. Reshma's going to be working those muscles right alongside you, facing some of her biggest fears and admitting that big dream that keeps her up at night. Tune in this Tuesday for a very special treat. Keep up with us on social by following @ReshmaSaujani on Instagram and Twitter—and be sure to check out the new Brave, Not Perfect Facebook group. 
Robin Maxkii is a Native American technology activist, filmmaker, and writer. Robin first taught herself to use computers at the public library. She's been blogging since she was a pre-teen, and taught herself coding, but didn’t  recognize her own talent until a teacher walked past her in the computer lab. Robin is a member of the Mohican Nation Stockbridge-Munsee band, a tribal college graduate and director of the first national Native American Collegiate Hackathon. Watch Robin’s SISTERHOOD video and follow her on Twitter at @rmaxkii.
Claire Wasserman is the incredibly brave woman behind Ladies Get Paid - an organization that provides the tools, resources, and a community to help women negotiate for equal pay and power in the workplace. Their mission - help ladies get paid! Asking for a raise and negotiating benefits at work can be a terrifying experience for anyone - and for women, who’ve been raised to accept what they’re told and stay in their lane, it’s actually creating a real problem: the gender pay gap (and leadership gap!). Did you know that 60% of today's college graduates are women, yet less than 22% make it past middle management? Tune in to the Brave, Not Perfect podcast for a conversation with Reshma and Claire about bravery, sexism, and getting paid. Follow Claire’s journey on Instagram at @clairewassermanxo and @ladiesgetpaid - and join their community at
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