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Bravo Dog Knowledge: Dog Training Podcast
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Bravo Dog Knowledge: Dog Training Podcast

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The Podcast dedicated to dog behaviour, dog training and all things dog! Force-free focused and hosted by Renée Erdman, CTC, DipCBST, VSPDT, ACDBC of Email to advertise with us. Support this podcast:
30 Episodes
It’s not sit, down, stay or come when called!--- Support this podcast:
Post Adoption

Post Adoption


Congratulations! You have adopted a dog.... now what? --- Support this podcast:
When is the best time to add a dog to your family?--- Support this podcast:
Trigger Stacking

Trigger Stacking


Trigger stacking can create large scale reactions. In this episode we discuss stressors, threshold and trigger stacking.--- Support this podcast:
Being an advocate for your dog can mean many things. In this episode we discuss measures you can take to empower your dog and set them up to succeed.--- Support this podcast:
Behaviour Band-Aids

Behaviour Band-Aids


Why suppressing undesirable behaviour often backfires. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we talk to Dr Karen Van Haaften to discuss regulation in dog training and pet care. The BC SPCA has developed standards for dog trainers through the Animal Kind Accreditation program. Read about the standards here: Support this podcast:
Sébastien Larabée, CPDT-KA, co-owns and has been working as a dog trainer and behaviour consultant for approximately 8 years. He was not always using modern, reward-based methods. Originally he was trained to use methods that were unpleasant to the dogs he worked with but made a conscious decision to change and evolve. How did he get to that point? What are the challenges of making those changes?--- Support this podcast:
We talk to Dr Zazie Todd of and discuss her paper 'Barriers to the adoption of humane dog training methods'--- Support this podcast:
Babies, Children and Dogs

Babies, Children and Dogs


We talk about children and dogs today - covering baby prep, appropriate interactions and some simple tips to set your family up for success. Kathrine Mancuso Christ joins us from in Wichita, Kansas--- Support this podcast:
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Nov 20th
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