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Breaking the Huddle with Joel Klatt

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Joel Klatt breaks down the biggest stories in the world of college football. Joel relies on his experience on the field, detailed film analysis and unmatched preparation to give the listener the most consistent and best analysis. Each week, Joel will dive into his Top 10 teams, take your questions and discuss the Heisman Trophy race with a rotating panel of expert guests.

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With only 2 weeks until bowl games, Joel tells you where he stands with the best (and WORST) teams of the season. Are you with him or against him??
Joel Klatt returns with more talk of the Pac-12, SEC and all the rest. Will Oregon continue to rise in the rankings? Georgia and Florida face off and what will happen to Notre Dame? Catch it all right here before the weekend!
Joel lays out some of the most exciting change-ups in college football this weekend, what to expect in the biggest games and what teams will bring the biggest upsets.
Catch Joel on another week of college games with some picks that might catch you by surprise!
Joel Klatt unravels the excitement that is the Red River Showdown this Saturday on FOX, plus more of the biggest games of the season this weekend. USC takes on Notre Dame, Texas A&M battles 'Bama... who is Joel siding with? Who will YOU be rooting for? He's got Oklahoma at #4, 'Bama at #3, LSU at #2; listen in to see who he has standing at #1!
Joel Klatt runs through his Top 10 of the week, reveals his "Performer of the Week", engages with YOU on social and dives deep into his favorite teams and why they have a chance to grab a W in week 3.
Klatt is back!

Klatt is back!


Joel Klatt returns with another season of college football laying out his Top 25 teams in the country and diving in on his Top 10. Find out who he calls out on social, why he agrees with fans or claps back - tune in every week for what to expect for the exciting season ahead!
Is Clemson not getting enough credit? Why should you be rooting for Alabama this weekend? Is expansion bad for the College Football Playoff? Klatt breaks it all down in this week's Breaking the Huddle.
Alabama's historic season, Oklahoma's dominant offense, Notre Dame's huge game vs. Syracuse at Yankee Stadium and Clemson standing out in a subpar ACC headline this week's Breaking the Huddle. Finally, Joel tells you why Preseason Rankings must go away next season.
Joel Klatt reveals his first CFP rankings and tell you why the committee is the absolute worst way to decide the College Football Playoff.
Joel releases his new Top 10 and tells you why UCF will never be a part of it, while making the case for Ohio State. Plus, Joel breaks down his midseason CFB awards and gives an early breakdown of the College Football Playoff.
Who can challenge Alabama?

Who can challenge Alabama?


Joel Klatt gives you the team he thinks is the biggest threat to Bama, tells you why Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins will win the Heisman trophy, and picks the biggest games of the weekend with Matt Leinart.
-Joel breaks down his Top 10 teams -Why Alabama is the best team in the country, and it's not that close -Why 1st year head coaches are on the hot seat
Joel tells you why Clemson is not the second best team in the country, Matt Leinart reflects on the epic Texas vs. USC Rose Bowl, and explains why the AP Poll is ruining College Football.
Joel Klatt kicks off another season of college football with his Top 10 teams in the country, along with a monologue about the anonymous coach saying Nick Saban overrated. Later, 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart joins the show to talk Heisman favorites. Then, Joel and Matt play everybody's favorite game: Did Lane Kiffin Say It?
Joel Klatt & Matt Leinart dive into why Alabama does not deserve to be in the College Football Playoff. Plus, Klatt tells you why he is buying Georgia, why Clemson is not the number 1 team, Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma's stellar offense and the case against expansion in CFB.
Joel Klatt and Matt Leinart break down their top 6 teams across college football and how this weekend's rivalry matchups factor in. Plus, Klatt explains why he has Clemson on the outside looking in for the College Football Playoff. Also, fallout from Baker Mayfield's gesture against Kansas and a look at Heisman favorites headline today's show.
Joel Klatt lists his four College Football Playoff picks and the two teams he has on the outside looking in. Klatt also makes his case for a surprise No. 1 team in the country and reveals why Alabama could be in trouble against Auburn. Plus, Matt Leinart drops by to break down his Heisman Trophy hopefuls.
Joel Klatt dive's into his rankings and explains why he has Alabama ahead of Georgia. In addition, Joel discusses Baker Mayfield's amazing season, the problems with Clemson and where Notre Dame ranks in his College Football Playoff.
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