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Brendon Marotta is a filmmaker, author, and speaker. He is best known for his feature-length documentary American Circumcision, which appeared on Netflix. He is the author of multiple books, the next of which explores the treatment of children as a social justice issue.
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The most talented healer I know joins the show: my wife, Kristeena Marotta. During this episode, we talk about the process and methods of healing as well as our own personal journey through healing work. Topics Discussed In This Episode:[1:26] What is healing?[3:44] The unconscious mind [6:05] What is the process of healing?[8:06] Handling objections and resistance to healing work[9:18] Creating your own internal reality based off of previous experiences [11:27] ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience)[16:23] Blockages to healing and how to work around them[23:22] Misconceptions about healing work[28:09] Kristeena’s journey to healing [35:03] Completion Process and method by Teal Swan[39:50] The first steps to feeling free, when someones ready to change and the method to use[44:53] The next steps to start your healing journey and making a commitment[50:08] What you can change on your healing process[50:46] Parts Integration [52:32] Brendon’s healing and Teal Swan event experience[59:02] How to talk about healing with someone you know that needs it [1:02:04] How does the opposite of healing happen? Why is healing needed in the first place for so many people?[1:04:52] Resources from Kristeena and how to get started on healing modalities Resources:Kristeena Marotta WebsiteCompletion Process by Teal SwanIntactivist GuidebookACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) TestParts IntegrationSubscribe for bonus material and support the show directly:
Anthony Losquadro, the founder of Intaction, shares his lobbying efforts to disrupt the economic incentives for circumcision and original research he has done into the selling of infant foreskins.Topics Discussed In This Episode:[1:00] Anthony’s projects and Intaction[7:45] How Anthony re-strategized through the COVID-19 pandemic[9:40] Anthony’s strategy for legislative change at the state level[16:14] Persuading sympathetic lawmakers to take the next step[21:20] Proposal to prevent Medicaid from paying for circumcision[28:32] Removing economic incentives for circumcision[32:00] Countering the spending power of the medical lobby[34:30] The best time to fight legislation[38:17] The battle to ban Mogen clamps[40:30] Buying and selling of foreskins [45:33] Information disclosed to parents about foreskin sales[49:10] Who is buying foreskins (and why)[52:50] The lack of whistleblowers speaking out against foreskin trade[54:40] Doctors are commission-based salesman of circumcision who target low income parents[56:05] How to conduct your own research on the foreskin industry[57:30] Overview of Anthony’s other projectsResources:Intaction WebsiteIntaction on Facebook /  Twitter /  InstagramHealth Equality CampaignCircumcision in America: Are baby boys’ foreskins for sale?FOIA in California GuidelinesNorth Carolina Concerned Citizens PetitionNorth Carolina Medicaid Action Lobbying EffortAmerican Circumcision DocumentarySubscribe and support the show directly:
In this episode, I talk to two members of Foregen, an organization dedicated to regenerating the human foreskin. Tyler Drzod, Chief Operation Officer, and Eric Cunningham, Chief Science Officer, give an in-depth explanation of the science of regeneration, the structure of Foregen, and the possibilities for the future.Topics discussed in this episode: [1:03] Explaining Foregen to new people[2:15] How does Foregen plan to regenerate the human foreskin? [5:50] How Foregen acquires foreskin scaffolding and foreskin they can de cellularize[7:45] Attaching the foreskin scaffolding to a human being[9:45] What kind of experimentation is needed?[11:10] Previous reconstruction of the entire penile shaft[12:25] Previous breakthroughs in regeneration technology[14:20] Who are the experts at Foregen?[19:50] What is the financial/business structure of Foregen?[24:25] How much money will it take to achieve the goals of Foregen?[26:00] Who funds Foregen? What are the motivations of backers?[27:45] Why large biotech and medical companies avoid moving into the foreskin regeneration space despite clear market interest. [28:35] The advantage Foregen has over other companies[30:20] How Foregen brings in scientific experts[32:00] Does Foregen have a political stance on the issue of circumcision? [33:50] Why more research is needed on the nerve endings of the foreskin[35:00] Foregen's plans to conduct research [37:30] How new technology can facilitate better  studies on the foreskin[39:15] The phantom limb phenomenon in circumcised men [40:45] The technology exists to bring full function and feeling to somebody with damaged genitals [41:10] How to support Foregen's work Resources: Foregen's WebsiteForegen on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkdenForegen SubredditResearch:View the full scientific research  mentioned on my website here: mentioned so much research,  I literally ran out of characters when I adding it to the show notes. Just click the link above and scroll down to view it.)Subscribe and support the show directly: 
In this episode, I talk to Ronald Goldman, Ph.D., director of the Early Trauma Prevention Center. During this episode, we talk about what causes early life trauma, the lasting impacts of childhood trauma, and preventing adult social problems by confronting its origins in childhood.Topics Discussed In This Episode:[00:56] Defining trauma[02:03] The two types of trauma and their examples[03:23] What causes overwhelming feelings[05:58] Distinguishing between significant life events and trauma[09:39] Lasting impacts of childhood trauma[12:04] Noticing the change and effects of early life trauma in adult life  [14:03] What to tell someone if you notice the impact of trauma[16:13] Determining whether early life events had effects on adult life. What to look for.[21:31] Connection between childhood trauma and social problems in America.[23:20] Understanding a child’s needs and meeting them.[25:18] Comparing USA’s maternal leave policy to other European countries. What it means to a child.[27:58] Origin of emotional behavior problems[31:00] Breaking the cycle of trauma[37:26] Changes during early life trauma.[40:03] Creating connection and supporting a child during infancy.[42:48] The existing social problems[46:47] Is there really a relationship between early life trauma and adult social life problems?[46:58] The research evidence of an existing relationship[51:52] Ways to raise awareness[52:44] Why are people less aware of the past research[55:02] Why trauma has gone viral[58:53] Natural conformity[01:03:58] Technology and Social media vs. actual connection[01:05:48] Creating the actual connection in a child[01:06:32] Everything that’s wrong with corporal punishment[01:11:52] The necessary changes needed and recommendations[01:14:04] Important quotes[01:14:28] The push to remove circumcision from Massachusetts’ MasshealthResourcesRonald Goldman WebsiteCircumcision, The Hidden Trauma: How an American Cultural Practice Affects Infants and Ultimately Us AllQuestioning Circumcision: A Jewish PerspectiveThe Continuum Concept by Jean LiedloffSubscribe and support the show directly:
This episode is a talk Brendon Marotta gave to an online conference of Intactivists on May 30, 2020 based on his book The Intactivist Guidebook. It explores what will actually lead activist movements to victory.The Intactivist GuidebookAmazonGumroadBarnes & NoblesVideo version of the talk: VimeoYouTubeSubscribe and support the show directly:
In this episode, I talk to Georganne Chapin, executive director of Intact America.During this episode, we talk about the new survey data which shows doctors are pushing circumcision more than ever. We also talk about the role of money in activism, the systemic aspects of the medical machine, and the  need for strategy to reach a social tipping point. Topics discussed in this episode:[0:40] New news in the world of Intact America[4:55] Discussion about the recent survey done by Intact America[9:46] Reasons and the driving force behind circumcision [11:54] Changes in the solicitation rates[15:25] Conclusions and strategies drawn from the survey[18:50] Talks about the upcoming survey to find out more on the topic[19:20] Movement of circumcision practices to private institutions [22:42] The process of developing a targeted strategy [25:00] Georganne Chapin talks about her upcoming book ‘The Penis Business’[29:15] Allocation of monetary resources within Intact America[36:54] Path towards the ‘Tipping Point’[43:00] Insurance companies and benefits[47:34] Solicitation of racial groups [54:00] Offences caused to people with regard to circumcision [1:01:00] Tactics used by hospitals and individuals[1:06:00] Forced retractions Resources:Press Release: Having a Baby Boy? Get Ready for the Circumcision Sellers!Intact America WebsiteIA on Facebook / Twitter /  InstagramCircumcisionDebate.orgSubscribe and support the show directly:
In this episode, I talk to Brother K, founder of the intactivist protest organization, Bloodstained Men and Their Friends.During this episode, we talk about the spiritual wound of circumcision, how to stage an effective protest, and how Brother K uses shock and symbols to awaken the public on this issue.Topics Discussed In This Episode:[01:05] Brother K explains  Bloodstained Men And Their Friends[03:00] Circumcision crisis and the situation in America[06:00] The bloodstain symbol and why he picked it[07:35] Circumcision as spiritual lessening and mutilation[11:16] What’s behind the name Brother K?[13:47] The truth about infant circumcision and his own circumcision[16:40] The impacts of circumcision and why it breaks the maternal bond[17:55] Spiritual crisis and struggling to heal after circumcision[19:30] Why he changed his identity to Brother K[23:00] Who men are reluctant to raise their voices against circumcision[28:00] Providing solutions[30:00] The best ways to make progress and successful protests[35:50] Shocking revelations about the American crusade about circumcision in Africa.[40:20] Building an effective protest from the bloodstain symbol to protests.[44:00] First protests in San Francisco[51:10] When their protests started attracting support from locals[54:15] Maintaining the energy without burning out.[55:10] Defining spiritual wound caused by circumcision[01:00:15] How it feels to wear the bloodstain symbolResourcesChild Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital by  Ryan McAllisterDoctors Opposing CircumcisionBloodstained Men Website Facebook / Twitter / InstagramBirth of the Clinic by Michel FoucaultMedical Nemesis by Ivan IllichSubscribe and support the show directly:
In this episode, a mother and son discuss circumcision.Carter Steinhoff feels harmed by circumcision, reached out to me to facilitate a discussion between him and his mom, Tiphani. His mother recognizes the harm of circumcision and wants to find a way to create a safe relationship with her son.This is an emotionally challenging discussion, but an important one.In This Episode:[00:44] Brendon thanks Carter and Mom for their bravery to have this conversation.[01:56] Carter shares his initial feelings.[05:50] Tiphani shares her initial feelings.[09:00] Tiphani shares how she became confident to have this conversation with people. [13:20] Regret parents and the need for healing resources for parents.[15:05] Carter shares his feelings toward his parents and the series of events that led him to have those emotions.[18:20] Carter on the impact circumcision has had on his life.[26:19] Tiphani responds, validates Carter's feelings, and shares her own.[30:25] Carter on wanting others to acknowledge his experience and the impact of circumcision on sexuality.[35:45] Carter and Tiphani on what they need from each other, and the only way to go forward. [41:50] Tiphani and Carter clarify their needs.[47:40] Carter on wanting his mom to work with him.[52:17] The challenge of acknowledging love even when we feel suffering or harm.[54:10] Carter on the changes he wants on the issue of circumcision and reasons he wants his mother involved in activism.[01:01:20]  Carter thanks his mother for her willingness to have the conversation. Tiphani says she is proud of him.Subscribe and support the show directly:
In this episode, John Adkinson shares his journey from learning about the issue of circumcision to becoming an activist against it. We also discuss the challenges of being a parent and an activist, the impact of this issue on men, and the biggest challenges facing activists.Topics Discussed in This Episode[00:40] How John became interested in the issue of circumcision and his desire to be an activist.[1:44] The information that made John rethink his stand on circumcision.[2:20] Reasons why circumcision is practiced [3:13] How people go from discovering an issue and taking action against it [6:42] Gaps in circumcision activism and how John found out[8:39] Why and how John decided to create a connection between different organizations [9:13]  John's work to support organizations [10:26] John’s website and its role[11:35] The desire to practice activism[15:50] Opportunity to bring more people in[16:30] Managing activism and parenting [18:59] Psychological effect of a world that glorifies circumcision on intact kids[20:46] The intent of activism[22:26] The effect of cultural stress[24:30] Focus of the activism [27:10] Most common ways that the issue of circumcision impacts men [32:00] The most significant need for men facing these issues and how they can be helped overcome them[35:00] The most crucial issue touching on circumcision [35:50] The biggest challenge facing circumcision and general cutting [36:43] Growing and facing the challenges to overcome them[37:20] The biggest opportunity to further address the issue around circumcision[39:10] Actions to be taken on the issue [40:00] Opportunity of connection that arises around issues of circumcision such as pain[44:24] Parenting advice[50:00] Identifying the difference between conflict and harassment or abuseResources: Adkinson On YouTubeJohn Adkinson On TwitterJohn Adkinson On Facebook Conflict is Not Abuse by Sarah SchulmanSubscribe and support the show directly:
In the first episode, we break major news about a landmark circumcision lawsuit with legal expert Peter Adler, whose work explores whether or not circumcision is legal or a fraud.Topics Discussed in This Episode[0:59]  Major papers published by Peter that talk about circumcision being a fraud and illegal[3:26]  How Peter began writing papers and the case he makes in articles regarding circumcision [4:00]  The sales and persuasion tactics that doctors use to pitch the idea of circumcision to parents[12:56]  Role of the American Academy of Pediatrics in making doctors pitch the idea of circumcision[14:00]  Is circumcision legal or not?[21:36]  How to change the conversation about circumcision from an intellectual view to a legal one and the challenges involved in change[28:40] The degree of a botched circumcision that could be considered for prosecution [30:57]  Reaction of people towards the papers published by Peter about circumcision[32:13] Reaction of fellow legal scholars towards the papers[35:40] Plans to bring more suits and botched cases[37:55] Success in proving circumcision and guidelines offered by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a fraud[42:30] Chances of the success of the case and how people could support it[45:20] Expected response from the American Academy of Pediatrics Resources:Is Circumcision Legal?Is Circumcision a Fraud?Is it lawful to use Medicaid to pay for circumcision?Circumcision is Unethical and Unlawful as Child Abuse by William E. BrigmanCircumcision and the American Academy of Paediatrics by M.R. Giannetti vs. AAP LawsuitSubscribe and support the show directly:
An introduction to who I am and the work I've done.Projects mentioned:American Circumcision (Documentary)The Intactivist Guidebook (Book)The Haunting of Bob Cratchit (Novel)Dreams To Reality: How To Crowdfund Your Dream Project (Video Course)Children's Justice (Book, in development)Coaching and personal change workMy wife's coaching practice: Kristeena MarottaThis podcast will explore human consciousness and the interests of Brendon Marotta.Future topics might include: parenting, birth, personal development, healing work, gender, masculinity, hypnosis, persuasion, communication, media, etc.Subscribe and support the show directly:
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