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Author: Jose Azcona & BIG P

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Bridge the Gap Podcast is a podcast based in South Florida covering current events in pop culture, music, urban culture, fashion, business, technology, the local scene and much more.
35 Episodes
On this episode of Bridge the Gap Podcast after spoiling the recently released Joker movie, the guys give proper assessment of Aux Wars Miami (26:25), Dennis Graham’s comments on his track record as Drake’s dad, and Miguel proposes cancelling Hulu (47:58). Other topics: Tory Lanez’s Chixtape 5 announcement, Tunecore and CD Baby in China, Hitman Fuego’s Before Summer Ends music video (66:45), where is Kendrick Lamar?, plans for Halloween and much more.
During this weeks episode, Jose remembers an experience drinking a beer brewed with tequila, Miguel returns with high energy towards racially charged convictions (17:30) and BIG P recognizes the passing of Louie Rankin. Jose hopes for victory for the Yankees, the guys talk about International Podcast Day last week (34:47) and Miguel addresses Jose and BIG P’s sentiments on DaBaby’s album. Other topics discussed: Travi$ Scott’s music and relationship triangle, a Joker movie review (60:38), BIG P’s experience with local comedians last week, DeLaSerg gets BIG P to address a tweet exchange (82:13), some good news and much more.
Dirty thirty season continues on Bridge the Gap Podcast with another friend of the show, the first female guest, and Jose’s girlfriend Rosa. After a full-fledged update on the pet dogs of the podcast, the guys reflect and critique on new albums from Hitman Fuego (34:06) and DaBaby. Jose takes a moment to rant on Kanye’s consistent inconsistency (52:52). Other topics discussed: The Forbes highest Hip-Hop list, El Camino the Breaking Bad Netflix movie (84:45), fun facts from Rosa on a 90’s female anime show, a Ratatouille update (105:30), BIG P gets DJ Akademiks out of here, Jose confirms the return of Panelist Pee (115:15) and much more.
Jose, BIG P, Migg and DeLaSerg are joined by Hitman Fuego, rapper, clothing designer, and friend of the show this week. Topics this week: Good Thinking in NY (10:32), Boondocks on HBO, Area 51 and alien stories (23:38), a REVOLT summit panel, Gang Starr and J. Cole, 6ix9ine (58:16) and more. Hitman Fuego shares the inception of his new project Before Summer Ends, the guys ask Fuego about his path thus far, where things stand with Militia West Clothing (86:10), feeling the impact of his music, and much more.
Dirty thirty season continues with another guest the Bridge the Gap boys have previously given their flowers too. Drew Swace is with the guys this week to talk on a couple things including them remembering where they were on 9/11, vinyls outselling CD’s for the first time in a long time, and opinions on the Hulu Wu-Tang series (26:26). After reviewing the new Post Malone album the guys shift into focusing on Drew Swace’s beginnings, the origins of Poor Amerika, and his WWE influences (51:00). The guys get Drew Swace to also talk on the shift in his career with new management (70:30), teasing his upcoming project, the changes he’s seen in the concert experience and more.
Thirty episodes in and the guys are joined by friend of the show and artist Kevo El Ninyo! During their conversation they anticipate the wedding the guys have mentioned before (14:28) and Kevo El Ninyo shares his early experiences with music and performing before artists like Retch and Lil’ Pump. Kevo and Jose get into a shared experience in their upbringing (61:56), Kevo explains his perspective on health being wealth, and Jose brings up Travis Scott vs T-Pain on autotune (101:15). BIG P asks about Kevo’s self-described hiatus, opinions on female rappers, Florida rappers and the presentation of their work (129:41), and much more.
This week the Bridge the Gap boys demonstrate that they are here to deliver each and every week! No hurricane was going to stop them, and after addressing the impact of Hurricane Dorian (13:54) the guys report on Salt Bae’s mismanagement, Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special (24:32), Hasboro owning Death Row & E One’s catalog, and Travi$’s documentary. Jose gives his take on Common’s new album and BIG P makes predictions on G.O.O.D. music striking again soon. The anniversary of Late Registration, another sign of new music from Rihanna (69:41), some good news regarding J Dilla and much more is discussed.
Episode 28 | "OTP"

Episode 28 | "OTP"


The Bridge the Gap boys find their groove this week starting off with the Amazon forrest fire, Tee Grizzley, and Kodak Black’s legal troubles. The 2nd official Bridge the Gap Podcast “Big Eats” food review also took place this week with the Popeyes chicken sandwich (19:55). After covering The Marathon store’s capsule with Puma and Freddie Gibbs siding with Roc Nation, Dame Dash’s most recent interview is picked apart (40:30). Travis Scott’s Netflix documentary brings video streaming into the discussion this week leading to speculation on the value of the live performance today (51:19), Matrix 4 is anticipated, new music is covered and predictions on new music from Hitman Fuego are made (84:08).
Jose, BIG P, Migg and DeLaSerg this week share some health updates, the reaction to Roc Nation’s NFL deal (17:50), Viacom and CBS’s merger further shifting video and the Free Meek documentary on Amazon Prime (46:00). Getting into music, things such as whether first-week sales in the streaming era matter (53:50), Nicki Minaj’s revival of Queen Radio and her recent movements, So Much Fun (1:21:41), and much more is covered.
Episode 26 | "Criteria"

Episode 26 | "Criteria"


During this weeks episode, the Bridge the Gap boys waste no time before going over Rick Ross’s Port of Miami 2 (11:48). After reviewing the album, media narratives on Rick Ross, and the highlights the guys pick apart the unreleased Pusha T verse. The best in hip-hop list trend of the last couple weeks is addressed and the key point missing in each list (34:00), BIG P & Jose each share their top 10’s and the reasoning for these choices. Jose, BIG P, DeLaSerg & Migg cover Apple Music Masters and continue to spotlight their decisions and their value. The Disney+ announcement brings BIG P to recalibrate predictions on the streaming market and others reposition after weighing out the options (56:03). Tommy Boy Records negotiations with DeLaSoul, Griselda x Roc Nation, Young Thug’s next project to be executive produced by J. Cole (1:29:20), Nicki Minaj & Meg Thee Stallion’s union, Chance’s album being bested and more are covered. Listen to this episode for some good news connected to the show.
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