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Each episode I invite a girlfriend on the podcast to share not only the story that God is writing for her but the story God is redeeming in her life. I can’t wait for you to meet each and every one of these amazing women who I know will inspire you to also live out the story God is calling you to and to give you hope that He will be faithful to redeem your story as well!
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My guest this week on the Bringing Her Hope podcast is author, Harmony Klingenmeyer. Harmony always wanted to be a mom, but when she got married she quickly found out they were not able to conceive. Devasted at that news, but knowing God was bigger, Harmony takes us on her family’s journey into foster care. We discuss what it looks like when God’s plan for your future is greater than the dreams you had for yourself. Connect with Harmony: To purchase Harmony's book: To enter for your chance to win Harmony's book:
My guest this week is Julie Scholl. Julie is a wife, mom, and an educator to many. Her gift of teaching has allowed her to work in other countries, church ministries, public and private education, and now at home with her kids. Over a decade ago, Julie unexpectedly came into a life of managing pain. Each day in her life requires surrender, trust, and deep reliance on God. Join me on her journey as she shares about how our God has helped her with the ups and downs while faithfully bringing her hope each day. Connect with Julie: Email Julie at:
My guest this week is Jamie McIntyre. Jamie is a wife to her high school sweetheart and a mother to three beautiful children. Just one month into her senior year of high school,  Jamie found out that she was pregnant. Jamie felt such shame and truly believed that her life was over.  Instead, her story of regret turned into a beautiful story of God’s redemption. Connect with Jamie:
Bio: Julie K. Gillies is the author of Prayers to Calm Your Anxious Heart: 100 Reassuring Devotions, From Hot Mess to Blessed, and the devotional Prayers for a Woman's Soul. Her books help readers know God, know Scripture, and know how to pray. Julie is the joyful wife of Keith, mom of three adults and Grammy of five. She loves baking from scratch, any day without humidity, and hanging out with the entire family, especially on days when her house is clean. I will tell you that anxiety feels like it is at an all time high for people. The world feels upside down and backwards and we are all just trying to catch our breath. Which is why I needed this conversation and friend I am betting you do as well. So grab a cozy spot if you can or take this conversation on your neighborhood walk and let's discover how prayer calms our anxious hearts. Connect with Julie: Soul Transforming Prayers FB Community Page: Enter Here to win a copy of Julie's New devotional:
My guest this week is Lauree Austin. Even though Lauree is originally from Boring, Oregon, she has lived and traveled to over 51 countries and is always excited to discover a new city, a new culture, and a new expression of God’s amazing creation!  Although she’s had some crazy adventures in her life: tour manager for Tony Hawk and So You Think You Can Dance, missionary to the Czech Republic, skydiving-bungee jumping adrenaline junkie, being at gunpoint 12 times, online dating; Lauree is most proud of her honest, loud, faithful, funny family and always looks forward to sharing the holidays together   Lauree is a radio show host in Dallas (90.9 KCBI) and Houston (91.7 NGEN), works with her church in children's and refugee ministries and loves every opportunity to connect with people.   Lauree's redemption story has to do with a belief of a lie that she was unworthy, and undesirable by men. After a comment made to Lauree at the age of 14 years old that she was not a girl that any guy would like. She had no idea until the age of 28 years old how that comment had set things into motion and had her believing a lie for so long. Together we dive into the topics of identity, expectations on our story, and how to live your single life to the fullest. Connect with  Lauree: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube:
My guests this week are Seth and Megan Halligan. When their sweet daughter Dottie was born, they were delighted! She was their first child, healthy and full of life, wide-eyed and looking the world over. They sent pictures to their families and made it “Facebook Official.” Dottie was a New Year's Eve baby, born December 31st at 8:24 pm. She weighed 8lbs 5oz and was a mere 10 days past her due date. All was well… until it wasn’t. Friends today we are discussing a heart-wrenching conversation with parents who love their babies fiercely. Today we attempt to immerse ourselves in the question of "How do you go on when the world you know crumbles?" Grab your tissues and join me on their journey. Connect with Seth and Megan:
My guest this week on the Bringing Her Hope Podcast is Sandy Park. Sandy first experienced the goodness of God at the tender age of 13 during a weeklong camp meeting. Though the years ahead were filled with the heartache of her parents' divorce, the bondage of her childhood abuse and the shame and pain of a pregnancy out of wedlock which ended in an abortion, that first encounter left an imprint on her heart that would continue to draw her into a lifelong love affair with Jesus. Friend, if you have made choices in your past where you have questioned whether God’s grace can not only cover your sin but redeem your story, then this is the podcast episode for you. Connect with Sandy:  Renewal Ministries Pastor at FBC Eugene Facebook: Sandy's blog: Instagram:
My guest this week is Alicia Marks. Alicia is a dynamic Bible teacher and author and our FIRST ever return guest on the Bringing Her Hope Podcast!! We share some crazy stories about us navigating high school and then we dive deep into another piece of Alicia's story. We talk about How in the world do we keep our hope in God when years go by without prayers being answered? Friends, Alicia has lived nearly all of her life begging God for healing for her diseased eyes. So let’s find out together how she keeps her faith in God's goodness in the midst of her daily struggle. Connect with Alicia:
My guest this week on the Bringing Her Hope podcast is Holly Migas. God has taken Holly from abuse, an unexpected pregnancy, and navigating infidelity with her husband to becoming an advocate for those who find themselves in situations they never expected. Connect with Holly: Instagram @hollymigas
My guest this week is author Mary DeMuth. Mary is passionate about helping you live a re-storied life. A survivor of neglect and sexual abuse, Mary was rescued by Jesus. She has spent her life healing from trauma so she can help others not feel so alone To connect with Mary: Find out more at, or be prayed for on her daily prayer podcast pray everyday show. For sexual abuse resources, visit Enter here for the book giveaway:
My guest this week is Kate Hurley. Kate Hurley is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, writer, life coach, and teacher based out of Asheville, NC.  Kate never thought that she would find herself still single in her story, so in this week’s conversation, we discuss How to make sense of your Unexpected Single Life. We learn how to stop waiting and start embracing your life—right where you are. We unpack how to live each day boldly in the exact season you are in and trust that God will not only carry you in your current chapter but onto the next as well! To connect with Kate:  Facebook: Instagram: @iamkatehurley To purchase Kate's book: Enter to win Kate's book:
My guests this week are singers/ songwriters and podcast hosts of the new podcast Instrumental JJ and Dave Heller. Today we talk about embracing every beautiful second of this incredible and unpredictable life, because the truth is, none of us knows which moment will be the one that changes everything. Connect with JJ and Dave:
My guest this week is Lee Nienhuis. Lee is an author and passionate Bible teacher.  She is the Communications Specialist for Moms in Prayer International and the Host of the Moms in Prayer Podcast and the Co-host of The Martha and Mary Show.    Lee’s writing and speaking have been featured on Focus on the Family broadcast and magazine; True Woman; Proverbs 31, Hearts at Home, Iron Sharpens Iron conferences; GEMS Girls Clubs; and American Heritage Girls.  Lee shares a dynamic vision for the next generation of Christ-followers.  Today Lee and I are going to cover the topic of How to build character in your child a world of compromise. I know for me parenting in this crazy season our world is in can be so difficult so friend let's get all of the wisdom we can together. Connect with Lee: Grab Lee's new book: Enter here for the Book giveaway:
My guest today is Patti Buss. Patti is a wife to Steve, mother of Daniel and Michael and, Co-Leader of One Hope, working to unite churches, and transform our city. Previously a missionary into Russia/Ukraine, Youth Pastor, and College Pastor. Her favorite activity is discipling young leaders in the Kingdom, prayer, and family. She loves gardening and all that Oregon offers by way of that, hiking, biking, anything outdoors, making pies, jam, and being together around food! She grew up in South Dakota and is a farm girl at heart. Patti was blindsided by her mom's untimely, full of suffering, and ironic death to a very rare disease. Patti shares how she has made sense of loss while still believing that God is good. Connect with Patti: @PattiBuss @momabuss
My guest this week is Dawn Barton. She's an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a mentor.  Dawn wholeheartedly believes that the obstacles in our lives should not beat us down, but give us reasons to more fully embrace joy wherever we can find it. She believes we all need more joy.  Today we unpack the topic of how Dawn has found joy in places you’d think it was unfindable — despite the pain of losing a child, divorce, rape, stage 3 cancer, and so much more. Connect with Dawn: Purchase Dawn's Book:  Enter to win Dawn's book here>>
My guest this week is singer,  songwriter, podcaster, and author- Laura Story. Laura is also a wife and mom to four children.  This week our conversation is all about how we are navigating COVID-19 as moms, wives, and working moms! We talk about the beauty we are seeing as well as the trials we are experiencing.  Connect with Laura:  Instagram: @laurastorymusic We loved having Laura Story as a return guest! If you missed her first episode on the Bringing Her Hope podcast take a listen here:
My guest this week is Ashley Espinoza. Ashley is a wife, a mom, and an incredible leader in her community. Ashley's life has mostly felt broken and chaotic, but today we unpack the concept of what it looks like to not have all the answers and to allow God to guide and direct us in it all. Connect with Ashley:
My guest this week is Marra Watson. Marra grew up with the label of ADD. She has always had and continues to have a lot of energy. She enjoys shoving as much as she can into the time that she has and all sorts of challenges. She keeps her husband and two homeschooled teen boys on their toes. Marra is always taking in people and animals. Her own family is amazing and lets her harbor those in need. Marra used to be passionately rootless and would pick up and move every 2 years until she met Jesus and has been rooted in Eugene ever since. Her husband and she are personal trainers and own Crux Rock Gym.  Marra  admits that there are many places God has redeemed from ADD, alcoholism, homelessness, self-rejection, but all of it stemmed from comparison, from not knowing who God is  and who He says she is and what she was made for Guest Social Handles:
My guest this week is Kim Snider. Kim is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been appointed as a missionary of Assemblies of God World Mission since 1986. She is the founder of MOMS magazine, a publication for Filipino women as well as the permanent non-resident faculty Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. Kim also has a Ph.D. in intercultural education and is also the  Author of 3 books for Filipino women. When Kim found out her son had cancer her life turned into a living nightmare. This journey was full of fear, anger terror, but God was faithful through it all. Connect with Kim at: Email Kim: Key Bible Verse: Bible Verse: Key verses: Hebrews 11: 1-3 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible."
My guests this week are husband and wife,  Dan and Mandee  O'Shaughnessy. Dan and Mandee met by happenstance, at their small church in Iowa in 2013. Dan originally thought Mandee was too young and she thought he was overly outgoing and a bit interesting. Mandee wasn’t looking for any type of relationship at the time and Dan was prayerfully cautious about pursuing anything more than a friendship. But, God had other plans and they were married a year later on April 26, 2014.   Getting married, moving halfway across the country, leaving their church and community behind, presented several unexpected challenges for them.  To further complicate things, Dan had hidden a very dark and unknown addiction from Mandee, which slowly surfaced early on in the marriage.  Mandee confronted him about finding some pornographic material on his phone, which he downplayed, and neither one of them knew how to deal with it properly.  This addiction boiled under the surface for the next two and a half years, showing up here and there.   Finally, enough was enough for both of them, and Dan joined a sexual addiction group through his church.    Married life seemed to be getting better as Dan was appearing to get some clarity, but Mandee was still left feeling alone learning how to be married to a husband with a pornography addiction.  On a Sunday afternoon in July of 2018, Dan confronted Mandee with the most devastating news of her life.  Mandee felt like her life hit rock bottom, with having no words to speak to describe the pain she felt, yet somehow there was a small light in the darkness.  Through a lot of prayer, God placing a community in her life and with promises from Scripture, she found a new hope and strength in God.  Through conviction and God’s love for Dan, he was able to turn his life around and break free of the sexual addictions that were holding him in bondage.  Dan and Mandee now have a new found love and trust for each other.  They also have a heart for other couples to fight for their marriage, in a culture that says it is easier to throw it away. Connect with Dan and Mandee: Email Dan:  Resources: Online Group: Books Recommendations: The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts Anger: Taming a Powerful emotion Gary Chapman: When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart
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