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Broadcast Dialogue is Canada’s broadcast industry publication of record. Published weekly via controlled email circulation and online, Broadcast Dialogue delivers the most comprehensive industry reader base in Canadian media.
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Coop, the host of syndicated weekend radio show RedCup Country, grew up listening to country music when country wasn't cool. Coop tells Broadcast Dialogue's Shawn Smith, that's why he jumped at the chance to host Country Music's biggest, weekly on-air party. 
Launching a national radio show during a pandemic: Shawn Parr’s Across the Country debuted on June 1, 2020 and immediately found a home on 25 Country stations. Broadcast Dialogue’s Shawn Smith talks with Parr about reinventing the role of national host in a time of crisis.
On this sponsored episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, Inovonics Broadcast President and CEO Ben Barber discusses site streamers and more with David Rusch of Audio Broadcast Canada.
Rush has released a new conceptual video for its 1980 hit 'The Spirit of Radio' that pays tribute to both the medium of radio itself and the early DJs who championed the band's music.David Marsden, Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Famer and legendary programmer of Toronto's CFNY, first coined the phrase 'Spirit of Radio' and features prominently in the new video.On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, the 'Mars Bar' himself talks Rush, radio, records and staying curious.
As the need for remote home studios is thrust upon the radio broadcaster, realistic functionality has become key. In this special, sponsored episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, Tieline's Charlie Gawley, VP of International Sales, joins David Rusch of Audio Broadcast Canada, to give us some insight into the process. 
105.9 The Region (CFMS-FM) is unique in the current radio landscape in that it's independently-owned and music driven, but still features news and talk programming focused on the York region of Greater Toronto.On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, we talk with station manager and broadcast veteran Tina Cortese about the role of independent, local radio, the importance of diverse media voices, and why she's hopeful about the future.
Feeling like you've reached the end of Netflix?You're not alone and unfortunately there are more content challenges ahead for both conventional and OTT networks as the screen industries face travel restrictions and uncertain production schedules.On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, we invited legendary Canadian TV critic Bill Brioux to talk isolation viewing and why the current situation might be both a wakeup call and an opportunity for Canadian networks to get with homegrown production in a more robust way.
At a time when most of its counterparts rely heavily on Gold content, Ottawa's Rebel 101.7 (CIDG-FM) has established a reputation as one of the most current new rock stations in North America.On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, we talk to operations director Tim Wieczorek about rock, radio, risk-taking, and weathering uncertainty as an independent.
For 50 years, Orban has been providing professional audio processing solutions for radio, TV, and online broadcasters worldwide.On this special, sponsored edition of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, David Rusch of Audio Broadcast Canada talks to Bob Orban, company founder and director of engineering, on some of his career highlights over the past five decades, including 20 U.S. patents and a Scientific and Engineering honour from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. More on the Orban product line at  
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, Ron MacLean talks about the new digital series, In Conversation with Ron MacLean, he's hosting on Sportsnet's social and digital channels, reliving some unforgettable games alongside hockey legends, and his predictions on how the NHL season might be salvaged.
Readers of Broadcast Dialogue may know Eric Blais, the Director of Client Success at audience measurement startup StatsRadio, as one of our regular contributors behind the Rethinking Media column which applies design thinking to media.On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, Eric - who holds a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, talks about how business can strategically plan for the future when there are so many uncertain variables. He offers tips on how to think like a futurist and opportunity for reset. 
Right now hundreds of journalism and broadcasting students should be prepping for their convocations and potentially gearing up for their first summer jobs in the industry.That includes second year students in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Radio, Television and Broadcast News program, who find themselves virtually shooting, editing and producing a news program from their homes, instead of spending their last weeks together in an on-campus studio.Led by television instructor and industry veteran Lisa MacDonald, she and student Hannah Lepine join us on this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast to talk about virtual journalism and the prospect of entering the industry in an uncertain time.
Drex and producer Bob Addison, talk about leading the late night talk revival in Canada, overnight radio's place in a time of crises, and the highs and lows of working from home.
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, we hear from a range of broadcasters on how they adapted to the fast-breaking developments of COVID-19 this week and the reality of broadcasting, in some cases, in self-isolation - from Farah Nasser, who co-anchored the Global News Toronto supper hour newscast from her backyard, to Golden West Radio engineer Laverne Siemens on the challenges of shifting staff across 40 stations to work from home, to Harvard Broadcasting National Program Manager Christian Hall on finding innovative ways to support local business.This episode also features Adam Wylde, Virgin Radio Toronto; Mackay Taggart, Regional Director of News, Global News Ontario; Barbara Williams, EVP of English Services, CBC; James Peters, Assistant News Director, CFJC-TV & Radio, Kamloops, BC; Taz & Jim, FM96 London, ON; Anthony Farnell, Global News' Chief Meteorologist; Shawn Turner, Country Brand Manager, Bayshore Broadcasting; and Lana Gay, afternoon drive, Indie88 Toronto. 
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, Jean-Marie Heimrath, president & CEO of The Podcast Exchange (TPX).The Toronto-headquartered podcast monetization company has grown into a Canadian leader in the space and is making headlines again following Stingray's acquisition of a 30% stake in TPX.Heimrath talks about the importance of not standing still organizationally, why all organizations should already be planning for their post-COVID-19 rebound, and what the future holds for TPX. 
This special vendor spotlight is sponsored by Modulation Index and Audio Broadcast Canada. In this episode, David and Jane Rusch of Audio Broadcast Canada are joined by Greg Ogonowski, president of Modulation Index and co-developer of OPtimod PCN 1600 streaming audio processing software. They cover how broadcasters can improve their streaming situation in the quickly evolving digital audio technology landscape.
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, our guest is Matt Cundill who is likely familiar to many of you as the host of the Sound Off Podcast.Matt also works with other podcasts under the banner of his Sound Off Media Company.If you're a podcaster or thinking of getting into podcasting, this episode is for you with Matt covering lessons learned, why patience is a requirement in the podcasting biz, and the viability of making money as a podcaster.
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, our guest is Patrick Binette, Stingray's Director of Content and Programming. Stingray continues to expand its lineup of music video channels with the launch of Stingray Country, at a time when most traditional broadcasters have moved away from music video content. We talk to Binette, a former director of music programming at MusiquePlus, about strategy, audience, and why he credits giving programmers a wide berth for part of Stingray's success.
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast - longtime ad man and Under the Influence host Terry O'Reilly on Apostrophe Podcast Company, the new podcast production house he's founded with his wife and two daughters. O'Reilly covers good storytelling, why he's hopeful podcasting will shake up terrestrial radio and why smart advertisers should take another look at the medium.
On this episode of Broadcast Dialogue - The Podcast, editor Connie Thiessen talks with Karyn Pugliese, President of the Canadian Association of Journalists, about arrest threats against media at the Coastal GasLink pipeline standoff in northern B.C. and the slow erosion of press freedom in Canada.
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