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Being an independent mortgage broker can feel like you’re facing big retail banks all alone. Why not learn from industry experts who have already forged the path? Join JP Hussey, Broker/Owner of the Hussey Team, as he goes in-depth about the business with industry experts and AIME members every Tuesday. Sit back, relax, and benefit from the insights you’ll need to further your breakthrough in the broker channel!
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We’re flipping the switch for this very special milestone episode of Broker To Broker as AIME President Marc Summers interviews former host and Philadelphia Mortgage Broker, JP Hussey. Championing complete and utter transparency above all else, JP has learned that the only way to successfully have a work/life balance is to shoot straight and be yourself. If you feel good, you work good.  Creating the right company culture is one of the many pillars to building a successful brokerage. A family business, The Hussey Team Mortgage Advisors started out as JP and his brother Nick. While their numerous fun and games can be witnessed through their many videos on Facebook and in the Brokers Are Better Facebook group, JP reveals that this fun acts as a stress reliever. As JP puts it, mortgages are hard, so you have to be able to let loose so you can relax and reset between transactions. JP also puts emphasis on transparency here, noting that co-workers have to be able to speak freely about their feelings and frustrations. Without this, productivity slows, and clients suffer as a result.  JP has been able to create what few other brokers have successfully done; created a unique and successful brand. “Hop on the HussBus to homeownership” is the Hussey Team’s motto. It acts as a call to all potential borrowers to not just become clients, but to actually become a part of the team. All Hussey Team homeowners get a customized shirt jersey with the year they closed on the back. JP even mentions that he gets calls all the time from people seeing his shirt out in the wild.  Another important pillar of running a successful brokerage is community outreach. Besides being THE local expert in your area, you also have to go out and actively support your community. JP provides food for those in need, and sponsors and coaches a local little league team. And while the goal isn’t to grow your business or measure an ROI, it is still selfish. It feels good to help other people, and when you feel better you do your job better.  In this episode of Broker To Broker, AIME President and Active Mortgage Broker Marc Summers takes the reins and grills former host, and Broker/Owner JP Hussey about his fun but hard-working culture, his unique and successful brand, and his multiple channels of community outreach.  Show Notes:  Retail and Wholesale Beginnings (2:15)Cultivating Culture (11:52)Building A Successful Brand (21:38)Community Outreach (26:14)Processes and Procedures (31:13)Tips For New Brokers (39:34)
Wholesale channel Veteran and Broker / Owner Corrina Carter has doubled her business by analyzing, dissecting, and rearranging her processes and procedures. It’s taken her 23 years in the industry, and the last 9-months of hands-on work, but she is almost done perfecting her processes and procedures. That’s one of the most important things to Corrina, you always have to adapt to the current times and put checks and balances in place in order to not just make sure you’re running as smoothly as possible, but that you are ready for whatever the future has in store.  Her most important tool: Product Diversity. Not every one of her Loan Officers or Processors knows how to perfectly handle every product they sell, but every product they sell has at least one expert. Corrina and her team were trained in FHA and VA loans long before they were the norm and at one point, they were the only people in their community that could provide them. This led to years of referrals.  She also requires a unique buddy-system for new hires. All LOA’s are linked to specific LO’s. This way, the LO gets some extra help and the LOA can better understand their specific brokerage’s learning curve.  Corrina’s success comes from one place. She knows what she wants, and she’s actively trying to get it. With the understanding that nothing happens overnight, Corrina has looked over every inch of her processes and procedures, finding what works and what doesn’t, and is finally, after 9-months of hard work, coming to the end of a successful rebuild.  Join Corrina and JP as they discuss how she got to her current level of success, how she realized what needed to be changed and what was working, and how a rigid system allows for you to be flexible on the fly.  Show Notes:  The Importance of Mortgage Product Diversification (5:15)Corrina’s Process & Procedure Breakdown (12:58)Future of the Industry (41:15)
Having been in and out of the industry since the early 90’s, California Mortgage Broker Andrew Kunisawa has only recently transitioned back to the wholesale channel. Instead of just shyly standing in the corner and surviving off the minimal amount of loans he needed, Andrew has taken full advantage of all the tools and resources that weren’t available to him back when he first got into the business. While he does share his thanks for us here at AIME, Andrew’s main source of growth is directly linked to the Brokers Are Better Facebook group.  Back in what Host JP Hussey refers to as the “Wild West” of lending, mortgage brokers and loan officers had nowhere to go if they had a loan or compliance issue and barely knew what was happening in the world of mortgages outside of their small communities. Now with the help of Brokers Are Better, Andrew has been able to successfully take advantage of what he believes is the most important part of the modern loan process: networking.  Upon discovering AIME and the Brokers Are Better movement, not just did Andrew find an entire community he could lean on for virtually anything, mortgages or otherwise, Andrew began to understand his full potential. Fully content with his 3-4 loans a month goal, Andrew began connecting with top producering brokers who were processing 35-40 loans a month all by themselves. Just being shown that it was even possible was enough for Andrew to believe in himself and push himself further than he ever had before. Now closing in on over 10 loans just this month, Andrew didn’t even necessarily work harder, he worked smarter. He used all of the tools that he wasn’t aware existed before discovering AIME and Brokers Are Better.  After attending an AIME Fuse event with entrepreneur and social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee), Andrew took all his newly learned social media tips to heart, sharing and posting all the time and not worrying about likes or comments. While bolstering your online reputation and putting yourself out there is important, it really all comes down to results and referrals. A completely random friend, someone who never commented or liked any of Andrew’s posts, simply reached out one day and said he needed a loan. There’s a million ways to succeed in this industry, you just have to commit to yourself and your beliefs, and success is sure to follow. And if you ever have any doubts, or questions, or concerns, know that there is a family of thousands just waiting to lend out a helping hand.  Andrew learned to lean into this community of like-minded individuals who all just want to do what is right for the consumer, from brand-new or recently-transitioned loan officers to Scotsman Guide top producers and leadership from the top lenders across the country. In this community, everyone is treated as equals and are willing to help out anyone and everyone with the end-goal of always doing what’s right.  Join Andrew Kunisawa and JP Hussey in this week’s episode of Broker To Broker to learn how you can also take advantage of this amazing community and help homeowners and borrowers nationwide. Show Notes:  Broker Beginnings (1:22) The Importance of Networking (8:19)Taking Advantage of AIME & The Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (15:15)The Power Of Positivity (26:45)Social Media Marketing for Beginners (35:18)No, Seriously, Take Advantage of AIME & The Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (42:42)The Future Of The Wholesale Channel (46:55)
EXPLETIVE WARNING (NSFW) Producing Broker/Owner Jackie Dunlap does not hold back. She worked hard to get here and she’s just getting started. Once a retail “scrubber,” as her position was called at the time, Jackie is now the shining example of how (and why) to transfer to the wholesale channel.  Backed into a wall by end of year call reports, Jackie felt overwhelmed and borderline hopeless. With seemingly nowhere else to go, Jackie simply asked for help. This is when everything changed. The Brokers Are Better community came out in full force, immediately giving Jackie a referral, and starting her on a path that would help her secure her financial future. By simply “being in the room” as Jackie puts it, she was able to listen and learn from the best.  She identified her pain points, revaluated her processes and procedures, and started thinking long-term. By giving up short term gains, Jackie was able to expand her reach and perfect her training process. With a plan in place, she now finds it easier to trust her staff and delegate accordingly. She also invested money in tech, which helped relieve some pressure off her processors and loan officers.  Jackie Dunlap has carved out her section of the housing industry. Starting from the bottom, she rose through the ranks, and continues to adapt her business to these very different and strange times. Putting her money where her mouth is and betting on herself, Jackie Dunlap has successfully played the long-game. Show Notes:  Journey Into The Industry (5:36)When & How To Reach Out For Help (19:09)Using Quarantine To Your Advantage (30:17)Future Of The Industry (38:42)
Real Estate Agent turned Mortgage Broker Arlicia Jones holds the ability to build trust above all others. With a brokerage based almost entirely on referrals, Arlicia has built a business around making relationships that matter. She not only argues that cultivating successful relationships is the most important part of the job but it’s the sole factor that will keep the wholesale channel relevant through an automated and tech-heavy future.  Arlicia calls every prospective client herself, making sure to educate and set expectations. Her job is not just to sell a product to a customer, but to teach a new homeowner how to build generational wealth. Her goal is not to move from person to person racking up loans, but to make connections that she considers family.  Not that she ignores tech either. Having chiseled away at multiple different products, Arlicia has found her favorite Brokers Are Better Network vendors that fit her business model best. She uses Floify, Shape, LendingPad, and leadPops to not just stay top of mind with her borrowers, but to also streamline her entire loan process, allowing her time to focus on growing her brokerage.  Arlicia also likes her weekends, prioritizing spending time with her children and enjoying the peace that comes with a proper work/life balance. Still setting proper expectations, she sends out a weekly end-of-week email wishing all of her borrowers a good weekend. She will put fires out if need be, but over the years has learned that not all problems are fires and many can wait till the next day.  A teacher through and through, Arlicia works hard to simplify the complicated loan process for her clients. Join Arlicia and JP as they discuss their similar business practices, their techniques to secure a proper work-life balance, and the importance of becoming a true mortgage advisor.  Show Notes:  Journey Into the Industry (00:30)How to Become A True Advisor (6:28)How to Choose The Best Tech For Your Business (12:45)Growth & Setting Goals (16:57)Perfecting a Work/Life Balance (23:12)The Future of the Industry (32:18)
You have to plant the tree now, so next year you’ll have shade. Having built a 100% referral based business, nobody knows that better than Southern California Broker/Owner and COO of Amerifund Home Loans, Jamie Cavanaugh. Starting as a Loan Officer Assistant while still in high school, Jamie has amassed over 20 years of industry experience. After experiencing multiples sides of the business and surviving the ‘08 crash, she has learned that while there are endless ways to be successful in the wholesale channel, at the end of the day, you just have to do the right thing. Sometimes that’s referring a potential client to another brokerage, sometimes that’s advising and educating a borrower with no expectations in return.  Above all else are the relationships you build, not just with borrowers, but with potential referral partners, lenders, and even your own loan officers, processors, and assistants. Long-term success is dependent on the strength of your relationships. This refi-boom won’t last forever, and when purchase reigns, everyone will be crawling back to the real estate agents they’ve been ignoring. But not Jamie. Jamie utilizes her Salesforce CRM to keep up to date with all of her connections, checking-in weekly with free educational newsletters and templated texts.  At the office, Jamie has created a system that fosters and awards growth, paying for licenses and training for all her staff. She also keeps up to date with the best industry tech, not to replace the broker experience, but instead leveraging tech in order to offer the ideal personalized experience for her borrowers.  Once a warm lead comes her way from any of her countless quality relationships, Jamie can get started on what she labels her favorite part of the mortgage process; the nitty gritty. A balancing act of finding what’s best for each individual consumer, Jamie has created her ideal loan process that measures rates, programs, lenders, and overall service; whatever will best suit her client and lead the path of least resistance. Rounding everything out with a mix of old school and new school marketing techniques, including both radio and social media advertising, Jamie has created a long-term successful business plan where the client comes to her, not the other way around. Listen in for some immediate takeaways as Jamie joins our host JP Hussey for a discussion about relationships, hiring practices, and even some tips on how not to get overwhelmed. Show Notes:  Journey Into The Industry (2:06)Proven Marketing Techniques (8:35) Proper CRM Management (11:52)Jamie’s Loan Process (14:30)Tips for New Brokers (22:16)The Future Of The Wholesale Channel (36:18)
Tune into this special AIME Fuse virtual edition of Broker To Broker with not one, not two, but THREE guests as they preview their panels for AIME Fuse 2020 on Friday, September 25th.  Broker/Owner and blogger Scott Schang gives a sneak peek into how he has created his 100% referral based business. Scott says that getting good leads the right way is not the easiest route, but it’s what’s best for business. Using high-trust consumer-direct marketing, Scott has been able to establish real relationships that will long outlast this current refi-boom. Actively avoiding rate shoppers is key. He preaches becoming a true advisor is someone who will share their experience and knowledge with the consumer and solve problems at all costs.  VettedVa partner Nathan Knottingham gives us the inside scoop into one of the biggest and fastest growing mortgage groups on Facebook. Putting their foot down, Nathan and Mortgage Broker Chris Griffith have revolutionized the VA loan market, going above and beyond in the fight against veteran exploitation. Nathan has helped grow a Facebook group to a 17,000+ army of consumer-centric professionals who feel obligated to properly serve those that have served. Listen in as Nate goes into detail about the mistreatment of Veteran homebuyers and how you can officially become VettedVa.  Broker/Owner Jamie Cavanaugh talks about not just cultivating a supportive space for all women mortgage brokers, but for providing a place where new brokers can become the leaders of tomorrow. Sharing the tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way, Jamie and her fellow Women’s Mortgage Network members try to help fellow brokers from making the same mistakes they’ve made through years of trials and tribulations. Through this ever-changing industry, Jamie hopes to help brokers find and leverage their true authentic voice.  Broker to Broker host JP Hussey also chimes in with his preview of his AIME Fuse Top Originator Panel, giving us a sample of all the different ways brokers can grow their volume and serve consumers best, from wholesale giants, all the way down to a one-person shop. Mortgages aside, passion unites them all; passion to do what’s right for each and every consumer. Join this special edition of the Broker to Broker Podcast as all of our guests preview their panels at AIME Fuse Virtual on Friday, September 25th. Show Notes:  Establishing Lucrative Referral Sources That Last w/Scott Schang (0:43)Serving Those Who Served: Vetted VA w/Nathan Knottingham (10:08)Leveraging Your Authentic Voice to Challenge the Status Quo w/Jamie Cavanaugh (19:53)Lessons from Top Originators: Setting Yourself Up to Succeed w/J.P. Hussey (28:06)
Through dealing with the west coast forest fires and balancing multiple different hybrids of in-school and at-home learning, Oregon mortgage broker and mother of six, Claire Mahoney has learned a thing or two about controlling chaos. Having had an employee quit with no warning and two others get pregnant at the same time, Claire has managed to not just uphold her high expectations, but has set up her brokerage for long-term growth.  Now VP of Mortgage First Corp, Claire made sure to earn her position; demanding her boss (and father) that she start from the bottom and work her way to the top. Now in a position to make serious change, Claire has learned that the best way to balance the proven old school techniques that built their local reputation with the new modern technology that will bring them into the future is by trial testing everything herself and applying what works in small, incremental and easily digestible doses. She started simply, by making a Facebook page and Yelp listing, and signing up for online e-signature software Docusign. Through this, Claire learned to slow down onboarding of new tech, constantly reassess and adjust expectations and to always keep an open line of true communication and dialogue with her loan officers and processors.  Claire’s real estate agent husband Matt also joins the podcast to share his thoughts on the wholesale channel, how to best stay top of mind with real estate referrals and why he believes brokers truly are better. Show Notes:  Journey Into The Industry (2:25)Balancing New-School Tech vs. Old-School Techniques (7:00)A Real Estate Agents Take On The Wholesale Channel (12:33)First Steps for New Brokers and LO’s (21:18)The Onboarding Process and Constantly Evolving (24:30)Company Culture and Doing What’s Right (29:00)More Tips For New Brokers and LO’s (34:28)Future Of The Market and Mortgage Industry (39:03)
With 15 years in the wholesale channel, Louisiana Broker/Owner Chasity Graff has networked with the entire industry by now. She has learned how to maneuver and manipulate social media and knows how to squeeze the most wealth and knowledge out of any facebook group. Identifying the COVID-19 pandemic as a unique opportunity, Chasity has leaned into all the things she never had time to do before, notably perfecting her processes and procedures.  Listen along during this week’s episode of Broker To Broker to learn how to delegate your responsibilities to avoid long-term burnout. Show Notes:  Journey Into the Industry (4:09)Balancing Being a Broker & a Business Owner  (10:27)Adapting & Advancing During COVID-19 (14:16)The Importance & Power of Delegating (17:45)Using Facebook to Network & Grow Your Business (20:57)FinTech & The Future of Mortgages (29:01)Getting Yourself Out of a Rut (34:25)
It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of this unprecedented refi-boom, but AIME President, Michigan Mortgage Broker, and high school basketball coach Marc Summers is here to share the processes and procedures he has used to help his brokerage flourish for almost two decades. Marc preaches the importance of keeping it simple. With so many opportunities to overcomplicate an already complicated process, it’s important to focus on what’s most important; always doing what’s right and holding the client experience above all else, especially money. If you work hard for the homeowner, if you become their advisor and educate them, then leads, referrals and success are sure to follow. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn how to avoid drowning under volume by delegating to a team you trust. Show Notes:  Journey Into The Mortgage Industry (3:22)Advice for Growing Loan Officers (8:15) How To Handle The Refi-boom (13:39)Loan Process & Team Breakdown (15:13)Communication & Note Taking (20:00)Transitioning From Retail-To-Wholesale (23:10) Setting Expectations With Clients (28:30)Work/Life Balance (35:04)Future Of The Mortgage Industry (44:27)
From working in retail to becoming one of the top-producing brokers in the country, Matt Cole from United Wholesale Lending has used his passion for success and structure to create a high-volume business within the mortgage industry. According to Matt, working with like-minded people who respect your time and support you is the key toward accomplishing your goals as an independent mortgage broker. Tune in to this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about why you should be constantly engaging with your network on social media and the importance of investing in the growth of your team.  Show Notes:  Journey Into the Mortgage Industry (1:31) Transitioning from Retail to Broker (7:09)Changing to Fit the Current Market (17:06) Growing Your Team (21:05) Using Marketing Techniques to Generate Leads (22:48) Work Life Balance (30:55) Future of the Industry (40:09)
From working at a gym to becoming a successful self-producing loan officer, Jason Erickson of Barrett Financial Group has built his career on utilizing organic marketing techniques and remaining true to himself. According to Jason, it’s important to not only focus on promoting your business on social media, but share aspects of your personal life to bring a more humanized approach to your online presence. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the importance of staying educated on industry guidelines and how to effectively develop rapport with your clients.  Show Notes:  Journey Into the Mortgage Industry (3:11) Framework of the Team (9:04) Using Social Media to Drive Engagement (12:34) Establishing a Workplace Dynamic (24:53) Flow of the Loan Process (30:59) Advice to New Loan Officers (41:08)
As a self-producing broker owner, Nick Heth of Phoenix Mortgage Brokers has focused on standing out from his competitors by becoming well-versed in areas of the mortgage industry that others might not always understand. According to Nick, the best way to provide for your clients is to educate yourself on every aspect of the loan process and work toward finding your niche as an independent mortgage broker. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the importance of continuously adding to your database and implementing regimented systems into your business.   Show Notes:  Journey Into the Mortgage Industry (3:00) Marketing for the Business (12:26)Purchase Business in Arizona (13:44) Utilizing Systems (15:41) Pre Approval Process (28:50)Advice to New Loan Officers (41:00)Future of the Industry (43:12)
From running nightclubs to owning a high volume brokerage, Tom Ahles of Edge Home Finance Corporation has always approached his business with a relationship-based mindset. According to Tom, it’s important to grow your business organically and focus on offering the best deals possible for your clients. If you’re giving them a valuable experience, it’ll ultimately lead to more referrals and loans within your pipeline. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about how you can create a positive reputation within the mortgage industry and share motivational success stories with your loan officers.  Show Notes:  Getting to Know Tom (3:11)  Having an Organic Growth Mindset (10:53) Originating Loans as a Broker Owner (13:51)Breaking Down the Systems (17:29)Motivating Your Loan Officers (23:42)Business Partners on the Real Estate Side (28:37)  How to Get Started in the Mortgage Industry (32:05)Future of the Industry (35:54)
As a successful woman in a male dominated industry, Irene Amato of A.S.A.P Mortgage has solely built her business on the importance of bringing motivation into the company culture and participating in community outreach efforts. She believes in hiring like-minded individuals who carry similar values and focus on providing each client with an exceptional experience during their home buying process. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about how Irene uses her knowledge and the necessary tools to help consumers achieve the American dream of homeownership.  Show Notes:  Learning About Irene (4:07) Breaking Down the Business (12:11) Advertising Through Community Outreaches (16:24) The Four Pillars of Company Culture (24:07)Branding Yourself in the Mortgage Industry (36:57) Future of the Industry (49:22)
From running a business on ebay at the age of 11 to selling baseball cards in middle school, Dan Patty of Solcosta Home Loans has always led with an entrepreneurial mindset. He’s constantly focusing on templating processes and organizing Excel spreadsheets to ensure every client successfully closes on a home. Dan believes systemizing everything upfront can be what saves you in the end. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the purpose of over-explaining throughout the entire loan process and how to form meaningful relationships with your clients.  Show Notes:  Journey Into the Mortgage Industry (3:32) Transitioning to the Broker Side (11:41) Systemizing Your Brokerage (15:30) Generating Leads (26:12) Keeping Track of Your Database (30:26)Point of Sale Strategies (36:16)Re-creating Yourself in the Mortgage Industry (45:17)Future of the Mortgage Industry (48:04)
Whether you’re a seasoned broker or new to the channel, it’s important to center your business model around the needs of your consumers. As a loan originator, you should focus on having a balanced mindset and building trustworthy relationships in order to succeed in the mortgage industry. If you work hard in the beginning, you’ll end up benefiting even more in the long run. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about how you can become a true advisor for your clients and why it’s important to market directly to your community.  Show Notes:  All About Dan (3:18) Transitioning from Retail to Broker (18:11) Understanding the Business Model (20:17) Dynamic of Working as a Married Couple (31:21)Maintaining a Balanced Mindset (36:37) Advice for New Loan Officers (41:13) Future of the Industry (46:30)
From graduating college with a degree in engineering to joining the broker channel, Barb Multari of Pathway Mortgage Group has succeeded through the challenges of opening her own brokerage and establishing a local reputation for herself after uprooting her entire life to move across the country. As Barb and her husband work together to grow their business, they’ve learned to combine their niches to become a high volume brokerage and create an exceptional client experience. Tune in to this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the importance of developing a personal connection with your real estate partners and understanding how your mental outlook can help you achieve success.  Show Notes:  Transitioning from Retail to Broker (2:46)The Flexibility of a Smaller Brokerage (5:05) Challenges of Owning a Company (7:28) Forming Relationships with Real Estate Agents (15:28) Building Your Business (22:03) The Process of Originating a Loan (32:29) Future of the Industry (41:10) Advice to Loan Officers (44:26)
From dealing with his family’s financial struggles as a child to becoming a self-made millionaire, Andy Harris of Vantage Mortgage Group has dedicated his career in the mortgage industry to focusing on establishing effective systems and staying ahead of competition. According to Andy, incorporating technology into your business can create a customized consumer experience and help independent mortgage brokers better adapt to the ever-changing housing market. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn how you can differentiate yourself to appeal to the new millennial buyers and the importance of developing your own daily checklist to measure productivity.  Show Notes:  Getting to Know Andy (2:38) Banking Originator vs. Broker Originator (9:25) Similarities Between the Housing Crash vs. Today’s Market (12:31) Producing Loans as a Broker/Owner (18:25) Incorporating Technology into Business (42:50) A Day in the Life of Andy Harris (47:46) Future of the Mortgage Industry (53:23) Transitioning from Retail to Independent Mortgage Broker (58:01)
Mixing his analytical background and determined mindset, Nate Davis of Florida Mortgage Firm has focused immensely on creating effective processes to benefit not only the consumer but his real estate partners and loan officers as well. According to Nate, consistency is the key to developing healthy habits that will improve your business and relationships. As a business owner or loan officer, implementing a sense of repetition into your business structure can make everything that much easier in the long run. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the importance of paying attention to detail throughout the loan process and falling in love with the habits of success.  Show Notes:  The Process of a Loan (10:42) Expanding the Business (26:47) Marketing Efforts to Bring in Leads (33:29) Future of the Mortgage Industry (40:29)Putting the Fire Back Into Your Loan Officers (48:44)
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