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Brooke and Jeffrey: Second Date Update
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Brooke and Jeffrey: Second Date Update

Author: MOViN 92.5 | Hubbard Radio

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Second Date Update - Binge listen to all the Second Date Update's you haven't heard from Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning. We promise you'll laugh! ‘With’ or ‘At’, we’ll let you be the judge.
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Matt scored a HOT date... But it lead to a LINE of people waiting to take a photo with her.. .And now she won't call him back! Is dating a celebrity as good as it sounds??
Today's couple moved VERY fast... So fast they were looking at homes together on their FIRST date... No wonder they need our help!
Kyle had a Netflix and Chill date planned but his date BAILED after one episode...Is seeing another woman's name on an account a reason to leave?!
Kenny had a SLIP-UP on his date....He said something really embarrassing that he didn't mean!! Find out what he said and we'll try and help him recover in this brand new Second Date Update!
Andrew took his date to see a psychic... But knowing what lies ahead BACKFIRED on him! What Michelle learned about their future together might be the reason she isn't calling him back...
Lisa had something stolen from her in the first 30 seconds of meeting a guy... And now he won't call her back! Find out what he took in the Podcast.
One woman today is making history...because what her date shared with her might be the most intimate and vulnerable thing we've ever heard... Or maybe the most DISTURBING. Either way, it's a date you WON'T forget!!
Jill is attracted to a very unique "type" of guy... And we can't tell if she's a SAINT or a VILLAIN for it!
Melissa and Gus were on the show a few months ago and we're checking in to see how their second date went.... And making sure they're still ALIVE after what we heard the first time...
Today we're taking friend zoning to a whole new level... By doing it over the radio!! Honestly, it's one of the most uncomfortable calls we've ever done!
Dan is confident that his apartment is what ruined his chance at a second date. Something about it made Jodi really UNCOMFORTABLE... But he swears he has an explanation for it!
Rick admits to committing a teeny, tiny felony on his date... But he had good intentions! He needs our help proving to his date he's not a criminal...Find out what he did in the Podcast!
Kurt planned a Star Wars themed date... But was it too much?? He needs our help getting a second date so he's not Han "Solo" for the rest of his life!
Elizabeth was invited to an event like NO other...But she turned it down! She's having serious regret since she found out her date is bringing ANOTHER woman... She needs our help getting her invite back!
Danny planned an over-the-top date that had a BAR FULL OF PEOPLE applauding him… It ended when Mallory was laughing so hard about it that she PEED in his car… And he’s been avoiding her ever since!
Austin impressed Tanya with some lighter tricks on their date... She even dropped the "I can't trust myself with you" line! Austin messed up somewhere along the way and we're here to help him get a call back.
Lizzie and David have been flirting at work…At the hospital where she’s a nurse and he’s a security guard. They went on a date, and soon after, David was mysteriously fired! Lizzie has a feeling it’s all her fault and wants to find out what happened.
Chase used his classic Tinder move that had a 100% success rate… Until NOW. He has NO clue how his plan failed, but is positive he can get Rachel back… He just needs a little help!
Jamie described what she found attractive about her date... And when everything unraveled we couldn't keep it together! This couple is PERFECT for each other... They just need some reassurance!
Nathan took Chloe on a date to an animal shelter, where every dog was scared of him...Then things got worse when he decided to follow her home! There's RED FLAGS everywhere, and now he needs help explaining himself to Chloe!
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What the f was this episode? Normally I'm quite happy to suspend my disbelief cause these are entertaining as hell, but that was not possible for this episode. whoever wrote this needs to chill.

Apr 30th
Reply (1)

Kendra Cagle

OMG he dodged a bullet!! Jeanine sounds a little psychotic! lol 😂

Feb 9th


I'm from London. This guy is putting on an accent.

Dec 10th

brandi krob

was I the only one who noticed he was lying it all happened in a week then started staying checks come in every month..... ha

Oct 13th

ApReal Batista

This was sooooooo funny!!!!!!

Sep 13th

Li'le Bear

More reruns!! There has to be more emails than this! 😩

Jul 12th

ApReal Batista

Buncha haters on here. Brooke and jubal crack me up

Jul 2nd

Jose Gusano

love your show... you guys will go national... neigh .. global.

Jun 24th

Viva La Vida

Sex positivity, Brooke and Jubal. Didnt know you were so vanilla.

Jun 11th

Krista Isaacson

This guy has the same voice as like 10 other episodes...pretty distinct voice

May 2nd
Reply (3)

Turtle Laviada

this show is so fake

Feb 27th
Reply (1)

Steve Polychron

this is a horrible example of what happens when Stoners mate with Jocks

Jan 9th

brandi krob

I absolutely love this show

Dec 5th
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