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Welcome to Brookside Church.
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Steve Rieske continues 1 Peter this week with a sermon on why and how anyone would want to "suffer in the flesh" like Jesus.
What do you and Noah have in common? And what does that have to do with trusting Jesus in the face of suffering? Find out more in this week's sermon with Steve Rieske.
Marriage is hard. And yet, God says it’s supposed to be a picture of how Jesus loves the church. Join us as we dive into the highs and lows of marriage in this week’s message.
Lordship. Submission. Domestic Violence. World Change. It's all covered in today's sermon with Steve Rieske. Give it a listen.
What role should politics play in Christianity? Steve Rieske speaks on politics, God's people, and the power to change the world in this week's sermon.
Last week, we discussed how YOU are a priest. Today, Steve Rieske also wants you to know that you are the Temple and the Sacrifice.
YOU ARE A PRIEST. A royal priesthood. A holy nation. Find out more with Steve Rieske.
We will all die someday. Steve Rieske speaks on how to live with the Grave in view.
What do the Great Commission and the Brookside Summer 3BBQ Challenge have in common? Tune into this week's sermon with Steve Rieske to find out! Also, we commission Lizzie Edwards on to her new role with Cru Bridges!
Happy Mother's Day! Steve Rieske talk on Faith, Hope, Love, and how to ACTUALLY enjoy mother's day in this week's sermon. Yeah. You're gonna wanna listen in.
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