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Welcome to Brookside Church.
61 Episodes
Can you dodge anxiety and suffering like Neo in the Matrix? Ever had God come riding in on a white horse like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings? Join Bo Kessler this week as he dives into the idea of ABIDING IN THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY (how's that for an epic book/movie title?! You're welcome Tolkien!)
What do the Kingdom of Heaven and slaughterhouses have in common? Steve Rieske discusses Jesus, politics, and stairways to heaven in this week's message.
"BE PERFECT, AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT." Uh...what? Excuse me, Saint Paul, but how is anyone possibly supposed to live up to that? Steve Rieske unpacks some weighty words in this week's sermon.
What is faith? And what does Vince Lombardi have to do with it? Find out in this week's sermon with Steve Rieske.
Ever notice how some of the happiest people you know are both unentitled and extremely generous? Michael Brown speaks on how to be extravagantly giving in life, love, and more in this week's message.
Chris Mitchell from Kingdom M’Powerment preaches on the perpetual praise due to the Paschal Lamb and the significance of Palm Sunday!
Would you ever self-identify as a saint? As a holy one? As "of the light"? What about as "heir to a glorious inheritance"? Amy Seiffert is here to help us find our true identity in this week's sermon.
Why is God so occupied with our sex lives?!?! Steve Rieske explores the topic of sex in this week's sermon.
Yesterday we got to hear Bo Kessler preach and it was awesooooome! Check out his sermon and discover the "secret" to anxiety here.Also, we had some technical difficulties with the camera, but about halfway through we figure out the audio problem. Sorry!
JUST WHO IS THE HEAD PASTOR OF BROOKSIDE?! And what the heck is an elder?! Steve Rieske talks on all this and more in this week's sermon.
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