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Welcome to Brookside Church.
43 Episodes
What do the Great Commission and the Brookside Summer 3BBQ Challenge have in common? Tune into this week's sermon with Steve Rieske to find out! Also, we commission Lizzie Edwards on to her new role with Cru Bridges!
Happy Mother's Day! Steve Rieske talk on Faith, Hope, Love, and how to ACTUALLY enjoy mother's day in this week's sermon. Yeah. You're gonna wanna listen in.
DON'T GIVE UP. DON'T BURN OUT. Steve Rieske tells you how to discover your gift and how to use it for the glory of God (and how to avoid dying while doing so) in this week's sermon.  Also, Brookside commissions Erin Kessler and Tyler Griffin Bock as new Brookside Kids Directors!
"Your life cannot be changed just by hearing sermons. Nor can it be changed just by hearing the Word." Steve Rieske spoke some important truths about the Christian life and encourages us not just to consume information, but to TRAIN.
THE KING HAS RISEN. HE IS ALIVE!Journey with Steve Rieske as he walks us through the first Easter.
Jesus wears a king's crown and a servant's apron. He rides a donkey instead of a warhorse. He is the King of Contrasts. Amy Seiffert unpacks all this and more in this week's sermon.
JESUS LOVES SHORT PEOPLE. Steve Rieske talks Zacchaeus, the coming Kingdom, and more in this week's sermon.
Was Jesus more of a left-wing hippie? Or straight-laced conservative? Or both? Or something entirely different? Find out more in this week’s sermon.
"You wanna follow me? ...You know I'm homeless, right?"Jesus says some pretty intense stuff. Luckily Steve Rieske is here to help us understand.
WHAT EVEN IS COMMUNION?! And why are Christians drinking Jesus's blood?! Find out in this week's sermon with Steve Rieske!
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