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Amritha Shakti is shaping her own path one song at a time. By tapping into her musicality and vision to explore identity and belonging she is putting into place a new way of being as a young woman of Australian-Indian Tamil background. In Episode 26 of Brown Girl Pod, Amritha talks about her version of self love, how a trip to India changed her path and taught her trust herself to lead the way. Listen to Amritha's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
Grace Dlabik is the creative and visionary force behind BE Collective Culture and BE One Creative; a space for expression by young free thinkers. In this special conversation Grace shares the revelatory moment where her knowledge and passion for youth culture crossed paths with a vision for more representation in creative fields. We talk about  navigating the spaces she occupies as a mother and woman of colour seeking out how to be of service to her community. Listen to Grace's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.  
Rashmi Patel grew up reading Russian fairy tales and surrounded by a community of scientists. Today she spends her time working as a business analyst and honing her craft as a writer.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In this week’s episode of Brown Girl Pod we chat with Rashmi about how her intercultural experiences informs her world view, writing about the #metoo movement, and finding precious time to honour her creativity.⁣ Listen to Rashmi's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
Allira Potter is a proud Yorta Yorta woman who is creating her own path with intention. Allira has started her own creative business, she’s an ambassador, and model; all while finishing her university studies in media and communications. ⁣ In Episode 23 we chat about the great balancing act of a slashie, the influence of her grandparents, finding her strength with culture, and what it means to reclaim her independence. Listen to Allira's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
We’re rewinding the Brown Girl Pod Catalogue to Season 1 when we recorded a special bonus episode with Sydney is Cancelled. Sydney is Cancelled was created from a need for a safe and inclusive space for creatives of colour. The catalyst is explained in the episode, so no spoilers. Sukrita and Radhika have created a welcoming community of creatives and makers who simply want to create their happy place - where their experiences are valued and acknowledged. It’s a for us by us platform which is a kind yet radical way of making sure our voices are heard.
Gerii Pleitez is a writer and creative on a mission. Today we sit down to chat about her creative process for writing her first booking and launching Kara Sevda Press, what it means to write your story honestly, and how she navigates being a third culture adult.⁣ Listen to Gerii's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
Pey Chi is a graphic designer and ceramicist based in Melbourne. She's created a colourful world for herself where happiness is the order of the day as she navigates life with her adorable sidekick Booster. Her illustrations immediately transform you into a joyful space and her characters give us permission to exist within this space by just being ourselves. Listen to Pey Chi's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
Asha de Vos is a marine biologist who has travelled across oceans pioneering blue whale research with Oceanswell, an organisation she founded to promote marine conservation around her island home of Sri Lanka. We chat about how being curious was expected of her as a child which in turn has seen an intention to work collaboratively for a common purpose not only the marine conservation, but to also uplift those around her. Listen to Asha's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
Mounica Tata is an illustrator and cartoonist who creates funny, quirky, and insightful drawings about serious topics. As a self-taught illustrator she unpacks pop culture and taboo topics like a journalist and delivers them with an illustrator's eye. We chat about her creative path, issues facing her as a feminist in India, and what drives her to keep creating. Listen to Mounica's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
Kristy Dickinson is the creative and business genius behind Haus of Dizzy. She describes her line of hand made jewellery, conversation starters; ways to share your values and identity. In this episode Kristy shares her path to building a creative business that gives her a platform to connect to community, share her Indigenous culture, and start a conversation about what matters most. Listen to Kristy's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
In our final episode for Season two we chat with Meenal Patel. Meenal lives in San Francisco and works as a graphic designer and children’s book author. In episode 17 she shares her journey of identity and belonging as a first generation American. She shares her journey of kicking off her solo career, her writing process, and how she’s navigated the publishing world. Listen to Meenal's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
This week we chat with Priya Krishna. Priya grew up in Texas and lives in New York City where she is a regular writer for the New York Times, Bon Appetite, and the New Yorker. Her life growing up in Texas was much like any other Texan kid; she grew up in a loving home with family playing a central role to her sense of belonging. Listen to Priya's episode on and follow us @browngirlpod.
This week we speak with Dr Mehreen Faruqi. Mehreen Faruqi is the Greens Senator for New South Wales and also happens to be the first Muslim woman in Australian parliament. Before her time in politics, she was a civil engineer, an associate professor, a wife and mother all while being a life-long activist and change maker. We chatted to Mehreen about how we can use our voice and experiences to create change in our communities everyday. Follow us at @browngirlpod or for more on Mehreen's episode.
Steph Huang's story is the epitome of Brown Girl Pod. She took a leap of faith by leaving her home in New Zealand for Melbourne where over a few years she is making a life for herself. She volunteered, re-established a career in science and started a PhD. She is also the founder of the social enterprise Homegirls Melbourne - a start-up that collaborates with women who have sought asylum in Australia to produce handmade jewellery. I met Steph on a busy Saturday morning in Melbourne’s CBD; we chatted about her life now and what she has gained since taking that big leap of faith. Follow us at @browngirlpod or for more on Steph's episode.
This week we speak with Faustina Agolley about experiences of growing up in Australia. In the newly released anthology of short stories ‘Growing up African in Australia’ Faustina Agolley writes about exploring her cultural identity alongside the story of her father Samuel Agolley. We are introduced to her father through his tragic passing and it is with Faustina’s curiosity; the love her parents shared, and the connection to her Ghanaian family that she is guided in her understanding of what it means to be growing up African in Australia. Follow us at @browngirlpod or for more on Faustina's episode.
In episode twelve we speak with the radiant beam that is Dr Monika Singh Gangotra. Monika is a trained psychologist who has researched cultural identity as well as the psychology of nutrition for her doctorate. If that wasn't interesting enough, she’s now designing a new career and way of being in the world by combining two of her many passions; culture and fashion. Follow us at @browngirlpod or Monika's episode.
This week we meet our Brown Girl in the Ring Change Makers in Residence. Our Change Makers will be worked on a self-directed project of their very own with the support of the residency in providinf them a space with our partner Colombo Cooperative, a tailored mentoring program, and more. We decided to offer two places; a full Change Maker Residency sponsored by Brown Girl Pod and a tiered Change Maker Residency sponsored by Colombo Cooperative. Listen to Oenone Mills'  and Azmah Nihar's story and the background behind their projects. Follow #browngirlchangemaker or find out more at
This week we speak with Sara Mansour; she’s a lawyer, a spoken word poet, and the artistic director of the Bankstown Poetry Slam. Sara shared her story of growing up in Australia - her love for community and the challenges faced by so many marginalised voices. Sara’s experience of cultivate a unique platform is one of leading by example and authenticity. Follow us at @browngirlpod or Sara's episode.
This week we sit down with Kristina Gill. Kristina lives in Rome and is a a woman who wears many hats; she’s a humanitarian adviser, a photographer, author, and columnist. Her first cookbook Tasting Rome was inspired by the conversations she had with Roman taxi drivers while scooting from one meeting to the next. Today we hear about her life in Nashville, her experience at Stanford and how her ideas take seed and time to grow as she collects and researches the things she finds interesting. Follow us at @browngirlpod or for more about Kristina Gill.
This week we chat with Norma Ingram, educator, community leader, and candidate for the suburb of Newtown in this year’s NSW state election. For Aunty Norma being of service to her community has always been a priority - the way she found her way in the world. Whether it was as a teacher, a community leader, government adviser, and now a candidate for State parliament in the 2019 election; her mission has been to create impactful change for her community that is both relevant and sustainable. Follow us at @browngirlpod or
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