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Hello Budget Babes! Erin and Leila back at it with another installment of the Budget Babes Podcast regarding remote work in Canada and today we are interviewing Josh from iTalki regarding his experience the Pros and Cons. Josh is living in Vancouver Canada and works remotely at his home office teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). Arguably, this is tough work although Josh has the right talent for the job being a recent graduate from UBC’s Linguistics department. We decided to call up Josh because of his experience working from home in the bustling metropolis of Vancouver. He has lived in Vancouver for over 4 years and has seen an increase in the cost of living and ridiculous commute times. With this experience, Josh thoroughly discusses the pros and cons of remote work as an ESL teacher. Josh explains how working from home has changed the amount he spends on ‘going to work’ and how much he saves. However, it’s not all sugar and roses, there are of course certain characteristics you must have to work from home. Thankfully, both Erin and I live in Saskatchewan where there are short commute times and resources are cheap! All in all, after our conversation with Josh, we believe that working from home can be a great way to work both economically and mentally. Be prepared to work hard if you are to work from home! Depending on your industry and job, working from home can alleviate stress and work time by allowing your disciplined self to work steadily without burning out in the office. Keep in mind, allowing employees to work from home can also save companies money by reducing the need for expensive office space. Keep tuned for more episodes of the Budget Babes coming in the near future! Next, we are going to tackle coffee and what it really means to buy it and yet another Millennial Moment!
Welcome to the first segment of the Millennial Moments podcast. We are chatting today about moments for yourself and reflecting financially, emotionally, and physically. Today we asked you via Instagram "what is your guilty spending pleasure" and waited for responses from our listeners. Because of the amazing responses, we decided to make a 10-minute segment that share what we learned. As a result, we developed this mini-series called "Millennial Moments" to give you a moment to learn simultaneously! IF you want to get in on our next Millennial Money segment please send us responses to our Instagram or Facebook at BudgetBabes_SK or Erin and I put a story out that will ask a question about how you feel about money and we pick which answers (or combine most popular responses) and talk about them live. Above all, we hope that these updates will help our listeners not feel alone! Therefore, we hope you enjoy listening and comment on our next millennial moment when we have it up. Our next episode - the infamous number 10 - we will be joined by a guest! Our additional person is Skyping in from Vancouver for a short segment related to working from home. Evidently, Erin and I have different experiences working the '9-5' and gradients of working from home. Erin is currently able to work flexibly, and I am at an office from 8:30 - 5. However, our guest is completely working from home on his own schedule! Tune in next episode to hear his take on working from home. We are looking to update listeners more frequently and add an official podcast schedule. Currently, we are aiming to send out 2 Podcasts and Month and only add more from there We are looking forward to our next episode and will continue to budget hard!
Hello Budget Babes~! Today we are reviewing popular advice we found (rather spur of the moment) online via Pinterest. We know there's a lot of information out there and hope you are able to make the right choices and take everything you read/hear with a grain of salt! We are reviewing some info-graphics and put forth our critiques that will hopefully help you make the right choices. We will be linking information about our 'finds' on our Instagram and Facebook. Until next time ~ Keep fit and Have Fun! Budget Babes
Hello Budget Babes! We are back answering a question that has plagued our generation: how to get a mortgage effectively! Granted, it's incredibly complicated in places where houses prices are averaging $500,000; however, that makes these tips that much more important! Make sure to look into your financial store and take note of some of our tips to help you on your way to financial freedom and security in one of the biggest purchases of our lifetime! Links: Canadian Mortgage Calculator: American Mortgage Calculator: Credit Karma:
Today’s episode is focused on good eating and how to keep it up when the seasons change. This can be difficult in Canada as we have many seasons and food prices fluctuate. As budgeting fans we take care in making sure we are purchasing food in season to boost our wallets and our nutrition! Take a look on this food guide to find out what is in season!
We are finally getting our buns in gear and launching our Podcast + Video on Youtube for all you fine viewers! In today’s episode, we are tackling the rudimentary forms of budgeting and how to stop ‘leaking’ in your bank accounts. We go through some tips and tricks – even personal tracking tools! We’re also speaking from a Canadian perspective which may change a few things regarding app availability. Links: Mint: Credit Karma: Check out our equipment and toothpaste: Apagard (toothpaste) : Our Microphone: Our Laptop: Our Website: Insta: budgetbabes_sk
Good Morrow Millenial Money Makers! Today we are chatting about how eating out can seriously damage your pocketbook and budget. We talk stats, make some real-world examples, and even challenge ourselves to only eat out TWICE in July. No worries babes - we will be updated you on our progress in Episode 5! STAY TUNED FOR MORE!
Greetings money hoarders! Today Erin (Jack) and Leila tackle the problems many millennials face: the dreaded work/life balance! With the increase in job demand and necessity to become the best, setting your life to the side can be incredibly tempting. We look at what it's like for us and our jobs, other millennials and their current situation, and go over some interesting stats relating to this very problem. Let us know what you think about #worklifebalance on our Instagram @BudgetBabes_SK
Are you worried about retirement and how much money to save for it? Are you blissfully unaware of the cost of retiring? Today we tackle a difficult subject for most millennials: Retirement. We're jumping into this topic and skimming the surface of: 1. When can you actually retire 2. The age of retirement 3. What can I do to save? We cover these topics and add in a few tidbits to encourage new savers and to make drearily impending retirement fun!
Greetings all! We are the Budget Babes and this is the introductory episode that will tell you about us (Erin and Leila), our goals, and just a snippet on credit card debt. We are looking forward to creating more podcasts with topics surrounding millennials and how to become financially responsible/independent. Let's Jump Into It!
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