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Fernando Saenz

You lived in a land of privilege proably because your parents worked hard to give you that privilidge. Privilege comes by earning it. Whether your parents chose to teach you to earn was there choice. They obviously didn't becaise have that concept of "Privleage" . I Distorting the is horrible that does young man was wrongfully accused and I hope he is liberated from this wrongful accusation.'.I cant stand that word you young people keep using. I ve seen black , hispanic and other minorities This is a terrible thing that happen to a human being not a black white Brown or purple person for that matter. You even hear the gentleman saying that that this could happen to anybody where the interviewer is trying to make it sound like he was black and that was the reason why this happened to him. I know minorities who struggled and became successful. They are stories of immigrants come to this country with nothing and make a decent living for themselvesand their family by working hard . So please don't use that word "privilege" because it does not exist everybody earns whatever is they have in today society! Sorry for venting. I really do hope and pray that this gentleman is liberated and reunited with his family.

Jun 28th

Josh Alexander

lol google dumb bell curling

Jun 8th

Lane DK

oooh I can't wait. Convicted was unexpectedly amazing... so I have high expectations and hopes for this one.☺

Apr 21st
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