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Demarchoe Carpenter was only seventeen when he was wrongfully convicted of murder. He spent the next twenty-two years of his life trying to prove his innocence. His wrongful conviction isn't an isolated incident, but rather part of a larger systemic breakdown. Through Buried Alive: Demarchoe's story we hope to identify the systemic causes that ultimately led to his wrongful incarceration... and to use that knowledge to effect change.
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1: 1 - Perception
Just last year in the United States, 173 people were exonerated, after being convicted of crimes they did not commit. They lost not only time, but also opportunities that us non-exonerees take for granted. Why does that happen? What causes wrongful conviction? Most importantly how can we help to solve the problem?Demarchoe was a teenager when he was sentenced to forever in prison - but the thing is he wasn’t guilty. Using the details of Demarchoe’s story we are going to try and discover what leads to wrongful conviction and how we can fix it.Can’t wait for the next episode? We love interacting with our listeners on Social Media:* Bonus Material is available at [](* Twitter: [@buriedalivepod](* Instagram: [@podcastsforjustice](* Facebook: [](* FB Group: [](* Social Media info for individual podcast team members is on the credits page: [](, if the credit page gets shared 500 times on twitter, we won’t read them for the rest of the season. Here’s a link to that tweet []( next time, thanks so much for listening!

1: 1 - Perception


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Josh Alexander

lol google dumb bell curling

Jun 8th

Lane DK

oooh I can't wait. Convicted was unexpectedly amazing... so I have high expectations and hopes for this one.☺

Apr 21st
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