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Great Scot!

Great Scot!


Darren and Mike are joined by a fellow Scotman, Robbie Tyrie, Application Security Lead at FNZ. With millions of transactions to secure every month, Robbie discusses how the FNZ team manage the security of their environment and leverage automation throughout various stages of application development and production. And of course, be prepared for a little bit of football rivalry.
Founder and CEO of the Cyber Helpline, Rory Innes, joins Mike and Darren in the studio to discuss their mission what drove his team to start their work five years ago. Now responding to over 800 incidents a year, the Cyber Helpline brings expert advice to everyone, and gain some interesting stories along the way. To learn more about Rory and his team, please visit them online at
Mike and Darren are joined in the studio by Joshua Finney who was recently named CISA’s Cybersecurity Division Employee of the Year. Josh covers some of the critical gaps and weaknesses he sees in his day to day, some of the initiatives being undertaken, and provides salient guidance for business of all size. 
On our Season 3 Premiere, Mike and Darren are joined by OccamSec CEO, Mark Stamford.  Mark describes a brand new product, Incenter, how penetration testing has changed, what the future of the security industry looks like.
Cutting Your Teeth

Cutting Your Teeth


Join Mike as he speaks with Vince Hoang, CISO, Office of Enterprise Technology Services for the State of Hawaii! Vince discusses his roots in system administration, his transition to networking to enter into the security world, and how he made his way to his current role with the State of Hawaii. The duo discuss some of the challenges that are faced at the state government level and how they successfully support their stakeholders and consumers.
Mike is joined by Matthew Mauzy, Emergency Response Technology Manger at UNC Chapel Hill and Chief at South Orange Rescue Squad, to discuss the challenges that the higher education and public safety sectors face now, how the last 18 months have reshaped the operating models, and the threats (and opportunities) that are on the horizon as we move into 2022. From natural disasters to tabletop exercises, preparedness and response capabilities for both industries have been stressed exponentially in recent years.  Tune in and hear their chat about this, and more.
Join Mike as he speaks with Major General (Ret.) Suzanne Vares-Lum from Indo-Pacific Command, the largest and oldest combatant command in the US Military.  The first female Army General of Native Hawaiian Ancestry, she served as the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander prior to her retirement, and the duo discuss how cyber has shaped the nation and its critical infrastructure, information sharing, and strategic planning for the future.
Fraud at 4am

Fraud at 4am


Mike and Davin are joined by Nick Ponniah, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer of Tapico. The trio discuss life in the finance world, what considerations a startup must take in this day and age, and also share some stories from both their personal and professional lives. The link to the Guardrails paper discussed during the episode is available below: Guardrails - A Security Standard for Cloud Native Startups
Davin and Mike speak with John Quigg, advisor for OccamSec and Senior Advisor at Spurrier Capital Partners. John brings his decades of experience standing up US Cyber Command, serving as McAfee’s Federal Principal Cyber Strategist, and as the Army Space Program’s Program Manager to the chat. The trio talk about supply chain, previous major breaches, and how to marry IT and Operations teams to make effective changes.
Mike and Davin are joined by John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust for the Season 2 Premiere of Burned by the Firewall! The trio discuss how Zero Trust came to be, its fundamentals, and some common myths. For anyone who is concerned with their current deployments, or who is considering setting up new infrastructure, this episode is for you!
The Universe of Risk

The Universe of Risk


In our season finale, Mike and Davin are joined by Cynthia Boumann, Head of Global Audit at Dover Corporation. She share her insights on the universe of risk, living through the winter storm in Texas, and why there should be now be a larger conversation on infrastructure and resilience. At the same time, being sure to teach and underlining the importance of why diversity makes a better team.
Davin is joined by senior penetration tester, Cayce Mahon, and the two discuss how she went from inking to leet hacking, why Infosec is similar to art, favorite pwnage moments (naming no names), and why more women need to step into cyber security.
The One Big Secret

The One Big Secret


Davin is joined by ex-covert intelligence expert and strategic advisor to OccamSec, Bob Hayes, to discuss intelligence operations in relation to the SolarWinds event, organized crime groups, the biggest secret of the intelligence space, and nearly getting run over by a nuclear submarine.
This week Davin is joined by guest senior pentester Nick Donarski (KizzMyAnthia) to discusses some tales from his career; IOT devices from coffee machines to toilets, work life balance, emerging threats; and advice for those looking to get into cyber security.
Join us for a special episode as Davin Bateman chats with OccamSec CEO Mark Stamford on the SolarWinds breach, challenges for CISO's, why new tools are not necessarily the answer, and how adversarial thinking can aid in an effective response.
On this episode, Mike is joined by longtime friend and cloud security/forensic expert, Josh, along with OccamSec's very own cloud guru, Jason. The trio talk all things cloud, from how attacks differ, common configuration mistakes, and the true meaning of zero trust. But also, a good lesson on how not to conduct incident response, and how sometimes it can uncover some unwelcome truths in security flaws you didn't know about your 'trusted' contractors.
Tales from the SCIF

Tales from the SCIF


On this Episode, Mike talks with Catherine Johnston, the Deputy Director for Intelligence at US Indo-Pacific Command. The two discuss how the federal government and military branches work to secure citizens and industry, the recent Solar Winds breach, and implications of ongoing cyber warfare across the globe.
In this episode, Mike and Davin speak with Erin Murtha, the COO of OccamSec.  The trio discuss diversity in the workplace, the security realm, and trends they have been seeing through the years.
Herding Cats in Hawaii

Herding Cats in Hawaii


On this episode, Mike speaks with Jennifer Sabas (Owner, Kaimana Hila) and Jodi Ito (CISO, University of Hawaii) in this 100% Hawaiian podcast. They cover everything from their past times catching birds to trying to build home grown security teams to manage the risks that face both the University and greater island business community. So put on your favorite Aloha shirt and some sunscreen and come enjoy this episode with us.
The Power Business

The Power Business


On this episode, Mike is joined by Connie Lau, President and CEO of Hawaiian Electric Industries and Chairman of American Savings Bank, F.S.B. The two discuss the importance of critical infrastructure in Hawaii, the relationship that the government and private sectors share, and how COVID has shaped the last year on the islands. Also, Connie provides some helpful insights for CISO's when working with their stakeholders and also for women trying to enter a career in private industry.
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