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Author: Dan Knowlton, Lloyd Knowlton

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Business doesn’t have to be boring. Business anchors Lloyd and Dan Knowlton share a 100% honest view in how to and how not to keep your business afloat. Lloyd and Dan learn about Business trends, business growth & marketing whilst trying to convince each other that they know what they’re doing. May contain nuts. Podcast sponsor: Adobe Express.
189 Episodes
Lloyd (Business Anchors Co-Host) went from miserably underperforming at school, to becoming Knowlton's uber-successful CEO (he'd hate me if he saw I'd written this muahahaha). He now leads a team of young Marketing creatives who have generated £Millions in trackable revenue for some of the world's leading brands. How the F did he do it? More importantly, what tips & insights does he have that will help you!? Well, this episode is full to the brim with actionable takeaways to help you turn your life around & create overperforming teams!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
If you want to learn how to use LinkedIn to drive B2B sales, this is a must-listen. In this episode, we don't share your bog-standard LinkedIn tactics. Oh no, you get the tactics that no one is speaking about. These tactics have helped us generate £Millions in revenue for our clients (and us). Notepads at the ready!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
ChatGPT hit 1 million users in 5 days and some of it's use-cases are mind-boggling. This week we share the innovative use-case examples to help marketers & business owners save tons of time, alongside 5 other AI tools that are insanely powerful! Prepare for your mind to be blown at the power of AI!!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
Yes, we know 'changed my life' sounds dramatic, but it's true! Both of us invested in a Whoop (fitness tracker) last year & it's made us healthier & more happy than ever. We now have incredibly in-depth data showing how our body is performing & useful insights to help us improve over time. 'What gets measured gets done' <<< This is true in business and for your health! Listen to this episode to hear how investing in a fitness tracker changed our lives for the better & how it can do the same for you!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
Looking to learn from some of the life-changing books Lloyd read in 2022? From comedians' autobiographies to powerful self-development books there really is something for everyone in this episode. Discover the key takeaways from these incredible books & also tips to help you get more into reading this year!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor)
Fast-track your Marketing success in 2023 by learning from the biggest lessons we learnt in 2022. From discovering a content medium that increased views by 507%, to a small change in habits that enabled us to break all previous growth records at Knowlton. There are tons of useful nuggets of Marketing advice in this episode. Enjoy! Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor
If you're looking for a practical process you can go through to set your goals for 2023, this episode is a must-listen! This is a slightly different episode to normal as Lloyd walks Dan through the goal-setting exercise LIVE. Listen along & go through the exercise yourself to ensure you're ready to achieve your wildest goals in 2023!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
Want to discover the best Marketing tools, Apps, reports, email newsletters, podcasts & more that will help you smash your marketing goals out of the park in 2023? This Marketing Manager cheat sheet episode is a must-listen. We've collated all the best resources that we love & use in one handy place just for you!  Enjoy!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
34 of the world's leading experts have come together to define 10 key social media trends for Talkwalker's 93-page Social Media Trends 2023 Global Report. And guess what...2 of your favourite Anchors have picked out the most interesting parts to discuss with you in this episode. If you work in the wonderful world of social media, you better bloody listen to this!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
With a recession looming & marketing budgets being cut, this is the perfect opportunity to optimise your marketing strategy & fine-tune how you invest any marketing resource you have. In this episode, you'll gain tons of practical tips & strategies you can implement to get the best results possible from a tight marketing budget. Notepads at the ready!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
If you want to grow on LinkedIn, you have GOT TO listen to this episode which unpacks Richard van der Blom's 57-page LinkedIn Algorithm report. It's unreal & hands down the best free 'LinkedIn Guide' we've ever seen. It's also backed by data (10K posts analysed). In this episode, we share the biggest takeaways from the report & actionable ways you can implement them. Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
If you're a Marketer who wants to do the best job possible in your role, this is a must-listen. We recently hired a new Marketing Manager & created a comprehensive 'Marketing Manager Bible' to support them to do an amazing job. In this episode, we talk through that guide & share tons of tips & advice along the way.Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
Working with customers all over the world is THE best way to recession-proof your business (amongst lots of other benefits). We've worked with customers from all over the world including America, Australia, India, Dubai, Bulgaria & more. In this podcast, we share actionable strategies & steps you can implement to attract new international customers. There is TONS of value in this!Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
In this week's episode, we take a deep dive into professional business relationships and why they’re vital for a successful career.We also share with you how some of our biggest opportunities have come around from relationships we have built in the past and how important it is to consider the types of people you a creating a relationship with.Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
THE most important thing any marketer or business owner can do to drive revenue is…create an effective content ecosystem! Think of a content ecosystem like baking a delicious cake. If you have all of the right ingredients & combine & cook them in the correct way, you have a delicious cake. It’s the same with your content. If you have all the right content, distributed in the right places, in the right way, you’ll guide your customer through the perfect journey to becoming your customer. In this podcast, you’ll learn exactly how you can create your own content ecosystem (plus a real-life example of exactly how we do it).Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
In these financially uncertain times, the ability to predict your revenue is more valuable than ever. Fortunately, we're here to help! You'll hear about five simple, actionable steps to help you generate predictable revenue for your business.If you're interested in listening to the full episode this clip came from, check out 'E91: How To Start Generating Predictable Revenue Today'.
If you’re wondering what a creator-led business is, or if you're interested in how they are outperforming traditional business models, this episode is for you! In a world where influencers are influencing the masses, we're taking a deep dive into what it takes to run a successful creator-led business.Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
With every major platform adapting to vertical content, Dan and Lloyd are going to discuss the key benefits of changing with the times. You’ll hear about the ways that platforms are rewarding content creators for embracing the change, and the startling data from only a month of Knowlton taking a vertical first approach. For more on the benefits of vertical video, check out ‘E106: How & Why Every Marketer Should Implement A Vertical Video First Approach (Backed By Data)’.
If you work in B2B Marketing or just want to learn more about how to use LinkedIn Ads to generated leads from senior decision makers, this is a must-listen. We recently generate a B2B contract worth £1 million for a client via a LinkedIn Ads campaign & we reveal everything we’ve learnt in this episode. Strap yourself in & get ready for a value-packed 40-minutes of LinkedIn insights & tips.Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
One of the most difficult parts of producing great Marketing videos is getting inspiration & coming up with brilliant ideas in the first place! Well, in this clip you’ll find out exactly how we do it. If you’re interested in listening to the full episode this clip came from, check out ‘E84: Video Script Writing Secrets: How To Make Better Videos’. 
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