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Business Leaders brings you extended one-to-one interviews with the key people in global business today. Hosted by Paul Blanchard, each week you can step inside a new company and hear how the world’s top CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs are shaping the future of global business in the 21st Century. Find out the secrets of their success; how they challenge the status quo, turn companies around and build some of the world’s most innovative businesses. Share their insights and find out what makes our most successful leaders tick.
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Mark Sylvester is CEO of introNetworks. Founded in 2003, the social networking platform was rolled out to connect audiences at TED conferences, and has since been used by hundreds of organisations, including NASA. Mark also co-founded Wavefront Technologies, an Oscar-winning company which pioneered computer-generated animation software used in Hollywood movies. In this in-depth conversation, Mark reveals how a part-time job as a festive window painter ignited his passion for graphic design, explains how he used laser technology to capture realistic landscapes when animation was still at its infancy, and describes how he mentors and supports speakers with writing and presenting speeches to large audiences.
Adam Hadley is the director of Tech Against Terrorism. Partnered with the UN’s Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate, they work with the global tech sector to tackle terrorist use of the internet whilst respecting human rights. Adam is also CEO of QuantSpark, a data science consultancy which advises the world’s most complex organisations how to use their data efficiently. In this in-depth conversation, Adam describes how small platforms are being used by violent extremists to spread propaganda, argues there should be greater focus on the roots of violent behaviour instead of removing online content as a solution, and explains his mission for policy makers, government and the tech industry to work collaboratively to benefit society.
Daniel Shakhani is co-founder of Salary Finance, an award-winning FinTech platform that works with employers to help staff members facing financial difficulties in order to move from debt to savings. A business with a strong social mission, it provides low-interest loans to help employees avoid expensive payday lenders and build their credit scores. In this in-depth conversation, he describes how the company is expanding into the US with a pledge to help 10 million Americans get out of problematic debt, argues there is a lack of education around the link between money problems and mental health, and explains his motive behind founding the Financial Inclusion Alliance, a “movement” for banks, nonprofits and employers to work together to help people break free of poverty.
James Ingram and Benoit Lagarde are the chief executive and co-founder, respectively, of visual content creation company Splashlight. With a shared vision for creative intelligence, they have formed LiiV, a company that invests in and builds strategic and cutting edge organisations that sit at the intersection of technology, creativity and human science. They recently acquired Telmar, which provides strategic targeting and media planning to advertisers, agencies and data suppliers globally. In this in-depth conversation, they discuss the gap in the market for technology that can understand human emotions, argue that leaders need to be advised on using data responsibly, and explain why digital anthropologists are needed to help understand “digital villages”.
Tallen Todorovich is a sports agent and lawyer. Prior to launching his law office on Wall Street, he was a litigator for well-known brands such as Gucci, JP Morgan and Moroccanoil. Specialising in sports and entertainment, Tallen helps young athletes manage their wealth, negotiate multi-million dollar deals, and further their sporting careers. In this in-depth conversation, he outlines how he immerses himself in the athletes lives to “match their psychology” and discovers what motivates them, describes how he lessens the stress of balancing high-intensity training with fame by being a “sounding board”, and discusses how he financially protects his clients from themselves, to ensure they have assets and income for when they retire.
Pete Spande is the chief revenue officer of Insider Inc, a parent company of Business Insider and news site INSIDER. He is responsible for generating the revenue needed to grow the ever-changing newsroom, and drive the customer experience of its global publications which reach an audience of more than 375 million. In this in-depth conversation, he describes how publishers must embrace e-commerce, subscriptions and partnerships to survive in these testing times, argues businesses should feel “energised” by the demand to innovate and remain competitive, and explains how brands are changing the way they use storytelling to engage consumers through digital content.
Maria Vullo is an internationally respected legal consultant, and the former superintendent of New York’s financial services. Appointed to the role by Governor Andrew Cuomo, she led 1,400 employees in regulating banks and insurance companies with assets in excess of $7 trillion. An experienced litigator, she has represented corporations in disputes over fraud, contracts and security for over two decades. In this in-depth conversation, she explains how her pro bono work on domestic violence cases changed her “as a person and a lawyer”, argues that the influence of money on American politics caused reproductive rights to be “chipped away”, and recalls how she forced through changes to healthcare access that are still making a “lasting impact” on people's lives.
Tim Robinson CBE is a partner at Schillings. Prior to joining the international law firm he served in the British Army for 25 years, most recently as a major general leading troops in Bosnia, Iraq and Northern Ireland. The multidisciplinary consultancy has experts from sectors including law, intelligence and government, and protects individuals from privacy and reputational threats. In this in-depth conversation, he illustrates how skills required in a war zone such as “action-oriented” leadership, empathy and conflict resolution can be applied to the commercial environment, argues the wealthy face more scrutiny which can lead to issues such as hacking and stalking, and explains how the internet can be a double-edged sword that can be used as a tool to rectify an online crisis – or create one.
Pranav Yadav is the chief executive of Neuro-Insight. The company uses brain-imaging technology to measure how the subconscious responds to adverts, social media platforms and TV commercials, and helps clients such as Amazon, BBC, Google and Facebook to improve customer engagement. In this in-depth conversation, Pranav describes how traditional market research methods lack true insight into the “deepest drivers of human motivation”, discusses how businesses need to understand how cultures respond differently to the same stimulus to be truly global, and shares his aspirations to use his work to understand the myths and rituals that define modern society.
Jason Haigh-Ellery is the chairman of Big Finish Media Group, the largest independent producer of audio dramas worldwide. It works with media giants including the BBC and ABC on hits such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes. Since starting the company in 1996, he has produced for TV, film, animation and theatre, including 12 West End shows. In this in-depth conversation, he explains the catalyst behind founding his own production company after trying his hand at acting and directing, encourages managers to utilise "the art of delegation” to spend more time on strategy, and shares his concerns for budding entrepreneurs and individuals caused by Brexit uncertainty.
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