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Business RadioX ® is amplifying the voice of business by sharing unscripted conversations from local business leaders serving their market, their community, and their profession.
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BRX Pro Tip: Results Driven Media Stone Payton: [00:00:00] Welcome back to Business RadioX Pro Tips. Lee Kantor and Stone Payton here with you. Lee, you and I have been at this media thing for a while. We've seen a lot of different approaches. What is your perspective on driving results-driven media? Lee Kantor: [00:00:16] [...]
How Clear Processes Add Value, with Marie Mills, Clear Solutions, LLC (How To Sell a Business Podcast, Episode 10) Marie Mills, Owner of Clear Solutions, LLC, is an experienced business process analyst, and she joined host Ed Mysogland to talk about the value of documenting processes for a business. Marie discussed the importance of clear [...]
As your Alfa Insurance agent, it's Cheri Kelley's duty to inform customers about everyday risks and how these risks can affect your family and their future. This responsibility provides customers the tools they need to make better-informed decisions about the protection they need for their particular situations. Alfa can help protect your auto, home, life [...]
Sharon Cline is a professional voice over artist and narrator in Atlanta. She's recorded voice overs for podcasts, authors, internal company videos, doctor's offices and automated voice recordings. You can hear Sharon on YouTube and educational videos. She's recorded 16 audiobooks so far, and loves working with authors and businesses alike. Connect with Sharon on [...]
BRX Pro Tip: What All Top Performers Have in Common Stone Payton: [00:00:00] And we are back with Business RadioX Pro Tips. Lee Kantor and Stone Payton here with you. Lee, I know you pay a lot of attention – I try to as well – in watching people who are succeeding. I mean, identifying [...]
E116 The Biggest Tribute to the Foo Fighters, Projects Gone Viral with Fabio Zaffagnini and Claudia Spading from Rockin' 1000 In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Fabio Zaffagnini and Claudia Spadoni from Rockin' 1000. Fabio and his team are the founders of the global movement and sensation Rockin' 1000 which [...]
(L to R) Margaret Bryant, Director of Marketing for The Manely Law Firm, PC & Russell Harrell, President of SBF Ideas SBF Ideas Strategis Marketing covers many activities and is about always improving. And the best marketing for you is unique to your needs. Improvements in your marketing should start where you think will [...]
Terri Harof has over 30 years of senior level expertise in sales & marketing and business development. She has worked with local, regional, and national businesses as well as global brands and has extensive franchise experience in the restaurant and health club sector. As Director of Franchise Development Chief Brand Believer, her responsibilities include comprehensive [...]
Mo Chaar with Givex

Mo Chaar with Givex


Since joining Givex in 2007, Mo Chaar has helped expand its North American footprint. He began his tenure as a Business Development Manager before becoming Vice President of Sales for North America and then moving to his current role as Chief Commercial Officer. In this role, Mo oversees commercial strategy and development worldwide as well [...]
Joseph Avena, "Insurance Guy Joe" (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 606) Joseph Avena, "Insurance Guy Joe" with USHAdvisors, joined host John Ray on this episode of North Fulton Business Radio to discuss what drew him into health insurance, the differences between HMO and PPO insurance plans, applying outside of "Open Enrollment," how coverage differs, why his [...]
Lauren Rock, Dynamic Escapes (North Fulton Business Radio, Episode 605) Lauren Rock, Owner of Dynamic Escapes, joined host John Ray on this episode of North Fulton Business Radio to discuss Dynamic Escapes, her travel planning business. She also discussed why she started the business, how she defines a happy client, the difference between a travel planner [...]
Kassia Fiedor, Chef, Infused Holistic Kitchen and Author of Cocina Holistica (Time Well Spent with Julie Hullett, Episode 11) Kassia Fiedor, Chef, Infused Holistic Kitchen and Author of Cocina Holistica, joined host Julie Hullett for a conversation about her work as a chef, author, and nutritionist. Kassia shared her experience growing up and learning to [...]



Selfie Complaining about getting "what you're worth" is the pricing version of taking a selfie. When you focus on creating value for clients, and you value price your services relative to that value, you'll get paid "what you're worth." The Price and Value Journey is presented by John Ray and produced by the North Fulton studio of Business RadioX®. About The Price [...]
BRX Pro Tip: Why Your Sales Process is Failing Stone Payton: [00:00:00] And we are back with Business RadioX Pro Tips. Stone Payton and Lee Kantor here with you. Lee, talk a little bit from your perspective on why your sales process might be failing. Lee Kantor: [00:00:14] Yeah. There's a lot of reasons the [...]
Here's a question for you, " andapos andapos andapos andapos '' '' andapos andapos andapos andapos andapos andapos andapos andapos andapos andapos '- '" andapos ?" If you've ever looked at your insurance coverage and thought, "Do I really need this?" Trust me, you are not alone. The most challenging thing about insurance is that you're paying for something you hope you never have to use. Nobody wants something bad [...]
Steven Gu, CEO of GU & COMPANY, a none traditional CPA & Business Advisory firm that offers Tax Planning and Outsourced CFO services to small and medium businesses. He is a Tax Strategist who gives clarity and certainty to taxes for business owners CPA. He is both a CPA and Tax Attorney (non-practicing) with more than 15 years [...]
Andrew Koenig graduated with degrees in Finance and Accounting from Elon University in 2005 and received his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University - Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. He began his full-time career with City Furniture in January 2006 in the Receiving Department unloading furniture on containers, and has worked his way [...]
Celebrating Powerhouse Women salutes and recognizes women who are making an impact, whether it's in business, philanthropy, public service, or elsewhere. Lisa Blaurock/5Strands In 2017, a mom (Lisa) started her mission to create transformation and change within the healthcare system. 5Strands started it's foundation in the gluten free industry. The 5Strands team traveled to tradeshows, [...]
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