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Author: John Denton

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If you are a business owner this PodCast is for you! It's all about turning businesses into saleable assets. Because a business that's "ready for sale" is well worth keeping! On these podcasts there are interviews with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, topic experts, business valuers and brokers and thought leaders on all aspects of growing businesses and turning them in to valuable, saleable assets. My background is as a business owner, business broker and business owner mentor and I put all that experience together here to benefit other business owners. I believe you can build a business as if you are going to keep it for ever, but could sell it tomorrow. Give yourself OPTIONS because one day you WILL exit your business. Subscribe now and become a business owner taking action - which just happens to be the name of my business owner membership groups. Checkout my website at
18 Episodes
In this podcast I am chatting with "The Family Business Guy" - John Broons.  Why and how are family businesses different from any other business? Why are they more complicated to sell or transition to new owners? Listen to my chat with John Broons and you will find out.what assumptions do family members make about ownership?are non family employees treated the same as family employees?how are shares and ownership set up?do 'owners' have wills and does the family know the contents?what expectations do family members not working in the business have?what if a family member marries someone of a different culture? How does they play out?if the owner of the business gets hit by a bus, who takes over?These are just a few of the things we talk about. When it comes to helping family business owners with these and many more issues their is no-one better than John Broons. Over more than 15 years, John has worked with hundreds of family businesses ranging from SME's to major enterprises. John offers education, courses and coaching and you can find out more at
Ageism is prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person's age. Ageism in recruitment is an increasing problem and quite often it occurs subconsciously by the recruiter. The interesting thing is that many business owners are trying to grow their business and need good, reliable people in their business but are overlooking a pool of mature age people with great experience and skills.  In this interview with Toby Marshall of Stable and Wise ( Ageism in the Workplace - the hidden and growing pandemic ( we talk about the myths associated with employing mature age people as well as some tips for employing the right people.
Starting up a new business as a disruptor to an industry and competitor for major incumbent companies is not something that appeals to many of us. Charlie went from teaching to entrepreneur and business owner and did exactly that. That's just one of the reasons he recently won the award as Western Australian Entrepreneur of the Year at the  WAITTA's INCITE Awards. Listen and learn as I chat to Charlie about what he learned taking a business from idea to sale. Charlie shares great tips and insights for all business owners and would be business owners.
In this episode I chat with survival expert and facilitator of leadership and team programs. In the bush, it could be your life at threat. In life, business and relationships there are survival situations as well. They run for longer and you may not lose your life, however if you are not aware you are in one, you risk getting blindsided. The costs may be financial, relational, missed opportunities or poor health. To handle a survival situation well takes awareness, focus and willingness to act. Mike has authored "Thrive And Adapt" and quite recently "Unshakeable". Listen in as we talk about business owners and dealing with uncertainty.
There's a saying in the computer industry "garbage in, garbage out". In any business it's critical to know your numbers. Both financial and non financial. However, if the data isn't entered or isn't entered correctly to enable analysis and decision making, then the business can get into trouble. When it comes to selling the business, the data needs to be clean, accurate and up to date. In this chat with "bookbuster" Helen Kelly we discuss how a good bookkeeper can make things easier for the business owner and even train the business owner to "know their numbers".
In this episode I chat with Kelly Meyn of Avior Consulting about Australia's new insolvency laws for small business which came in to affect from January 2021. The new laws help small business to return from what would otherwise be the brink of insolvency. The main benefits for small business are:a new debt restructuring process for businesses with debts up to $1 millionallows company directors to remain in control of their business and continue to trade while they restructure their existing business debts.In this chat with Kelly Meyn we look at the benefits to small business, the eligibility of a business to use this restructuring and the process to go about it.  
An update interview with Chris Milne, business valuer, on the effects the COVID pandemic has had on business vales, valuation methods and business sales. This update interview was three and a half months after the first interview conducted when we went in to lockdown. Some of the things will surprise you as it isn't all bad news. What's changed and what's likely to happen as more time passes! 
Mike House is a survival expert, author, speaker and business coach presented to my Business Owners Taking Action (BOTA) membership group on a WebMeeting.  Mike has a great way of relating all his survival techniques and experience to business. With the advent of the COVID global pandemic Mike discusses ways that business owners can cope and even grow in these unprecedented times.When massive and unpredicted change comes along, how de we cope personally and business wise? Listen to Mikes tips and the questions and comments from some of my BOTA members.
In this episode, I am again the interviewee and I am interviewed on Twin Cities Radio 89.7 FM in the northern suburbs of Perth. The interviewer is John Logan who at the time of this interview is a councillor with the City of Joondalup. John is a big supporter of small and medium businesses and here we discuss tips for business owners to improve their business, make their lives easier and have their businesses ready for sale.
In this episode I have a discussion with Perth based business valuer, Chris Milne. Chris has 25 years experience in business valuations, publishes the quarterly Business Values Newsletter, has won awars from the Australian Business brokers Association and is regularly in contact with business brokers in Perth and Australia. In this discussion we discuss how COVID 19 will affect the values of business, the valuation process and generally how we think things will play out in the future. If you are a business owner you need to listen to this. In three months time Chris and I will get together again and review what's happened. Look out for that podcast too.
This episode is a great overview of all the areas of a business that need to be worked on to get a business 'ready for sale'. I am interviewed by futurist, author and speaker, Gihan Perera, about turning a business into a saleable asset. We walk through a mindmap of tips and cover many things a business owner can do, and should be doing, to have their business 'ready for sale'. Build your business so that you want to keep it forever, but could sell it tomorrow. A business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping.Find out more about Gihan at - download my mindmap from the website
The Business Ready For Sale PodCasts are for business owners and aspiring business owners to help them turn their businesses into saleable assets. A business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping. PodCasts will include interviews with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, business valuers, business topic experts and sometimes it will just be me with tips and advice. From time to time I will have Q & A sessions where business owners have left a voicemail question via my website at  This episode also tells my story and why I am passionate about helping business owners turn their business into saleable assets.
Business Owners Board were very privileged to have John Wood, founder of National Lifestyle Villages in Western Australia, as our guest presenter. John’s first step in his entrepreneurial journey was bedding. He created a business that became a national brand and was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Unfortunately, his business came crashing down and he had to re-invent himself and start again. In 1999 he established National Lifestyle Villages with an opportunity to purchase and rezone some land in Perth’s northern suburbs, with everyone saying, “It couldn’t be done,” but he found a way to make it happen. He has since sold that business. John Wood provides a fascinating story of success, failures, learnings, laughter, parables and entertainment. In this bobCast podCast he gives 20 minutes of learnings and things we can all use in our businesses. To watch the video version go to JOHN WOOD YOUTUBE and for more on Business Owners Board go to bob HOME PAGE
Our Business Owners Board guest expert this month was David Deane-Spread. David has been a leader in the military, law-enforcement and a discreet federal agency as a covert specialist. Also as a former CEO and director of both private and public companies he brings a wealth of experience in both winning and losing (he went bankrupt for $6.5 million in 1990), as an author, consultant and coach for elite leadership performance.David’s topic for the bob group:THE VALUE OF LEADERSHIP IN ANY BUSINESS OF ANY SIZEIdentifying the Holy Grail of your business – the single most important reason you are in businessUnpacking that Holy GrailUnderstanding the 4 step process to rapidly develop leadership to create a winning cultureThree crucial take-aways that will make a difference to your business immediatelyDavid challenged attendees and ‘took no prisoners’ with his inimitable presentation style. Listeners prepare to be challenged!
Discipline is much more important than dollars when it comes to impressing your customers.Every point of contact your customers have with your business must be planned and systemised otherwise your frontline people are deciding minute by minute what the customer’s experience is going to be.Think about the experience your customers have when they come into contact with your organisation. It is often said that ‘first impressions’ are critical and long lasting! In fact they are the ‘moments of truth’ that set the scene for your ongoing relationship – if one develops at all!Do you have a clear picture of what you want it to be and do your team have the same picture as you?Do your customers consistently get this picture perfect experience?If they do, does this experience meet your customers’ expectations?Business Owners Board (bob) presents Jurek Leon.
John Denton from bob (Business Owners Board) introduces leadership expert Davd Clare. Dave Clare isn’t just a leader, he is also an author, award winning international coach, facilitator and an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker. He has developed a new framework for leadership and has proven to create invincible cultures that unleash creativity and innovation. Dedicating more than a decade of his life to inspiring and creating purpose-driven leaders, Dave consistently shares his fundamental principles on leadership. Leadership is simple. You lead people. So all you need to do is understand people. So here is Dave's presentation to bob members earlier this year!
At Business Owners Board we encourage all our members to turn their businesses into saleable assets. A business that's ready for sale is well worth keeping. In this interview, Peter Butler, a long time bob member, interviews John Denton of Business Owners Board about "Turning Your Business Into A Saleable Asset". We cover: > How do you determine the value of your business? > How do you increase the value? > What makes your business an asset that attracts buyers? > How to avoid the biggest mistakes most business owners make
Mark Kostner is serial entrepreneur with a flair for online marketing, business systemization, importing, product development and investing. He has been running his own businesses since he was 16, and is now the owner of 3 different businesses. These include a number of retail outlets and online stores. Mark is passionate about sharing his business and online marketing knowledge with people. He loves helping business owners change the way they traditionally run their businesses. By implementing innovative strategies and tools, business owners enable themselves to step back from the daily grind of running their business and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.
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